Country Alliance – CA launches outdoor recreation policy

CA launches outdoor recreation policy

The Country Alliance party has announced a key policy for the economic development of the state’s outdoor recreational activities in the lead up to the 2014 Victorian state election.

Party spokesman, Russell Bate, said successive state governments have never engaged well with the sector and that ministers had regularly sponsored policy and planning outcomes based on incomplete or poorly researched advice.

“There are two parts to our policy. First we will push for a comprehensive study and evaluation of the current and potential economic, social and environmental benefits of boating, fishing, shooting and four wheel driving. Once we have up-to-date data we will push for government sponsored programs that promote the benefits of those activities,” he said.

Mr Bate said Victoria has a piecemeal approach to these recreations. He said a lack of current economic data, poor promotion of these recreational opportunities and failure to manage them in a coordinated and holistic manner has cost the Victorian economy dearly and resulted in poor returns for participants and poor value for the taxpayer.

“Victoria needs to learn from other countries and adopt international best practices in supporting these sectors. The ability to make sensible decisions starts with having the right information – which the state government simply doesn’t have.

“Victorian voters have a simple choice. They can vote for Country Alliance which will promote best practice recreational policies, the Greens who have an ideologically driven opposition to these activities, or the current major parties who have consistently failed to recognise and reinvest in the recreational sector.

Mr Bate said Country Alliance will be releasing specific policies over the next few months which will challenge the foundation upon which the recreational sector is presently managed.

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