Katter’s Australian Party – State government bankrolls CSG industry to the tune of $7 billion

State government bankrolls CSG industry to the tune of $7 billion

A study which shows the State Government has poured almost $7 billion worth of subsidies into the coal and coal seam gas industries in the past five years smashes the claim that Queensland is benefitting from the mining boom.

State Leader of Katter’s Australian Party, Aidan McLindon, said that the Bligh Government was propping up the flawed coal seam gas industry and that rather than generating revenue for the state it was a drain on the taxpayer.

“This report shows that the almost wholly foreign-owned coal seam gas industry is sending its profits offshore and having its expenses paid for by Queenslanders.”

“In return, Queenslander get to have their land taken, their way of life and businesses destroyed, their wealth stolen through fallen property prices and their environment laid to waste.”

“What an absolute disaster for our state tha both the ALP and LNP are planning to steamroll ahead and increase the size of this industry from 2000 wells to 40,000 wells in the next 18 years.”

“There is no benefit to Queensland financially or the environment.”

“What we also know is that an army is building to revolt against the ALP and LNP. The LNP especially see it coming and that is why they are now running a deceitful campaign against the only party that wants to change the law to allow landholders to shut the gate.”


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