November 9, 2010
Push for constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians finds cross-party support Leave a comment
November 8, 2010
van Onselen shows he’s as ignorant about public opinion on gay marriage as the Libs Leave a comment
November 5, 2010
Privacy rules prevent welfare agencies from communicating, lead to deaths Leave a comment
November 3, 2010
Combet: Labor needs to return to being “party of progress” Leave a comment
Kelly: Libs should preference Greens Leave a comment
Dept. of Ed avoiding mention of suicide makes things worse Leave a comment
November 1, 2010
ACTU chief: Weasel words undermine workers’ rights Leave a comment
Vic Catholics: We don’t want to tell people which party to vote for, just that they should vote for a party with very specific policies (read: DLP) | Brown: Bullshit Leave a comment
Gillard makes minor progress, attacks Abbott on asylum seekers Leave a comment
October 29, 2010
We’re due for record numbers of asylum seekers (queue dog whistle) Leave a comment
October 28, 2010
Libs continue to grasp at straws Leave a comment
Come for the meandering article, stay for the lols-worthy comments 2 comments
Little wonder the Australian doesn’t like the Greens, what with Bob Brown feeling embarrassed for them and everything Leave a comment
October 27, 2010
Costello (politely) calls Howard a liar Leave a comment
Gillard – Abbott’s being contrary : Abbott – No I’m not! Leave a comment
October 26, 2010
“Protest vote” theory of Greens support struggles, as Greens support does the opposite Leave a comment
October 22, 2010
Yet more people pissy about Hicks – this time re ‘proceeds of crime’ 2 comments
October 21, 2010
Libs seem to have given up on early election: new policy just asking for Work Choices scare campaign Leave a comment
October 20, 2010
Gillard doesn’t want caucus to feel ignored (she probably wants to avoid being shanked) Leave a comment
Asylum seekers still fleeing oppression, Opposition still playing cheap politics Leave a comment
Government’s pre-election ad blitz cost taxpayers $20million Leave a comment
October 19, 2010
But it’s still only fixing a problem that shouldn’t have existed to start with Leave a comment
October 18, 2010
Greens’ longstanding campaign to examine children in detention gets some action Leave a comment
Opposition worried people new policy might let people smugglers advertise Australia as somewhere asylum seekers are well treated. Can’t have them being well treated, can we? 2 comments
October 11, 2010
Abbott complains that Gillard didn’t… tell insurgents when a big juicy target was coming to town? Leave a comment
Too bad for all the people hating on Gillard: the story didn’t come from her Leave a comment
(… like this guy) Leave a comment
October 8, 2010
Union poll shows WorkChoices bogeyman was effective Leave a comment
Lobbying is awesome, so long as all the people who can’t afford to be involved get involved. …what? It’s perfectly reasonable. Leave a comment
In defence of focus groups
Leave a comment
October 7, 2010
All hail the Queen of the bogans Leave a comment
October 5, 2010
Director of conservative, corporate-funded Sydney Institute doesn’t like the Greens. Who knew? Leave a comment
October 4, 2010
Highly scientific study finds public holidays harm productivity Leave a comment
October 1, 2010
Bandt: “I simply hope our institutions of government here and abroad will extend to the planet the same courtesy as they do to the finance sector” Leave a comment
Let’s learn about our cultural diversity challenge by looking at how non-migrant cultures do it. Makes way more sense than following the lead of other migrant cultures Leave a comment
That mighty warhorse of privatisation, Telstra, closes at… oh, record low. Leave a comment
September 30, 2010
Abbott pretends “parliament working as intended” actually means “I’m awesome” Leave a comment
September 29, 2010
Gillard reminds Abbott he’s not the only one who can play politics Leave a comment
Abbott’s pledge to arbitrarily block pairing comes under fire from community leaders Leave a comment
September 28, 2010
Federal government’s narrow definition of marriage could open door for states to legalise gay marriage Leave a comment
Labor comes around on journalist shield laws Leave a comment
New minister calls for political donation reform Leave a comment
Abbott finds yet new ways to impede government doing its job Leave a comment
Bogans cower as Muslims invade parliament (once ACA tells them about it, of course) Leave a comment
September 27, 2010
“It was only after the independents sided with the government that Abbott started identifying what he claimed were problems with pairing the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker” Leave a comment
Tuckey’s vanquisher confirms he’ll sit as an independent Leave a comment
The Oz continues to defend itself (condescendingly) about admitting (but only if you’re stupid) that they want the Greens destroyed 3 comments
September 24, 2010
Abbott drops honour for tactics (Utterly unprecedented in all of political history) Leave a comment
Hicks memoir “important for democracy” Leave a comment
September 23, 2010
Abbott looking more and more likely to break promise on parliamentary reform Leave a comment
Gillard makes it clear she’s got Rudd on a leash Leave a comment
September 22, 2010
Psychologist: Hardened criminals treated better than asylum seekers Leave a comment
September 21, 2010
Fairfax: News Ltd suck. One comment
According to people reliant on the media for their information, the media did a decent job Leave a comment
In (ridiculously glossed over) defence of the party system One comment
Electoral Commission shows us the money Leave a comment
September 20, 2010
Minority government good for accountability Leave a comment
September 17, 2010
We still earn more from our cheese exports than from uranium – or, why nuclear power is a really dumb idea Leave a comment
Both majors have ex-leaders who’ll be a handful Leave a comment
Turnbull: News Ltd and Fairfax need to suck it up, the ABC does a great job Leave a comment
Is Abbott planning to renege on parliament reform? Leave a comment
“when Bob Katter uses [a] word 10 times each press conference you know it has to be a word on its way out” Leave a comment
It’s official: Fielding’s days are numbered One comment
September 16, 2010
Hung parliament woes continue over Speaker appointment (Oakeshott certainly likes speaking…) Leave a comment
Indies call for Coalition to be constructive, not destructive Leave a comment
The key to Abbott’s almost-success: “no one ever lost an Australian election by dumbing down the issues too far” Leave a comment
September 15, 2010
The Australian versus the Greens One comment
Abbott showing his (political) age Leave a comment
Turnbull promotion could be poisoned chalice Leave a comment
Hung parliament an opportunity, if people put the games aside Leave a comment
September 14, 2010
For all the public complaints about hung parliament, support for independents and the Greens is on the rise Leave a comment
The Indies’ choice seems favoured by most Leave a comment
Old-style racism still in constitution Leave a comment
5000 asylum seekers in detention, but system “coping” Leave a comment
September 13, 2010
“Journalists need to rediscover the conviction that facts matter more than the conventional “take” on those facts.” Leave a comment
Was someone giving Hockey plausible deniability on Coalition costings? Or were they just disorganised as hell? Leave a comment
Xenophon and Wilkie team up to protect journo’s confidential sources Leave a comment
Indies didn’t betray anyone Leave a comment
Gillard criticises media, News Ltd in particular (and damn are Fairfax happy to rub that in) Leave a comment
September 10, 2010
Gillard: Less spin (fingers crossed) Leave a comment
Shadow ministry stays firmly in the past Leave a comment
Abbott: Play nice with the Indies (I’m looking at you Bill and Barnaby) Leave a comment
Head of Human Rights Commission blasts racism at heart of asylum seeker scaremongering Leave a comment
Nationals could have got more from Labor than Libs Leave a comment
Tuckey throws his toys Leave a comment
“The problem with the new politics, is that my side hasn’t been invited to play” One comment
September 9, 2010
Gay marriage opposition cost Labor outright victory Leave a comment
“Just how bad are things in the bush, really?” Leave a comment
Wah, Westminster system working as intended, wah (alt: ‘There are fears Mark Kenny is a hack’) Leave a comment
Former Labor minister calls for candidates to be selected by American style primaries Leave a comment
Sheridan: I think centrist means “between right wing Labor and far-right wing Liberal” One comment
September 8, 2010
Crook confirms he’ll sit on the crossbenches Leave a comment
Gillard: An era of consensus and accountability Leave a comment
But she has a lot of work to do to earn what she’s been given Leave a comment
Minority government works fine elsewhere Leave a comment
But, complaints about the system working as intended continue Leave a comment
Fred Nile wants another vote (a different one this time) Leave a comment
September 7, 2010
Gillard to be Australia’s first elected female PM One comment
Oakeshott and Windsor support Gillard Leave a comment
Obvious 2 comments