Nationals – History will damn Labor

Dear Friend,

It didn’t take long. Rio Tinto’s decision to sell-off its Australian aluminium assets is a sign of things to come as Australian manufacturers assess the costs of Labor’s carbon tax.

It follows a tumultuous week in federal parliament, where a government bereft of legitimacy, cobbled together out of expediency and self-interest, and without a mandate imposed the will of a very few on an entire nation.

The House of Representatives erupted last Wednesday with Labor, the Greens and Independents cheering, applauding and back-slapping as they enshrined deception and betrayal in legislation.

Meanwhile, mums and dads are worried, dismayed at inevitable higher prices for everything and the knowledge that tens of thousands of Australian jobs – perhaps their own – are now in real jeopardy.

Amidst the government’s jubilation at inflicting the biggest carbon tax in the world on Australian businesses and families, I wonder if any of the 74 MPs who voted for it bothered to consider the fears and uncertain futures of families.

Judging by the unseemly self-congratulations, the hooting, hollering and high-fives, I doubt it.

The gloating of Bob Brown, the self-congratulation of Messrs Oakeshott, Windsor and Wilkie, and the celebration of Julia Gillard and her cohorts only serve to inflame the betrayal felt by ordinary Australians across the length and breadth of this country.

Lies paved the path to The Lodge for this Prime Minister. The Australian people were assured there would be no carbon tax under a government this Prime Minister leads.

So much, too, for her ‘community consensus’. That was another pledge quickly dumped. In fact, the only consensus this Prime Minister has rallied around her carbon tax is a resounding ‘no’ from the Australian people.

She vowed to wear out her shoe leather, and she did… doing a runner from outraged Australians.

The people have been shut out, ignored and treated with disdain by this Prime Minister. They did not expect this tax, they have been denied the opportunity to vote on it, and since the last election they have made their displeasure plain.

History will damn this government, reserving a special place in the annals of time for this Prime Minister, condemned by her own words.

Julia Gillard followed up last Thursday by completely capitulating on offshore processing, allowing asylum seekers to live and work in the community while their claims are assessed. Labor has surrendered control of our borders and people smugglers will be laughing… all because the Prime Minister won’t do the reasonable thing and send boat arrivals to Nauru.

The Greens got their way twice in as many days. Labor has lost the plot, has no compass and is leaving Australia adrift and directionless. Only an election can fix this mess.

Kind regards,

Hon Warren Truss MP
Leader of The Nationals

2 comments to Nationals – History will damn Labor

  • David

    To sum up : “We only like democracy when we win.”

    Anti-democratic fuckers.

  • Blake

    “a government bereft of legitimacy”
    I always love when they act like our current parliament has no right to exist considering it’s no different from the Liberal/National coalitions we’ve had previously.

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