Nationals – The Nationals launch coal seam gas blueprint

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In today’s Australian, the Leader of The Nationals Warren Truss has outlined a blueprint for coal seam gas development in Australia.

The Nationals adopted a coal seam gas policy at our Federal Council Meeting in August, and on Friday our federal parliamentary party finalised a set of principles to implement that policy.

Managed properly, coal seam gas has the potential to revitalise parts of regional Australia, delivering a new economic boom. Poorly managed, it could become an environmental and social disaster.

While state government have primary responsibility, the stakes are so high that the federal government must provide national leadership.

That is why The Nationals have adopted five core principles to guide coal seam gas development. We need a comprehensive approach, one that protects not only the environment but the economic imperatives of regional Australia and the legitimate rights of landowners.

First, no coal seam gas development can be granted if it damages aquifers or water quality.

Second, coal seam gas development must not compromise prime agricultural land. We must protect our ability to deliver food security – not only for our nation, but for a hungrier world, for generations to come.

Third, coal seam gas development should not occur close to residential areas. Those who have a reasonable expectation of the quiet amenity of their home should be able to enjoy it.

Fourth, payments to landowners should not be limited to compensation, they deserve a proper return on the development of resources that occur on their land.

Fifth, the regions that deliver much of the wealth from coal seam gas deserve a fair share of the revenues to be reinvested in their communities.

Shortly, The Nationals will release a discussion paper on specific policy options to achieve these principles.

In the meantime, you can read Warren’s media statement or the article in The Australian

Kind regards,

Hon Warren Truss MP
Leader of The Nationals

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