Feminists should… agree with… Fred Nile? Huh?


  • Chris

    Proponents of a burqa ban may be driven by religious or culture-war motivations (as Nile certainly is), but the opposition I’ve come across is not about religion or appeasing religion – particularly since, as noted, the burqa is a cultural garment not a religious one. It’s not about trying to avoid looking racist. It’s about basic freedom of choice.
    It’s opposition to a law that basically says “you’re not allowed to wear too many clothes”.
    Yes, there are many people who are forced into it, whether overtly or by simple cultural pressure. But there are also those who choose it.

    Fundamentalist Christians expect their women to stay at home and pop out babies. Does this mean that, to prevent the wives of fundie Christians being abused, we ban all women from being stay at home mums?

    Pull your head out of your self-righteous arse. Feminism is about gender equality, about giving women and men the same opportunities to make their own choices about their own lives. Invariably some people will try to impede that freedom of choice. But the solution to that is not taking away that choice.

    Just because someone makes a choice that doesn’t fit with your idea of being a modern female, doesn’t mean they’re betraying the sisterhood.

  • David

    Reminds me of this for some reason :


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