Cory Bernardi hates and is afraid of “the gays”


  • David

    Will be amazed if this comment gets published :

    Marriage was traditionally a sale of contract between two men for the exchange of possession of a female.

    Are you fighting for that too, Cory?

    There are only two types of politicians that are against allowing people of the same gender get married.
    1) Ignorant bigots.
    2) Cowards, afraid of the ignorant bigots in their electorate.

    One of the things you seem to completely misunderstand, Cory, is that you’ve already lost this argument. people in the generations succeeding yours simply do not care about a person’s sexual orientation.

    Frankly, I’m amazed that you think this is one of the most pressing “problems” facing the country.

    You know what will happen if we allow gay people to get married? Gay people will get married.

    Nothing else. It won’t effect my marriage, nor my parents’, nor my brothers’, nor anyone else’s.

  • David

    Ha! He replied with “You calling me a bigot makes YOU the bigot.”


    Cory Bernardi said in reply to David LD…
    David we can agree this is not one of the most important things facing the country – far from it. However, it clearly is a priority for Labor and the Greens. I look forward to reading a comment from you condemning their priorities for the country.

    Also, why is it that anyone with a different point of view to you is a coward or a bigot. Such calls only demonstrate your own bias and intolerance.


    For a sitting Senator, your use of falsely attributing a position to someone who vocally disagrees with you is surprising. This is commonly known as the strawman fallacy, and I’d thought it beneath you. Clearly not.

    The reason I say that gay marriage is not a priority is because it’s so self-evidently a case closed civil rights issue that I’m amazed we’re still debating it.

    The reason I call politicians opposed to gay marriage either cowards or bigots is simple. They are either cowards and afraid (wrongly) of the (potential) voter backlash for taking a principled stand and allowing people that love each other to be recognised by the state as equals.

    OR, they hold to the idea that gay people are inherently inferior to heterosexual people and posit that they should be withheld rights based on their sexuality. By all definitions, a bigoted position.

    Again, I’m surprised that you’re taking the “Because you’re pointing out my intolerance, YOU’RE the intolerant one” stance. Especially as I would expect more from an elected politician, where the cut and thrust of debate in your day-to-day work life should be far more robust.

    My wife and I were married by a celebrant and did not have the church involved. This is still recognised by the government as a marriage. Allowing gay people to get married will not automatically force churches to marry gay people. Those churches will still be able to discriminate against them if they so choose, so don’t even begin to pretend this is about curtailing religious freedom either.

    This whole debacle is about conservatives wanting to discriminate against another group of people that they feel, incorrectly, morally superior to.

    As I said before, you’ve already lost. Gay marriage will happen. The people of my generation simply don’t care what two consenting adults do in their own bedroom, and nor should we. Allowing consenting adults to express and have their love recognised by the state is, quite simply, a civil rights issue.

    You will be on the wrong side of history, again.

  • Milknife

    :D He’ll reply with a weak “Agree to disagree”. Which is funny, it’s not a disagreement, he’s just wrong.

  • David

    Hi Chris Kenny :

    Chris Kenny said in reply to David LD…
    David – you have revealed that you don’t understand basic values and that you are an immoral person.

    You will reap what you sow David – so don’t expect your life not to be affected – it will be as sure as the sun comes up and the law of gravity continues.

    There are future generations that need protection from ideologies like yours. You are the extremist and a bigot – you are the fool.

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