“I can understand and even sympathise with people coming to conservatism later in their lives after years of cultural and intellectual poverty, bitterness, paranoia and avarice and have taken their toll.”


  • Chris

    “But it’s a scientific fact — and you can’t argue with science — that someone with the foresight to have bypassed all that moral deterioration and park himself in the Australian Liberal Party early enough to be elected to the House of Representatives by the age of 20 cannot, despite whatever decent qualities he might possess, be anything other than a complete and utter bell-end.”

    Hey look, someone with as clear an understanding of ‘science’ as the climate sceptics!

  • David

    Maybe not science, per se, but that’s a pretty hilarious line. =)

  • Chris

    Oh, totally.

    My tolerance for misappropriation of science was just low, being before my … uh ‘morning’ caffeine.

  • Karellen

    The other day I was talking to a girl who went to high school with Wyatt Roy, and while she didn’t exactly call him a bell-end, the sentiments behind her words were quite similar. I was also amused to hear that he wasn’t very popular in high school and threw the formal after-party at his house in an effort to gain friends. Apparently lots of people turned up, but only to trash the place.

  • Chris

    Poor Doogie Howser MP.

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