Man who runs popular online commenting site, decries public’s online comments

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  • David

    Unsurprised this didn’t get published by the moderators at The Punch :

    Bugger off Penbo.

    Only a complete tool would side with the bully and his pack of little toughies clearly trying to humiliate *student name* on camera. It backfired.

    *student name* stood up for himself, and while he obviously could have inflicted much more harm, he did not. He ensured that he would not have to endure any further attacks from the aggressor, then walked away.

    It’s a clear cut case of self defence, and only your complete misrepresentation of what happened is going to cloud anyone’s mind on this one.

    The bully got what he deserved, and *student name* should be lauded for standing up for himself.

    The only thing sadder than some online comments regarding this incident, is the idea that you’re actually having a crack at online comments, when your site depends on them (and their heavy moderation) for traffic and ad revenue.

    Will be surprised if this gets posted, lest you actually take offence.

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