Not having any policies of their own, the Liberal Party advertises the Greens’ instead. Comments deliver.


  • Milknife

    At first I thought, what’s with the cut and paste? This is all well known. Fuck those comments though – Those people are terrified for no reason other than they have told to be so.

  • David

    This is just for posterity, should the moderator decide to remove it :


    David Lawrence 12/07/11 05:43 pm
    As a long time Liberal voter, it saddens me to see the ignorance displayed in these comments.

    You all need to go back to school and take not only a civics class, but a basic political science one too. All the cries of “Socialism!” and “Communism!” make a mockery not only of yourselves, but of the party in general.

    It makes Liberal voters look like scared old fools when we are supposed to be a measured, educated, and conservative party.

    You do realise that some of those policies aren’t actually that terrible, and *gasp* some of them used to be policy positions held by the Liberal Party, don’t you?

    Get a grip on yourselves, evaluate the opposing parties’ policies carefully, absorb the ones that make sense, and destroy politically the ones that you vehemently disagree with.

    Crying about a minority government helps no-one, and mindlessly obstructing everything because “the other guy likes it” is not politically savvy in the long-term.

    Wake up and stop being afraid, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll stop being the embodiment of Poe’s Law.

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