Katter’s Australia Party – LNP backbenchers receive $8000 pay rise while public servants face sack


LNP backbenchers receive $8000 pay rise while public servants face sack

State Leader of Katter’s Australian Party, Rob Katter, has called on the government to lead by example when cutting back on spending and public sector jobs instead of increasing backbenchers’ wages.

Mr Katter made the call as the LNP government signalled up to 20,000 public servants could face the axe.

“We all understand that the budget is in a perilous state and that is one reason why Queenslanders rejected the Labor Party,” Mr Katter said.

“Katter’s Australian Party does support some cutbacks, such as the scrapping of the climate change office. It was a waste of money.”

“However, the government must lead by example on spending cuts.”

“It is not good enough to ask for public servants to forego wage increases or their jobs when the first thing the LNP government did was give itself a massive pay rise.”

“It created a new ministry and new committee positions which effectively gave all backbenchers an $8000 pay rise. Then it turned around, blamed Labor for the budget and said hardworking public servants will go without.”

“This is not leadership or the right way to work with the public service to reign in expenditure,” Mr Katter said.


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