Katter’s Australian Party – Reserve Bank reform will help Queensland businesses

Editor’s note – We have contacted the office of Katter’s Australian Party asking them to elaborate on the use of the term “The Australian Party” in a live election after the Electoral Commission found their name breached the Electoral Act. We will update this page when we receive a response.


Reserve Bank reform will help Queensland businesses

State Leader of The Australian Party, Aidan McLindon, today backed his Federal counterpart, Bob Katter, after he detailed plans to remove control of the Reserve Bank from an unelected board.

Mr Katter held a press conference outside the Reserve Bank in Sydney this morning to highlight the failure of the Reserve Bank to manage interest rates, resulting in damage to Australian agriculture, mining and tourism industries.

“The nation’s currency is far too important to be trusted to a body unanswerable to the Australian people,” Mr Katter said.

Mr McLindon said that reform of the Reserve Bank would have an immediate and positive impact on business in Queensland.

“Australian industries are suffering because our exchange rates and interest rates are too high. Huge numbers of businesses are heading overseas and we are no longer self-sufficient as a nation,” Mr McLindon said.

“The government has failed its responsibilities towards Australians and it’s time to act. That is what the Australian Party will do.”

“Reduced interest rates and exchange rates will provide an immediate boost to the struggling tourism industry in places like Cairns, Townsville and on the Gold Coast.”

“Manufacturing towns like Maryborough will again be competitive. It is just not good enough that firms like Downer EDI are no longer able to build trains in Australia and are bringing them in from America.”

“Even food production is heading overseas. Brisbane’s Golden Circle has just sent its beetroot manufacturing plant overseas and there has been a long line of others who have also left.”

“Australia should be a country that grows its own food and is capable of making things. Under the current Reserve Bank arrangements this vision has died. The Australian Party is the only party that has the willpower to say no to radical free marketeers and change this situation.”

“We don’t just need a change of government here in Queensland, we actually need good government which is what we are after”

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