Country Alliance – New Recognition For Shooters, Boaters

New Recognition For Shooters, Boaters

The Country Alliance party has welcomed changes to election regulations that now recognise shooters and boating licences for people wishing to enrol on the day of state elections.

The regulations, which came into effect last month, originally limited the types of licences that would be recognised for identification purposes to drivers’ licences.

However a submission from the party to expand that to include other validly issued licences such as shooters’ and boating licences, was accepted by the Department of Justice.

Party spokesman, Russell Bate, said the inclusion made a lot of sense.

“Shooters and boating licences are equally as valid as any other licences issued by state authorities, so it made no sense to recognise one type but not the other”.

“Our submission is one aspect of our broader election platform that seeks to ensure that the value and status of recreational activities is properly recognised.”

“This is something we believe is ignored in the current political environment”.

For media comment contact Russell Bate on 0425 729 811 (mob)
Website: Twitter: @countryalliance
Admin: / ph 0425 746 066

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    Downtown Vancouver’s iconic revolving Woodward’s sign broken    
    July 17, 2013
      Story Photos ( 2 )
      Fans of the Vancouver cityscape may have noticed the iconic revolving “W” sign on the top of the Woodward’s building in Gastown has not been turning for the past seven months. Photograph by: Jenelle Schneider
    , PNG Files [b][url=]ティファニー[/url][/b] VANCOUVER – Fans of the Vancouver cityscape may have noticed the iconic revolving “W” sign on the top of the Woodward’s building in Gastown has not been turning for the past seven months. [b][url=]ティファニーアウトレットオンライン[/url][/b] Apparently, the sign’s clutch is broken and the company that manages it, Westbank Properties, is waiting for a specialized replacement part, according to city spokeswoman Vivianna Zanocco. [b][url=]安いティファニー[/url][/b] The heritage building, originally built in 1903, is now home to 500 units of market price housing and 200 units of social housing, It also includes Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts and businesses such as Nesters, London Drugs, the W2 Media Cafe and W Dental. [b][url=]ティファニーアウトレット[/url][/b] In 1944, the red “W” sign was installed on the top of a 25-metre replica of the Eiffel Tower and placed on the roof of the building. [b][url=]ティファニーアウトレットオンライン[/url][/b] The light was so bright that authorities had it removed during Second World War because of its potential use as a landmark for aerial attacks. [b][url=]安いティファニー[/url][/b] Years later it was replicated and re-installed in January 2010 with energy-saving LED lights. ticrawford@ © Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun       E-mail this Article Print this Article Share this Article      
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    Previous Next     Fans of the Vancouver cityscape may have noticed the iconic revolving “W” sign on the top of the Woodward’s building in Gastown has not been turning for the past seven months. Photograph by: Jenelle Schneider, PNG Files  
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    Vancouverites get bright and bare all at 35th annual Pride Parade (with video)
    Woman who fell to death at Stawamus Chief believed to be hiker, not rock climber
    Red Hot Chili Peppers play backyard party in Vancouver
    Huge crowds for Pride Parade, fireworks finale highlight B.C. Day weekend
    Two young boys strangled by python during sleepover in New Brunswick

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    ビジネスマンの7割「仕事帰りに飲食」 最多層は20代の男性
    ベンツ「お試し制度」を初導入 新型Eクラスのクーペとカブリオレを発売
    NTT、ソフトバンクに初めて抜かれる ガンホー急成長で営業益好調
    NTT、人員減対応で抜本改革 営業拠点集約などで運営効率化
    スマホの次はウェアラブル端末? メガネ型、腕時計型…国内外で開発競争激化
    ホンダ技術陣がベスト尽くした「アコードHV」 独自性追求、トヨタと差別化
    Business Journal 新着記事
    ASKA薬物中毒&暴力団交際疑惑、“芸能界のドン”がメディアへ圧力!?警察も関心か 2013.08.07
    「地上波出演なし」「初回盤なし」で15万枚突破 マキシマム ザ ホルモンの”逆張り”プロモ術 2013.08.06
    知られざるブライダル業界の最前線と裏側〜敏腕ウェディングドレス・バイヤーに聞く 2013.08.06
    顧客の9割が黒字の税理士が教える 成功する起業家に共通する3つの資質とは? 2013.08.06
    ソフトバンク、なぜ「プラチナバンド」と言わなくなった?“つながりやすさ”で出遅れ感 2013.08.06
    広がるテレビの全部録画と自動録画、どちらを選ぶべきか?メリット/デメリットを検証 2013.08.06
    “強い”ガラ軽、海外・国内で人気のワケ…TPPで規格廃止でも、より一層強さ発揮? 2013.08.06
    サンリオ、復活の舞台裏〜海外ライセンスビジネス、テーマパーク成功で過去最高益に 2013.08.06
    3DS版「ワンピース ROMANCE DAWN 冒険の夜明け」の最新情報が公開。バトルシステム,アクセサリー,クエストダンジョンの情報を再確認しよう – 2時間前
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    ゴリ&スリムクラブ・真栄田、天然キャラの平愛梨を「キレイな具志堅用高」 – 映画.com 5時間前
    「三国群英伝ONLINE」大型アップデート「有頂天外」が本日実装。 新エリア「天竺」やダンジョン「七擒七縦」など,新要素が多数追加に – 5時間前
    ダイアン フォン ファステンバーグ 米ブログとコラボしたビジュアル公開 – 5時間前
    JRのSuicaと改札は個人情報保護が万全じゃない!? 適切な通過速度とは?
    疑問だらけの日焼け止め、選び誤ると肌に大ダメージ? エステやコラーゲンのウソ
    BJ 人気記事ランキング
    ドロドロ!? ディズニーランド建設秘話
    不倫の代償 300万、家庭崩壊…
    ビジネス ジャーナル最新記事
    「地上波出演なし」「初回盤なし」で15万枚突破 マキシマム ザ ホルモンの”逆張り”プロモ術
    顧客の9割が黒字の税理士が教える 成功する起業家に共通する3つの資質とは?
    ニュースナビ 編集部厳選!
    スタバはどこへ向かうのか? 課税逃れ批判、脱コーヒー路線、超高級品投入の狙いと行方
    サムスンへ高まる警戒感 スマホ失速、外国人社員の流出、ライバルの台頭…
    無数の“名無しさん”が大活躍 仮面の集団“アノニマス”の正体とは
    ビジネス パーソンに送る ニュース 情報サイト ビジネスジャーナル⁄ Business Journal
    Business Journalとは
    Business Journal copyright © cyzo inc. all right reserved.
    表示切替: スマートフォン版 | パソコン版

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    Bob Burnquist's "Dreamland" – A Backyard Progression
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    The First Basket
    4 years ago
    News – Worldwide
    Al Jazeera talks to international security analyst
    by AlJazeeraEnglish
    Jeff Bezos Paid Asking Price for Washington Post
    by Bloomberg

    [b][url=/jp/][/url][/b] [b][url=]シャネルの財布アウトレット[/url][/b]

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    Gaga about the Aga
    July 23, 2013
    The retro ovens are quite the thing in modern kitchen renovations, Danielle White writes
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    Aga ovens are becoming more and more popular.
    [b][url=]ティファニー[/url][/b] They have pride of place in more than 750,000 kitchens around the world. With their cast-iron good looks, they weigh about 500 kilograms apiece and people design their houses around them. What is it that makes the world go gaga about an Aga?
    [b][url=]ティファニー[/url][/b] Although thought of as the embodiment of British country style, the Aga cooker was invented by a Swedish physicist, Nobel prize winner Dr Gustaf Dalen. Blinded by an acetylene explosion in 1912, the housebound Dalen learnt how labour-intensive it was for his wife Elma to tend their old-fashioned range. By 1922, he had designed an all-in-one cooker, water heater and laundry dryer that would more or less look after itself.
    [b]ティファニーリング[/b] The first solid-fuel Aga cooker, which had a black top with white front panels, was sold in Britain in 1929. By 1932, 1705 cookers had been sold and by the mid-1950s, with the introduction of colours other than cream, they were selling at a rate of 50,000 a year.
    Richard Dyson, cook at Small Holdings Cafe and Wine Bar in Victoria, with his Aga. Photo: Danielle White
    [b]安いティファニー[/b] So what is Aga’s recipe for enduring success? Ask any admirer and the answer is equal parts its function and its form. The striking, solid cast-iron form absorbs, retains and radiates heat, keeping moisture and flavour in food. And they warm the house.
    [b][url=]ティファニーの共同[/url][/b] But isn’t it all a bit slow-going? Are wood-fired ovens outdated? James McIntosh, a cookbook author and Aga ambassador, says that while Aga cookers evoke a good-old-days vintage aesthetic, the modern versions are high-tech and environmentally aware.
    [b][url=]安いティファニー[/url][/b] Aga still trades on its retro looks, with cast-iron construction and enamelled paintwork, but there is little retro about the technology. Most Agas now run on electricity or gas, or a combination, to heat the cast-iron body, with controls hidden behind a front panel. In 2011, Aga released a “Total Control” model, which can be turned off and on as needed or powered down to save running costs.
    Peter Kopp with his electric three Aga oven at his home in Murrumbateman. Photo: Melissa Adams
    They’re clearly no longer the preserve of country homes with access to a year-round wood supply. A classic cream Aga sits as comfortably in Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural masterpiece home in Pennsylvania, Fallingwater, as a sleek, black four-oven cooker sits in Gerard Depardieu’s converted-theatre home in Paris.
    Danielle White blogs at
    Peter Kopp, Murrumbateman
    Peter and Jingming Kopp, of Murrumbateman, installed an Aga when he built the house 18 months ago, and they see it as a thing of beauty.
    “It excites me every time I get home,” Peter Kopp says. ”For me, an Aga is a symbol of a way of life that says it’s not just important to get a job done, it’s important to do a job really well, and to also do it with style.”
    He fell in love with Aga cookers when he saw one at a bed and breakfast in Daylesford. But his mother has a wood-burning Rayburn, and romantic as that is, Kopp knows it’s hard work. So he opted for electricity.
    “From a functional perspective, it is hands down the best cooker I’ve ever used. At the same time, it’s a thing of real beauty, and I genuinely enjoy just looking at it. Nothing about an Aga is there for decoration, but it’s incredibly beautiful all the same.”
    Kopp says he puts the oven into “slumber mode” when they go on holiday, timing it to heat up again before they get home – if you turn it off completely, it takes a day to come up to full heat, he says. The controls are hidden behind a door in the top left of the oven, where you would have found the fire box in the old wood stoves.
    Kopp says that while family and friends love the way the Aga looks, they “really get it” when they taste the food it cooks.
    “Its looks always attract attention, and most people are fascinated by the concept of no temperature control. I know I’m dealing with a kindred spirit when I see growing interest and excitement as I explain what it’s all about.”
    He likes the way it’s always on, and it removes ”clutter” from the kitchen as you don’t need an electric kettle, a toaster or microwave. ”And at the end of the day, my wife puts her pyjamas on the Aga while she’s in the shower so she can jump into toasty warm jim-jams afterwards.”
    The couple use it for slow-cooked meat, cooking cuts such as brisket, pulled pork, oxtail soup, roast goat leg, and Chinese-style pork belly. And when figs are in season, they have fig, prosciutto and feta pizza every Saturday night.
    Kopp describes his wife as ”the world’s foremost practitioner of Chinese cooking using an Aga”. ”I muscle in on the weekends,” he says.
    Robert and Jackie Power, family home, Kyneton
    Country GP Robert Power and his wife Jackie Power, a practice manager, use their cream-coloured four-oven gas Aga with two hobs to cook the family meals, dry the kids’ clothes and host regular parties, among them ”weekly All Creatures Great and Small -style doctors’ lunches and 52 guests each Christmas”.
    Jackie Power says her mother persuaded her to buy the oven and now she can’t imagine her home without it. “Our plans to do a modern renovation of our bluestone farmhouse were already in place and the kitchen almost completed when we advised the architect of our – well, my mum’s – decision to put in a four-oven Aga.” she says.
    A wall was moved, alterations were made and she ordered the largest one she could fit in the space. ”I chose an exact replica of the one my grandmother had in Galway in Ireland, which was apparently the first Aga installed in the town,” she says.
    Power says she had always loved the look of Agas, but had been told a few “untruths”. “People would say things like, ‘It’s a much slower way of cooking,’ and ‘You’ll need to learn how to cook all over again,’ which was the last thing I needed in a house with four growing children,” she says.
    She describes the oven as a necessity in her family’s life. It’s on all the time, other than those few days of summer when the temperature hits 35 degrees.
    ”It helps get the kids out of warm beds in the morning, dries their school clothes, wet runners and footy boots, and allows them to get creative and cook pancakes unsupervised on a relatively safe cooking appliance.”
    Her Aga runs on gas – “It works on thermal mass. It’s like a massive piece of steel that heats up and it stays hot.” But yes, it comes with a price tag. The Aga cost the Powers just short of $24,000 installed.
    Simon and Narelle Kudnig, Berribrae, Newham, Victoria
    Simon and Narelle Kudnig installed their ”classic” cream four-oven Aga when they built the house about two years ago.
    ”We put the Aga in the middle of the house and then just built the house around it,” Simon says, only partially joking. ”It is the centrepiece, for sure. No other oven would suit the style of our house, which is based on my parents’ 1800s sandstone house in Tasmania.”
    Narelle Kudnig shows chooks, and uses the oven to help ”fluff” the birds’ feathers before a show. ”It sounds a bit odd, I know, but blow-drying the chooks’ feathers doesn’t get anywhere near as good a result as drying them with the Aga,” she says. ”The radiant heat is so gentle.”
    The electricity-powered oven cost them about $22,000, and Simon Kudnig says it provides enough radiant heat to keep the kitchen warm – without the need for any other heating – although it can get too hot in mid-summer.
    ”It’s very functional and efficient and still has a romantic, charming design,” he says.
    Peter Stephens and Anna Charlesworth North Fitzroy, Melbourne
    Melbourne real-estate agent Peter Stephens and designer Anna Charlesworth incorporated an Aga into their North Fitzroy renovation two years ago, opting for a style of Aga that is a little different in the way it works from a conventional oven. The difference, Stephens says, is in build quality, solidity and look – complete with hinged doors.
    ”I like the solidity of the Aga,” Stephens says. ”We chose the cooker first, then had the kitchen designed with it in mind. I told the architect I wanted an Aga and he asked if he could pick the colour. Fortunately, we both liked black.”
    His Aga, which cost just over $10,000, provides no radiant heat – the four ovens are electric and used just like a conventional electric oven, and the six burners on top are gas.
    ”I wanted something that’s got the normal convenience,” he says. ”I didn’t want the big old round plates. I wanted the Aga build and the Aga look but not the old-style Aga.”
    Sam King Darling Point, Sydney
    Sam King has recently installed a new duck-egg blue mini Aga in her tiny one-bedroom 1950s apartment in Sydney’s Darling Point.
    ”My friends are all trying to redo their kitchens so they can have one too,” she says. ”I have a deep love for my Aga, and everyone who sees it has oven envy – including the plumber, electrician, joiner and designer … here during the renovations.”
    King, who works in interior design, puts a dish in the slow oven before she leaves for work. ”I am a big cook, so I love that I have the gas hobs, super-deep ovens and a slow oven with the consistency of an electric oven and a fan-forced oven all in a tiny footprint that looks like a Tiffany and Co. jewel box.”
    King’s parents gave her the Aga as a gift.
    Richard Dyson, Malmsbury, Victoria
    Richard Dyson runs Small Holdings, a cafe and wine bar in a restored 1870s timber church in Malmsbury, country Victoria. In winter, he cooks in the open kitchen on a refurbished cream Aga cooker, and he says people lean up against the oven for warmth when the food’s done.
    ”It’s a hit with everyone,” he says. ”People love the warmth it radiates and seeing it in action often reminds them of good times they’ve shared at family dinners in the past.”
    The Aga, installed early last year, runs on gas for the stovetop and ovens, and Dyson says that – while he also has a conventional fan-forced oven for cooking in summer when it’s too hot for the Aga – he trusts the Aga more. It gives a more gentle and consistent heat. Dyson uses the hobs to keep dishes warm. The day we visited he had three quiches and a pot of roast pumpkin and apple soup on top, and he uses the ovens for slow cooking.
    Hot facts
    ■ An Aga cooker costs from $7400 to more than $30,000, depending on the model and configuration.
    ■ Aga is an acronym for aktiebolaget gas-accumulator, the name of a Swedish company that invented a system of storage for the acetylene gas used in lighthouses.
    ■ Aga cookers are manufactured at the company’s Shropshire foundry, a National Heritage site. The company says 70 per cent of every Aga is made from recycled materials, such as cast-iron lamp posts.
    ■ The cookers come in 12 colours, with aqua introduced this year, and in two-, three- and four-oven models, powered by propane, kerosene heating oil, natural gas and electricity, as well as wood and coal.
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    [b][url=]時計コピー[/url][/b]  中央銀行が流行に左右されないなどと言ってはならない。その最新例がフォワードガイダンスだ。問題は、この流行がジェームズ・ボンドのディナージャケットのような定番となるのか、それともオースティン・パワーズのタキシードシャツのように悪趣味なものとされるかだ。
    [b]レプリカオメガ[/b]  現代文化の多くと同様、フォワードガイダンスは米国で始まって以来、世界各国に広がりを見せている。日本銀行や欧州中央銀行(ECB)、カーニー新総裁率いる英中銀イングランド銀行は、米連邦準備制度理事会(FRB)方式のガイダンスに試験的に取り組んでいるか、もしくは間もなくそうするとみられている。
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    [b][url=]安い腕時計[/url][/b]  市場はある程度まで、中銀に代わってその機能を果たす。景気の低迷に基づき緩和期待が高まれば、債券利回りは低下するため、借り手への圧力は緩和されるだろう。逆の場合も同様だ。
    [b][url=]シーマスターオメガ[/url][/b]  だが、金利がゼロの下限に達すれば事態は厄介になる。経済情勢がマイナス金利を正当化している場合であっても、中央銀行が政策金利をゼロ未満に引き下げることはない、あるいは少なくとも引き下げに極めて消極的であるということを、投資家は理解している。さらに、状況がひとたび正常化すれば、政策金利も正常に戻り、将来的に通常の政策に回帰するとの期待感が、経済にとって最も重要な長期金利の上昇につながる傾向があることも認識している。
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    Re-enactors depict court cases in Hanna's Town
    July 11, 2013 12:21 am
    Tony Tye/Post-Gazette
    Richard Auman, left, plays a judge while Brandon Durbin, center, plays the clerk and Al Fine plays the sheriff.
    Tony Tye/Post-Gazette
    Tiffany Kolbosky of Manor plays a servant accused of stealing clothes.
    Click image to enlarge
    Share with others:
    By Linda Metz
    [b][url=]ティファニー[/url][/b] Indentured servant Elizabeth Smith said it was an “act of God” when she came across a petticoat while walking on a path on a breezy day in the late 18th century.[b][url=]ティファニーアウトレット[/url][/b] “I prayed for the clothing,” said Miss Smith, who was considered the property of her master who had paid for her passage into America.[b][url=]ティファニー銀[/url][/b] Widow Sloan, however, disputed God's involvement in Miss Smith's possession of the clothing, which she had put out to dry earlier that day. Instead, the widow claimed that Elizabeth Smith had stolen the petticoat and that she could prove it because the widow's initials were sewn on the waistband and hem.[b][url=]安いティファニージュエリー[/url][/b] The dispute was one of several depicted last weekend during court re-enactments at Historic Hanna's Town. The re-enactments, sponsored by the Westmoreland Historical Society, are held in an open pavilion located within the reconstructed village that consists of a tavern, courthouse, jail, three 18th century log houses, a Revolutionary era fort and a wagon shed housing an authentic Conestoga wagon.[b][url=]安いティファニー[/url][/b] Tiffany Kolbosky of Manor, who portrayed Elizabeth Smith, and Joanna Moyar of Greensburg, who portrayed Widow Sloan, were two of the many volunteers who participated in the re-enactments.[b]ティファニーと共同[/b] Mrs. Moyar also serves as the historical society's education coordinator, while Ms. Kolbosky conducts tours.The re-enactors, dressed in replica period clothing, depict those who would have come to court in the late 1700s when Hanna's Town served as county seat and have their disputes heard by Judge Robert Hanna, who held court sessions in the local tavern, which he owned.In Miss Smith's case, Judge Hanna found her guilty of felony theft and ordered that she receive 15 lashes to her bare back and to be jailed until she paid fines and costs. Unable to pay the fines and costs, Miss Smith remained jailed for several months until she was brought back before the court by her master for failure to meet the terms of her indenture agreement with him. Miss Smith ultimately was freed but ordered by the judge to serve another two years to her master for the months that she was in jail and unable to work for her.”Punishment was severe back then,” said Lisa Hayes, historical society executive director, who served as narrator for the re-enactments.Court re-enactments have been a popular draw at Hanna's Town for more than a decade. When scheduled, the re-enactments are included in the $5 cost of touring the settlement — founded in 1773, serving as the first seat of Westmoreland County and the first English court west of the Allegheny Mountains. The town was an oasis for travelers, settlers and those seeking justice and order in the often chaotic environment of the Western Pennsylvania colonial frontier.Hanna's Town met its demise in 1782 when a raiding party of Seneca Indians attacked and burned down the town. Court was in session at the time of the attack. Two people were killed. Four years later, the county seat was moved to nearby Greensburg.While most of the re-enactors, including Ms. Kolbosky and Mrs. Moyar, are program veterans, attorney Robert Domenick made his debut by playing the judge. Mr. Domenick said he had recently been approached by the county bar association and asked if he would be interested in participating in the program.”I gladly accepted the chance,” he said.Other cases that came before Mr. Domenick included horse theft, the killing of a friendly Indian and failure by residents to obtain a license to sell home-made whiskey. They were actual court cases that occurred between 1773 and 1781.
    Linda Metz, freelance writer: suburbanliving@ .
    First Published July 11, 2013 12:00 am
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    Hudson’s Bay CEO Richard Baker is first and foremost a real estate dealer. (Neville Elder for The Globe and Mail)
    Hudson’s Bay CEO Richard Baker is first and foremost a real estate dealer.
    (Neville Elder for The Globe and Mail)
    Despite Saks deal, HBC stores still in need of a serious makeover
    Add to …
    The Globe and Mail
    [b][url=]chanel[/url][/b] Published
    Tuesday, Jul. 30 2013, 6:41 PM EDT
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    [b][url=]chanel handbags replica top quality[/url][/b] In pure New York fashion, Richard Baker is now boasting a $2.4-billion smile.[b]chanel bags outlet online[/b] The 47-year-old businessman has every reason to be triumphant. In the past six years, he accomplished what many retailing experts deemed impossible: He resurrected the Hudson’s Bay Co. , which looked as doomed as the Eaton department stores that never made it past the 20th century.
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    [b][url=]discount chanel handbags[/url][/b]
    Moody’s fears HBC is stretching debt too far with Saks deal
    [b][url=]chanel handbags outlet online[/url][/b]
    HBC picks up storied American brand with Saks deal
    HBC shares jump despite dividend cut
    Saks Fifth Avenue store in New York. Hudson’s Bay Co. said on Monday that it would buy luxury retailer Saks Inc. for $16 (U.S.) per share, or $2.9-billion in cash, including debt.
    Video: Everything you need to know about Hudson's Bay Co.'s purchase of Saks
    A bronze plaque identifies the Hudson’s Bay Company flagship store in Toronto, in this January 26, 2006 file photo. Hudson’s Bay Co, operator of department store chains Lord & Taylor in the United States and The Bay in Canada, said on Monday that it would buy luxury retailer Saks Inc for $16 per share, or $2.9 billion in cash, including debt
    Market View
    Video: Market View: Hudson’s Bay deal shows retail a hotbed for mergers

    Video: BMW launches its first fully electric vehicle
    Now, he is set to acquire the prestigious Saks Inc. chain. Long past is the shock that Canada’s oldest retailer has fallen into the hands of Americans, first of the late Jerry Zucker, then of Mr. Baker. The Bay’s white throws with the bright green, red, yellow and blue stripes are now being waved on Fifth Avenue like Canadian flags.With this unexpected change in fortune, Mr. Baker is now portrayed as the saviour of the Canadian department store, long considered an endangered creature. The designation is seductive, but still quite premature.Mr. Baker is first and foremost a real estate dealer – and a clever one at that. He acquired full control of HBC in 2008 for $1.2-billion, chiefly through the assumption of its debt. Three years later, he made a killing when he resold most of the Zellers store leases to incoming Target Corp. for a whopping $1.8-billion.Like the skeptics of 2008, some are now fretting over the $2.4-billion (U.S.) price tag for Saks – which rises to $2.9-billion when the retailer’s debt is included. That’s almost nine times Saks’ operating earnings, compared with a median multiple of eight for similar deals, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. But when you deduct Saks’ property value, which one Citigroup analyst pegs at $1.5-billion, including $805-million for its flagship New York store alone, then the department store chain no longer looks as expensive as a pair of Manolo Blahnik satin pumps.Even if real estate investment trusts are not as glitzy as they were when long-term interest rates were lower, you can bet all your Bay paraphernalia that Mr. Baker will cash in on the money that sleeps under his stores.Evidently, however, such a deal can only be struck once. After that, HBC can only be the savviest retailer in what is becoming a very crowded market for upscale shoppers in Canada.Canadians are getting richer, and retail sales have been holding up surprisingly well, notably in May, but Canada is not going to create more of what are euphemistically called “high net worth individuals” by spontaneous generation. Behind the dressing rooms of hushed stores, the commercial rivalry is bound to get nasty, if not bloody.How has HBC fared so far? It depends on how you look at things. Considering where the Canadian retailer started, it has made considerable progress under the direction of Bonnie Brooks and other smart retail executives, although the flagship city stores have received much of the attention. The rejuvenation of the other department stores still leaves much to be desired.At the Bay’s flagship Montreal store on Saint Catherine Street on Monday, there was none of the ragbag of yesteryear, even if the store was deep into its summer sale. Past the Chanel counter and the new Coach boutique, branded bags were neatly aligned. On the second floor, the trendy Topshop clothes attracted the twentysomething crowd. Close by is Maje, a French retailer that a fashionista friend of mine puts on her must-see list of Paris stores, with a section almost as big as the one at the Galeries Lafayette.The sales clerks anticipate your wishes and inquire about your needs instead of ducking behind a high stack of sweaters, as they seemed to do in the past. But the extra attention also highlights the fact that there aren’t that many shoppers around. Granted, it’s summer and the tourists don’t replace all the vacationers who have left town. But the hard numbers don’t lie.The HBC chains have been playing catch-up in recent years, and there is still a long way to go. The Bay’s sales in 2012 stood at $140 per square foot, a far cry from the average $250 per square foot of its North American peer group, which includes Saks. The U.S. chain also owned by HBC, Lord & Taylor, also lags behind its peers, with sales of $218 per square foot.The Bay still has an excess of retail space on its hands, and adding Saks boutiques within existing stores or converting stores to Saks’ Off Fifth sister discount chain won’t use it all up. HBC still needs to rethink its retail space, given its store locations and their markets, as well as its online shopping sites.This will require a makeover, not just a brush of powder. Which is not to say it cannot be done. Mr. Baker could well tailor himself into a successful retailer. But until HBC’s chains attract crowds of shoppers and sales, he will remain what he has always been: a real estate dealer.

    Saks Inc.
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    Hudson’s Bay Co.
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    Live Discussion of SKS on StockTwits
    More Discussion on SKS-N
    Live Discussion of HBC on StockTwits
    More Discussion on HBC-T
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    Monday, August 12, 2013
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    Front Page News archives Opinion archives Features archives Sports archives Google Search Opinion Share your opinion Features Sports High School Scores Classifieds Sustainable Life Wheels Marketplace Contact Us Community Calendar
    Featured Stories
    Rising to the occasion – Monday, 12 August 2013 02:36
    Bikini brewhaha spills from one community into another – Monday, 12 August 2013 00:26
    Dam, solar panels on Wyden’s radar – Sunday, 11 August 2013 23:26
    Party activist files elections complaint against Starr – Sunday, 11 August 2013 23:24
    Tualatin City wins World Series thriller – Sunday, 11 August 2013 19:19
    Tualatin City tastes World Series victory – Saturday, 10 August 2013 21:10
    ACLU steps up for couple – Saturday, 10 August 2013 19:02
    Community tosses and turns over Dream Girl – Saturday, 10 August 2013 18:56
    Portland moves forward with 140-foot tower on Gresham Butte – Friday, 09 August 2013 15:47
    Portland moves forward with 140-foot tower on Gresham Butte – Friday, 09 August 2013 15:21
    Highway work moving toward design phase – Friday, 09 August 2013 09:46
    Conservation crews seek to expand Gilbert River restoration – Friday, 09 August 2013 09:42
    Scappoose imposes voluntary water curtailment plan – Friday, 09 August 2013 09:40
    Commissioners put jail levy on November ballot – Friday, 09 August 2013 09:36
    How to attract birds to your garden – Friday, 09 August 2013 01:00
    Yesterday’s Headlines – Friday, 09 August 2013 01:00
    Uplifting girl power – Friday, 09 August 2013 01:00
    Inch by inch, row by row – Friday, 09 August 2013 01:00
    Maintenance man has a steely talent – Thursday, 08 August 2013 17:05
    Estacada resident jailed for horse neglect
    - Thursday, 08 August 2013 16:55
    The moths are coming, and eating our trees – Thursday, 08 August 2013 16:30
    A sweet combination – Thursday, 08 August 2013 15:52
    Staying strong in the trenches – Thursday, 08 August 2013 15:32
    Coaching and caring for the kids – Thursday, 08 August 2013 15:27
    Healthy lunch lands local girl at White House dinner – Thursday, 08 August 2013 13:21
    Your Opinion
    What do you think about the new TriMet electronic fare system?
    It will make riding buses and trains more convenient.
    It is a waste of money.
    Daily News Where you Live
    Lake Oswego
    Columbia Co.
    Oregon City
    Forest Grove
    Gresham area
    Portland SE
    King City
    Portland SW
    West Linn
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    KPAM 860
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    City saves 11 affordable housing buildings
    Missing hiker found near Cascade Locks
    Motorcyclist killed in accident
    Police: Man wounded in gang shooting
    Portland moves forward with 140-foot tower on Gresham Butte
    Our Opinion: Sex trade fight demands local attention
    Bridge barriers effective in preventing suicides
    Readers’ Letters: Schools should teach civil engagement
    Simplistic solutions won’t help disabled
    Our Opinion: Sprinklers in nightclubs are a necessity
    Local Weather
    [b][url=]arcteryx sale[/url][/b]
    Live Music
    The Short List
    Musician hits it big on small screen
    Rucker rocks the bird
    Bits & Pieces: Featheringill memorial
    Tualatin City tastes World Series victory
    Spiegelberg gets new job at OSU; Lynn will be on the lookout; ‘Wheels’ gets longer turn at the mike, and more notes
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    Dam removal to boost habitat on Sandy River and Columbia
    How to attract birds to your garden
    The moths are coming, and eating our trees
    Submerse yourself at Subs on the Slough
    Neighborhood Nature Extravaganza comes to Lents
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    Library expands e-books
    Created on Saturday, 10 August 2013 18:59 | Written by Mara Stine |
    Share Multnomah County Library is offering patrons two new ways to download and read e-books. Patrons can use either 3M Cloud Library or OverDrive to enjoy approximately 80,000 e-books. Both methods make it easier to browse, check out and download e-books, and staff at any library are available to help patrons use these new e-book features on their own devices. 3M Cloud Library 3M Cloud Library allows patrons to easily search, find and download e-books, right from the library website or through the 3M Cloud Library mobile application. 3M Cloud Library includes about 5,000 titles, and more are added all the time. Patrons don’t need an Adobe ID to use 3M Cloud Library; they simply need to enter state, library name, library card number and password. Downloading is a one-step process, and each title automatically syncs to all devices that have the 3M Cloud Library mobile app downloaded. The new feature works across multiple operating systems. Patrons can check out up to six titles at a time. Currently, because of a decision by Amazon, 3M books are not compatible with Kindle. OverDrive The popular “Library2Go” service at Multnomah County Library has had an upgrade — a new name, more books and a simplified borrowing process. Patrons can browse and download e-books and audiobooks from the library’s OverDrive site or via the OverDrive app. E-books can be read on a desktop browser with OverDrive READ and on mobile devices with the app. Accessing any borrowed title from a Bookshelf requires only a few clicks or taps. Circulation of the library’s 80,000 e-books has increased more than 2,300 percent in the past three years, Director of Libraries Vailey Oehlke said. “The library is continually increasing access to the e-books and e-book services demanded by our patrons,” she said. “As the evolution of mobile access continues to erode the ‘digital divide’ for our patrons, we will continue to grow this collection to meet the diverse needs of the community we serve.” The library purchases e-books as they become available. The library also offers 87,000 items in other downloadable formats, including audiobooks, videos and music. — Mara Stine
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    بدء بيع أحذية بالذهب في دبي
    الأربعاء, 19 حزيران/يونيو 2013
    البريد الإلكتروني
    بدأت عمليات بيع أحذية مصنوعة من الذهب عيار 24 في خمس مدن عبر مختلف أنحاء العالم من ضمنها دبي.
    وأعلنت الشركة المصنعة وهي شركة ألبيرتو موريتي أنّها اختارت خمس مدن لبيع منتجها الجديد هي نيويورك ولوس أنجلوس ولندن وهونغ كونغ ودبي.
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    عد إلى الأعلى
    فيديو خارج السرب
    محلل إقتصادي: نسبة الفقر في السعودية أعلى من لبنان والأردن وفلسطين
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    Beyond Spicoli: Vans Catch on Across Europe, Asia
    By Kyle Stock
    July 19, 2013
    Google Plus
    Crocs Wants You to Forget About Its Clogs
    Shoes Rule When It Comes to Store Profits
    Nike Q4 Profit Tops Estimates as U.S. Sales Gain
    Can Under Armour Afford to Play Nike Abroad?
    Luxury Brand Coach Moves to Sell Shoes
    What to Look for in Really Expensive Shoes
    Walking Shoes That Spy on Grandma
    New Balance Wants a Toehold Among Army Recruits
    Want to Design Your Own Shoes? Here's How
    Toms Tackles the Problem of Kids Without Shoes
    Gaga-Esque Shoes on Display in Vietnam
    Wendy Davis and the Anti-Abortion Bill-Stopping, Sneaker-Selling Filibuster
    Companies Mentioned
    VF Corp
    $198.19 USD
    Puma SE
    $222.82 EUR
    Market data is delayed at least 15 minutes.
    Company Lookup
    [b][url=]timberland[/url][/b] The choice for Vans, the storied sneaker brand, is no longer skate or die. The waffle-soled shoes made by VF Corp. ( VFC ) have become hot items in Asia and even picked up steam in Europe’s grim retail economy.
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    [b]cheap timberland boots[/b] Vans have changed little in their almost half-century history, and the brand remains affiliated with board sports (even buying a title sponsorship to this year’s U.S. Open of Surfing). The slip-on, checkerboard canvas model, once a radical fashion, has become a fashion “classic” over time. So how does a seemingly retro brand make such a big jump? VF, which bought Vans in 2004 for about $400 million, has made a concerted play for pop culture. That has meant steering the sneaker from Spicoli–Sean Penn’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High burnout character –to pop star Taylor Swift . Think Kanye, not Kelly Slater .
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    Maybe Salzburger should try making some big boots in checkerboard canvas.
    Stock is an associate editor for
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    The Best of the Area Poll Results Published
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    Audience Applauds as Awards are Given Out
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    Posted: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 4:32 pm
    Updated: 8:24 am, Tue Jul 30, 2013.
    The Best of the Area Poll Results Published
    [b][url=]tiffany[/url][/b] The Daily Jefferson County Union’s “Best of the Area” readers poll has now been an annual project for seven years. We thank those who participated by filling in a ballot, and helping us recognize and celebrate people, places and businesses in our subscription area.
    [b][url=]wholesale tiffany jewelry[/url][/b] By filling out a “Best of the Area” ballot, readers once again declared their favorites in five divisions — People, Food & Drink, Things, Recreation & Entertainment and Miscellaneous.
    [b][url=]tiffany outlet online[/url][/b] This year the ballot featured 133 categories in which our greatest number of participants yet wrote-in their area favorites. Congratulations to those who have been voted “Best of the Area,” and thank you again to all who filled out a ballot and made these recognitions possible.
    [b]tiffany rings[/b] “People” division winners
    [b]tiffany jewelry outlet[/b] Best Accountant — This year’s numbers added up for Fort Atkinson’s Deb Ranguette (Business & Tax Systems, LLC). Luke Walsh, also of Fort Atkinson, subtracted to second, with Gary Thompson (Jefferson) still balanced at third.
    [b][url=]tiffany outlet store[/url][/b] Best School Administrator — Retired Fort Atkinson School District Superintendent James Fitzpatrick stayed at the top of his class this year, with Jeff Zaspel, principal of FAHS, coming in second. Brent Torrenga of FAMS entered the top three for the first time.
    Best Attorney — The jury makes its decision — our first seven-time winner is Chris Rogers (Rogers & Westrick S.C. and Fort Atkinson city attorney). Evidence pointed to Jefferson’s Chad Buehler (Buehler Law Office) as the runner-up. Dave Westrick (Rogers & Westrick S.C.) placed third.
    Best Auctioneer — No time for small talk — our second seven-time winner is Bill Stade, the long-time owner of Bill Stade Auction Company. Kevin Bigelow took the dollar bid for second, with Tom Stade finishing in third.
    Best Barber — Voters cut out the competition and voted Fort Atkinson’s Bob Langer best barber for the sixth year. Ron Disrude of Jefferson trimmed his way to second, Sherry Trimborn, Johnson Creek, appeared in third.
    Best Bartender — Area bar-hoppers cheered Jerry Fitzgerald, Paddy Coughlin’s Irish Pub (Fort Atkinson), as their favorite bartender. Tracy Stammer served up a cold one in second, while Mike Cheek had an extra shot in third.
    Best Businessman — Steve Lewis, Jefferson Area Business Innovation Center, picked up the most votes for best businessman. Tim Humphrey, Humphrey Floral & Gift, was arranged into second place, while Rick Klopcic, Fireside Dinner Theatre, was served up in third place. Both are of Fort Atkinson.
    Best Businesswoman — Alpha Panagiotopoulos, Sammy’s Place, was voted best businesswoman for the third time. Jane Klopcic of the Fireside Dinner Theatre ordered seconds. Rochelle Mitchell of PremierBank counted in for third. All three women are of Fort Atkinson.
    Best Chiropractor — Dr. Todd Tesch, Luedtke- Storm-Mackey (Fort Atkinson), was aligned in first again, for the sixth time. Dr. Bill Lust of Chiropractic Care Center, Jefferson, stretched into second place, and Dr. Dave Volk of Volk Chiropractic, Jefferson, backed into third.
    Best Coach — Steve Mahoney is still shaking off the Gatorade after being named best coach for the first time in this poll. Mahoney coaches football at Fort Atkinson High School. Don Schindler, Jefferson High School girls basketball, gathered enough votes for the silver medal. Jeff Agnew, Fort Atkinson High School girls’ softball, took the bronze in third.
    Best Dentist — Dr. Mike Bender of Gobel, Bender, Kind, and Stafford in Fort Atkinson, showed off his pearly whites in first place this year. Dr. Brian Turley (Smiles by Turley, Jefferson) smiled in second and Dr. Stacey Eby (Eby Family Dentistry, Fort Atkinson) braced herself in third.
    Best DJ — Chris Scherer of Good Time Music Service, Fort Atkinson, hasn’t lost any volume this year. Scherer has been voted best DJ four years in a row. Rick Hill of Fort Atkinson, kept up the beat in second place. Jefferson’s John Leija rocked-out in third.
    Best Doctor — Wrapping up competition yet again, Dr. Donald Williams at Fort HealthCare Internal Medicine & Pediatrics in Fort Atkinson was named best doctor for the fifth year in a row. Dr. Shauna Meyer of Fort HealthCare was injected into second, and Dr. Stephan Riggs, Fort Atkinson Dean Medical Center, was finishing some paperwork in third.
    Best Electrician — After votes were generated, Kris Koenig at Ready Electric were the best in the area. Two-time winner Ross Davis (Current Electric, Fort Atkinson) was static in second, with Jeff Armstrong (Fort Atkinson city electrician) transmitting into third.
    Best EMT/First Responder — Mindy Stelse, a licensed EMT with Jefferson EMS, was first at the scene this year. Shaun Bauer, Chief of Jefferson EMS & Fire Department and licensed EMT was voted to second place, with Josh Weber, EMT for the City of Fort Atkinson, following in third.
    Best Firefighter — FAFD Chief Mike Reel climbed up the ladder to first place. Manning the hose in second is Jim Slocum. Dion Brown radioed in for mutual aid in third. All three men are of the Fort Atkinson Fire Department.
    Best Hairstylist — Continuing to impress, Jeni Funk-Miller of Jefferson’s Funky Hair Co. is the best for the second year in a row. Jodi Allard, Hair It Is, curled in second. Sarah Durrance, Studio 8, crimped in third.
    Best Handyman — Rod Grant, Rod’s Maintenance in Fort Atkinson, is fixed as the best handyman for the second year in a row. Eric Schuppe and Ron Freson moved up the ladder for second and third.
    Best Insurance Agent — Don Amundson of American Family Insurance got full-coverage in first. Sherry Lange of American Family Insurance used some leverage in second. Jeff Mason of Insurance Solutions, LLC reorganized in third.
    Best Investment Banker/Counselor — Ann Herdendorf at Badger Bank, collected dividends from a blue chip in the top spot. Two-time winner Rick Seavert of Edward Jones lost some assets and fell into second-place. and Mike Wendt at Family Wealth Advisors, LLC studied portfolios in third.
    Best Jeweler — For seven-time winner, Paul Krueger, Krueger Jeweler, every cut is brilliant. Soldered in second and third are Tom Bergey, Bergey Jewelry and Dave Knutson, Knutson Jewelers.
    Best Letter to the Editor Writer — Voters have voted Dick Schultz the best submitter of letters to the editor every year this category has existed. Voters also enjoyed Tom Beebe’s and Dave Tuton’s thoughts and opinions.
    Best Librarian — We begin our tale at Dwight Foster Public Library with four-time winner library director Connie Meyer. The plot thickens with Kelli Rowley at Dwight Foster in a runner-up role, and comes to an end with Cassandra Jacobs, librarian at Fort Atkinson High School.
    Best Mail Carrier — Steve Adams of Jefferson is first class in the category of best mailman. Adams has been working for the U.S. Post Office in Jefferson for 43 years. Elliot Larson and Jim Kabat were delivered second and third places.
    Best Mechanic — Everything is running smooth for Tom Brom of Brom’s Tire & Auto Repair, who took first in this category for the second year in a row. Merrill Buerger charged a battery in second while Mike Schroedl from Schroedl’s Auto Pros braked into third.
    Best Newspaper Reporter — Newsflash! Daily Jefferson County Union sports writer Josh Smith was voted top reporter, beating five-time winner regional editor Ryan Whisner to the big story. Pam Chickering Wilson investigated the third most votes.
    Best Newspaper Carrier — Alesha Brooks, a 13-year-old Daily Union carrier delivering 19 newspapers to Fort Atkinson residents was voted best newspaper carrier. A three-way tie for second place was shared by Carlos Duran, Paula Dowling and Tracie Cluver. In third is John Krakow.
    Best Nurse — Great care was taken when voters chose Jan Simdon, obstetrical clinical coordinator at Fort HealthCare, as the best nurse in the area. Jayne Schweiger checked vitals in second, with Tiffany Filter finishing reports in third.
    Best On-Air Personality — For the fourth straight year, Michael Clish, WFAW’s news director and Morning Magazine host reached his target audience. Shane Sparks was voted to second place with Gary Douglas syndicating in third.
    Best Pharmacist — It’s by no breach of confidentiality that seven-time winner, Fort Atkinson druggist Jon Tuttle was voted best pharmacist again. Bob Niebler, Mueller Drugs, induced enough votes for second. Ed Heimstreet of Lake Mills Walgreens filled pill boxes in third.
    Best Plumber — Bo Hachtel of Fort Atkinson balanced pressure on his way to first place. Mark “the plumber” Engelke, and Tom Gebhardt replaced bolt caps in second and third.
    Best Police Officer — Dan Courtier, FA Police Department’s school liaison officer, protected his “best of” spot for the second year running. Sheriff Paul Milbrath checked his radar in second, and Fort Atkinson’s John Lewicki, filled out a warrant for third.
    Best Politician — Incumbant “best of” winner State Representative Andy Jorgensen begins his seventh term. Dale Opperman was nominated to second, with Dick Schultz lobbied for third.
    Best Preacher — Father Tom Coyle, of both St. Lawrence and St. John the Baptist churches in Jefferson was blessed by the most votes for the sixth year. Pastor Bill Beyer from Trinity Lutheran Church (Fort Atkinson), was lifted up in second with Pastor Michael Duncan of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Fort, in third.
    Best Elementary School Teacher (K-5) — Bonnie Dimond, (2nd grade, West Elementary in Jefferson) collected the most apples this year, becoming best teacher for the first time. Beth Young (2nd grade, Luther Elementary in Fort Atkinson) came in second and last year’s winner, Linda Teed (3rd grade, St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Fort Atkinson) was voted into third.
    Best Middle School Teacher (6-8) — Todd Voss received an ‘A’ for effort. Todd Linse was above-average in second, and Theo Hanson worked into third. All three men are of Fort Atkinson Middle School.
    Best High School Teacher (9-12) — Matt Noll, an English teacher at Fort Atkinson High School is at the top of the honor roll this year. Mike Hall, also an English teacher and Roger Rumppe, chemistry, both of Fort High School were voted second and third places.
    Best Seamstress — In an “alteration” from year’s past, Fort Atkinson’s Maggie Mielke is a first time winner in this category. Gretchen Bayorgeon of Jefferson took second, with Bea Fiebiger of Fort Atkinson in third.
    Best Veterinarian — Every dog has its day, or in this case, five years. Dr. John Neff, of Fort Animal Clinic has won first in this category five times. Dr. Joel Koenig, also of Fort Animal Clinic was voted into second place. Dr. Kerry Sharpe, Brightside Pet Clinic (Fort Atkinson), came in third.
    Best Volunteer — Jefferson’s Gretchen Bayorgeon has volunteered with multiple organizations, including the Jefferson Americam Red Cross Blood Bank, Tomorrow’s Hope, Meals on Wheels and St. Vincent de Paul Society among many others. Fort Atkinson’s Rudy Bushcott and Jefferson’s Mindy Stelse also deserve a pat on the back, being voted second and third in this category.
    Best Waitress — Fat Boyz’ Megan Schwab won over voters with her serving skills and good attitude. Betsy Beck of the Fireside was voted second. Amy Gaworski of Cold Spring Inn was served up third place.
    Person You’d Like to See Run For Public Office In Area — Daily Union readers wrote-in Fort Atkinson’s Rudy Bushcott on this year’s ballot. Bushcott was followed by Birdie Langhoff and Cynthia Beebe.
    “Food & Drink” division winners
    Best Appetizers — Helenville’s Wingin’ It won best first course for the first year ever. Capn’s Roadhouse and Sammy’s Place placed second and third respectively.
    Best Bar — Paddy Coughlin’s Irish Pub on Sherman Avenue in Fort Atkinson was voted the best place to get a pint after finishing second in 2012. Fat Boyz (Fort Atkinson) and Wingin’ It (Helenville) tapped in for second and third.
    Best Bloody Mary — Wingin’ It’s hair of the dog won this category for the first year ever. Cold Spring Inn mixed it up in second with Sammy’s Place chasing in third.
    Best Breakfast — There are no bad eggs in this category! For the sixth year in a row, the king of breakfast is Soup’s On. Riverfront Family Restaurant took second, with Pine Cone in Johnson Creek coming in third.
    Best Burger — Voters have no beef with Wedl’s Hamburger Stand in Jefferson, as it was voted to the top spot for the third time. Culver’s of Johnson Creek received enough votes for second and Wingin’ It came in third.
    Best Coffee — For the sixth time, Beauty & the Bean in Fort Atkinson was infused in first place. McDonald’s stayed in second, while Kwik Trip of Fort Atkinson rounded out the top three.
    Best Deli — Our fifth seventh-time winner, Vos Sentry Foods still offers Jefferson County’s favorite variety. Pick ‘N Save kept its position in second with River’s Edge slicing its way to third.
    Best Dessert — The Fireside Dinner Theatre satisfied a sweet tooth or two to once again win over the mouths of our readers. Bon Ton Bakery rose back into second. Paddy’s O’Coughlin’s Irish Pub had a third place finish with their Guiness chocolate cake and Irish bread pudding.
    Best Diner/Café — Soup’s On brought home the bacon, er, votes for the fourth year in a row. Brickhaus Café in Jefferson buttered up for second place and Jefferson Café showed up in third place.
    Best Donuts — Bon Ton Bakery’s donuts are the greatest thing since sliced bread, taking the bakery to its sixth win in this category. Fort’s Vos Sentry Foods stayed in second with Kwik Trip in Fort Atkinson keeping its spot in third.
    Best Fast Food — In a decision that was easy as pie, voters once again chose Culver’s, which becomes our sixth seven-time winner. McDonalds took second, Subway followed in third.
    Best Fish Fry — Votes for the Fireside Dinner Theatre were packed in like sardines, taking the restaurant to an undefeated seventh win. Cold Spring Inn stayed in second and Sammy’s measured in at third.
    Best French Fries — Another year in a row, voters were unwavering when it comes to judging deep-fried potatoes. The top three places for french fries are our eighth seventh-time winner McDonald’s, Culver’s (second place for seven years) and Cold Spring Inn.
    Best Ice Cream/Custard — Culvers froze out last year’s winner by taking the title for the fourth year. Frostie Freeze was picked for second place, while Wedl’s Hamburger Stand & Ice Cream Parlor in Jefferson stayed in third.
    Best Lunch — Area voters acquired a taste for Brickhaus Café in Jefferson, praising the restaurants sandwiches and salads. Fat Boyz took second, and Cold Spring Inn managed a third place finish.
    Best Margarita — Regardless of what the map says, voters assure that Margaritaville actually is at El Patron in Fort Atkinson. Fiesta Garibaldi sipped a second place finish, with El Mariachi in third.
    Best Martini — Gin based or vodka, the Fireside adds just the right amount of vermouth. Sammy’s Place came in second and Fat Boyz came in third.
    Best Meat Department — With the new location, it was easy as duck soup for River’s Edge Farm Market of Jefferson to win this category. Fort Atkinson’s Vos Sentry Foods and Pick ‘N Save were the next two choice cuts.
    Best Mexican Food — El Patron in Fort Atkinson served up the top burritos for the second year in a row. El Mariachi was voted second and Fiesta Garibaldi, third.
    Best Old-Fashioned — There’s no need to jump over the bar at the Fireside Dinner Theatre, as the bartenders know what they’re doing with brandy. Cold Spring Inn moved up to second place, with North Shore Inn falling to third.
    Best Oriental Food — China One Chinese Restaurant served up the area’s favorite oriental cuisine for the second year in a row. China Dragon came second in the voting. Ming’s finished in third.
    Best Pizza — With no changes from last year, Salamone’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria can celebrate being voted the best pizza in the area, winning first place again. Papa Murphy’s beat Pizza Hut to second.
    Best Pizza Delivery — Readers like Pizza Hut’s pizza delivery the best this year. Salamone’s took the second most votes, and Domino’s received enough votes for third place.
    Best Prime Rib — Capn’s Roadhouse hit the fourth year in a row of perfecting the art of the grill. Capn’s also won the category for best steak. Cold Spring Inn came in second with Sammy’s Place placed in third.
    Best Produce — No apple-carts were upset when Sentry Foods’ produce was voted the best for the seventh year in a row. Pick ‘N Save stayed in second, and Jefferson’s Piggly Wiggly remained in third.
    Best Restaurant — According to voters, the Fireside Dinner Theatre is the best meal in the area. Sammy’s Place tied with Cold Spring Inn for second place and Capn’s Roadhouse moved down the menu to third. Other restaurants of note were Soup’s On, Carp’s Landing, Paddy Coughlin’s Irish Pub and Frank’s Family Restaurant.
    Best Salad Bar — Our 10th seven-time winner is Cold Spring Inn for variety and taste at their legendary salad bar. Soup’s On took second, and third place was a tie between Fat Boyz and Pizza Hut.
    Best Submarine Sandwich — Voters chose to repeat their 2012 picks for this category, picking Subway’s sub sandwiches as the best for the fifth time. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches took second, while Ken & Betty’s Philly Steaks and Hoagies took third.
    Best Cold Sandwich — Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches retook first for best cold sandwich. Subway fell to second place with Ken & Betty’s finishing third.
    Best Soup — La crème de la crème, Soup’s On, took this category for the fifth time. Cold Spring Inn and Sammy’s Place ladled out for second and third.
    Best Steak — After winning the best prime rib, Capn’s Roadhouse also won the most votes for the best steak. Stage Coach heated up the grill in second, while Fireside Dinner Theatre marinated in third.
    Best Sunday Brunch — Fireside Dinner Theatre rose with the roosters and took this category for the first time. HiWay Harry’s in Johnson Creek came in second with Sammy’s Place finishing third.
    “Things” division winners
    Best Appliance Dealer/Service — Felton Electric in Jefferson fills the bill again for voters, for the sixth year in a row. Menards moved into second and Shumway Appliance of Milton, third.
    Best Assisted Living Facility for Seniors — Black Hawk Senior Residence has been winning long enough to remember the first Best of the Area readers poll, seven years ago. Fairhaven Retirement Community rocked-on in second. Sylvan Crossing continued, stable, in third.
    Best Bank — Readers carried the numbers over again for four-time winner PremierBank. Breaking even with last year: Badger Bank came in second and Johnson Bank took third.
    Best Car Dealership — Havill Spoerl in Fort Atkinson once again was voted the best place to find that new car smell. Havill Chrysler in Jefferson stayed in second, while Burtness Chevrolet and Kearn’s of Jefferson tied in third.
    Best Civic Organization — Once again, Lions Club was voted the best civic organization in the area, becoming our 12th seventh-time winner. The Jefferson Rotary Club is the runner-up, with Jefferson Cab Rides for Seniors taking third.
    Best Commercial Printer — Opportunities, Inc. Print Shop has kept its first place position for the sixth year running. Badger Press was binding in second with W.D. Hoard & Sons web printing division adjusting proofs in third. All three are Fort Atkinson businesses.
    Best Credit Union — For the fourth straight year Fort Community Credit Union was voted best area credit union. With three first-place finishes in the defunct Best Financial Institution category, FCCU becomes another seven-time winner. County City Credit Union, Jefferson, kept second place for the fourth year, while Summit Credit Union, Lake Mills, finished third.
    Best Customer Service — Excelling in attitude, appearance and all-around good service was the staff at Menards. Linda Belzer of Citizens Bank in Jefferson communicated in second. Badger Bank followed close behind in third.
    Best Daycare/Preschool — Sugar and spice, and everything nice is what voters think of Fort Preschool/Daycare this year. Beautiful Beginnings came in second, and Kiddie College tied with Parents Cooperative for third place.
    Best Eyecare — All eyes are on our 14th seven-time winner, Davis Duehr Dean. Voters chose Fort’s ShopKo Optical Center for second, and Dr. Linda Foley, who works for Lake Mills Family Eyecare took in third.
    Best Floor Covering Store — JM Carpets in Fort Atkinson is all over this category, and has been voted the best all six years. Crosstown Floors in Jefferson retiled into second. Menards slipped back to third.
    Best Floral Arrangements — Tim Humphrey’s fingers are still the greenest, as his Humphrey Floral & Gift in Fort Atkinson becomes our 15th seven-time winner. Wine & Roses replanted in second; Vos Sentry Floral popped up into third.
    Best Furniture Store — There’s no wrong side of the bed at Keck Furniture in Watertown, which comfortably secured its fourth win. With the same selection as 2012, American Wholesale remained in second, with the Wood Shed, Cambridge staying in third.
    Best Hair Salon — “I think that the most important thing a woman can have — next to talent, of course — is her hairdresser.” – Joan Crawford. Funky Hair Co. in Jefferson had our readers’ most important hairdressers. B.E. Hive moved up to second place. A three-way tie for third was braided between Studio 8, A Cut Above and Hair Solutions.
    Best Home Improvement Store — Menards is once again the place to go, for the fourth straight year. Goyer Ace Hardware, a three-time winner, is as sharp as a tack in second. Jefferson’s Punzel Ace Hardware beveled out the top three.
    Best Interior Design Business — Jan Niebler Interiors, Jefferson, has been primary color, er designer, all six years. Menards mixed some secondary colors, and JM Carpets used a little texture in third.
    Best Investment Corporation — The eight local offices of Edward Jones have earned the top spot for all of the six years of this category, offering Daily Union readers the most bang for their buck. Badger Bank gave a ball park estimate in second, and R. Meier, Inc. bought a stake in third.
    Best Lawnmower/Snowblower Store — With no changes, our front runner is RM Small Engine in Fort Atkinson. Menards fixed a draw rope in second, and Goyer Ace Hardware used an edger in third.
    Best Liquor Store — Vos Sentry Food’s liquor store has been sitting in first, aging in oak barrels now for seven years. The Pitz Stop in Jefferson boosted its tolerance in second. The Party Mart of Lake Mills dusted bottles in third.
    Best Lodging Establishment — Holiday Inn Express in Fort Atkinson kept all of its stars this year, becoming our 17th seven-time winner. Hilltop Motel in Jefferson tweaked its booking engine for second place. America’s Best Value Inn filled occupancy in third.
    Best Medical Institution/Facility — Fort HealthCare is the best place to get fighting fit, getting a clean bill of health all six years. Dean/St. Mary’s Fort Medical Center was feeling fit in second, with Fort’s Internal Pediatrics and Family Medicine gave an examination in third.
    Best Motor Sports Store — Rob’s Performance Motor Sports in Johnson Creek continues to accelerate, as it achieved its sixth win for this category. Jefferson’s Rock River Power Sports switched to all-wheel drive in second, and John Hartwig Motor Sports gave an estimate in third.
    Best Nursery / Landscaping Co. — Fort’s Blodgett Garden Center is our perennial winner, taking the title for the seventh time. McKay Nursery in Waterloo weeded through second, while Ground Effects of Sullivan popped up again in third.
    Best Pharmacy — A seven-time winner, Tuttle’s Pharmacy in Fort Atkinson is just what the doctor ordered. Mueller Drugs/The Drug Store in Jefferson took second. Fort Atkinson’s Walgreen’s ate an apple a day in third place.
    Best Place to Buy a Cell Phone — MK Cellular of Fort Atkinson/Lake Mills is the best place to trade in your points for the seventh year. Talk of the Town, Fort Atkinson, remained in second. US Cellular in Jefferson upgraded to third.
    Best Place to Buy Books — With no changes in results since 2010, Velveteen Rabbit Bookshop in Fort Atkinson continues to be voters’ favorite. Area Walmarts remains in second and St. Vincent de Paul Society (Jefferson) stays in third.
    Best Place to Buy Office Supplies — Jonas Office Products is highlighted once again as the best place to buy office supplies. Area Walmarts calculated in second, with Nasco third in the index.
    Best Place for Car Care — Havill Spoerl of Fort Atkinson kicked into gear this year and was voted the best for the first time ever. Brom’s Tire & Auto took second, with Schroedl Auto Pros test-driving third.
    Best Quilt Shop — Tea & Textiles (Jefferson) did some fancy quilting and won this category for the first time, edging out the undefeated Backyard Quilt Shop (Fort Atkinson). Woodland Quilts (Whitewater) took third.
    Best (small-town) Retail Store — Goyer Ace Hardware was voted the favorite area retail establishment again this year, with Tuttle’s Hallmark taking second and Fireside shops in third. All three are Fort Atkinson businesses.
    Best Shoe Store — Dale’s Bootery in Whitewater becomes our 23rd seven-time winner, offering our readers’ favorite selection for fashion and function. Waldmann’s Shoe Store in Jefferson remained stationary in second, with Watertown’s Brown’s Shoe Fit showing up in third.
    Best Storefront Window Displays — For the seventh year, our readers chose Humphrey Floral & Gift for its window-shopping potential. Krueger Jeweler came in second for its view from the sidewalk. Tuttle’s Hallmark and Pharmacy browsed in third.
    Best Tanning Salon — With no changes since last year, readers preferred the beds at Tan-a-Latte in Jefferson. Capputan in Fort was slightly bronze in second, with Madison Square Tanning a little red in third.
    Best Travel Agency — Jefferson Travel, Inc. is our readers’ favorite place to start off a journey. WW Travel had smooth sailing in second and Rothberger Travel took the bus in third.
    “Recreation & Entertainment” division winners
    Best Art Gallery — “Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.” – Oscar Wilde. Rock River Gallery & Coffeehouse in Jefferson was voted the area’s favorite art gallery. Fort Atkinson’s Gallery on Main followed in second, with Jefferson’s Derek Hambly Studios finishing third.
    Best Beach/Lake — Seven-time winner Sandy Beach, on the south shore of Rock Lake in Lake Mills, is voters’ favorite beach/lake. With no changes since 2007, Lake Ripley and Lake Koshkonong were voted second and third.
    Best Area Event — Fort Atkinson’s Rhythm on the River was chosen as the best area event. The 2013 event will kick off on August 24, from 5-11pm, featuring live music by APEX and the Katie Scullin Band. Baseball Fest at Fort Atkinson’s Jones Park came in second. Gemeutlichkeit Days, Jefferson’s annual festival celebrating German heritage took third.
    Best Bowling Alley — Rock River Lanes in Fort Atkinson bowled a perfect game for the seventh year in a row. Seven-time runner up Rue’s Lanes, now Rock & Bowl Hall of Lane in Jefferson, rolled a Dutch 200 for second while Hawk Bowl in Whitewater adjusted its handicap in third.
    Best Campground — With no changes from 2012 results, voters chose Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park for the best campground, it’s seventh straight year. Jellystone Park is located just south of Fort Atkinson. Pilgrim’s Campground on County Trunk C west of Fort Atkinson used a compass in second, while River Bend Resort, rural Watertown, ate some trail mix in third.
    Best Cinema — Camera perspective hasn’t changed for seven-time winner AMC Theaters, formerly Star Cinema, in Johnson Creek. Highway 18 Outdoor Theater in Jefferson zoomed in for second. Six-time runner up Whitewater Theaters panned out to third.
    Best Fundraising Event — Tomorrow’s Hope in Jefferson was voted to first place for the first time. The Jefferson Cab Rides for Seniors’ breakfast fundraiser took second, landing on the board for the first time. Six-time winner, the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life fell to third.
    Best Golf Course — Koshkonong Mounds Country Club scored an ace again, the club’s fourth win in this category. Spring Creek in Cold Spring hit a birdie in second, with Jefferson Golf Course chipping the ball up onto the green in third.
    Best Haunted House/Halloween Adventure — “Where there is no imagination there is no horror.” – Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr. Jellystone Park’s Dr. Scary’s Haunted House was voted the area’s scariest for the third year in a row. Fuzzy Pig’s Shockwave Haunts in Whitewater lurked into second and Busy Barns squirmed in third.
    Best Library — Voters chose seven-time winner Fort Atkinson’s Dwight Foster Public Library as a primary information source. The Jefferson Public Library renewed second place with L.D. Fargo library in Lake Mills reserving a book in third.
    Best Museum/Historical Society — Our 27th seven-time winning exhibitor, the Hoard Historical Museum (which includes the Dairy Shrine and the Foster House) was voted top area museum. Jefferson Historical Society collected artifacts in second place, and Whitewater Depot displayed in third.
    Best “Night on the Town” — Pictured below, voters named dinner and a show at The Fireside Dinner Theatre in Fort Atkinson the best night on the town — for the seventh time. Helenville’s Wingin’ It boasts the second best night, with the Fort’s Rhythm on the River earning a third place title.
    Best Park — Another seven-time winner, Jones Park, located off Janesville Avenue in Fort Atkinson, got another home run. Jones Park, known as the area’s premier baseball park, also hosts Lions Club Corn & Chicken Roast, Community Cruise Nights and Baseball Fest. Fort’s Rock River Park collected tallies for second. Dorothy Carnes Park, west of Fort, received enough votes for third.
    Best Place for a Family Night Out — The Fireside Dinner Theatre was awarded the best place in the area for good, clean, family fun. Rock River Lanes/Kingpin Adventure Golf putted in second. Jefferson’s Hwy 18 Outdoor Theatre entertained in third.
    Best Place to Hang Out with Friends — Good food, drinks and entertainment helped Wingin’ It won over our voters for the business’ first win in this category. Paddy O’Coughlin’s and the Filling Station took second and third.
    Best Place to Hear Live Music — Fat Boyz of Fort Atkinson, a five-time Best of the Area winner, is the best music venue of 2013’s. Café Carpe, also of Fort, is swinging in second with Rock Bottom, Jefferson, turning up the volume in third.
    Best Place to Watch the Big Game — In a five-year shutout, Sal’s Sports Bar once again takes home the trophy. Wingin’ It came in as an underdog for second, and Capn’s Roadhouse kept its third place finish from last season.
    Best Place to Watch the Sunset — Lake Koshkonong is apparently the place as all three of our top finishers hail from its banks. Sunset Bar & Grill received top honors for the tavern’s view for the first time since its 2007 six-way tie for first. Voters enjoyed Koshkonong Mounds Country Club enough for second place. The general view west over Lake Koshkonong came in for a third place finish.
    Best Place to Work Out — For the third year in a row, Anytime Fitness was voted the best place to get fit. Snap Fitness kept the same routine as last year and finished second. Crossfit used the principle of progression to move up to third.
    Best Thing for Adults to Do in the Area — Voters chose visiting the Glacial Heritage Bike Trail as the number one activity for adults, whether it be for biking, walking or running. Voted second best thing for adults to do was visit various watering holes around the readership area, with golfing coming in third.
    “Miscellaneous” division winners
    Best Tourist Attraction — The top three attractions for visitors to the area, according to the 2013 “Best Of” poll are as follows:
    • The Fireside Dinner Theatre, our last seven-time winner (pictured above)
    • The Glacial Heritage Bike Trail
    • Dorothy Carnes Park
    Other entries that received a high number of votes: Jellystone Park, Lake Koshkonong and the Hoard Historical Museum.
    Favorite Piece of Public Art/ Sculpture — Artist Gerry Sawyer’s bronze Native Americans at the Main Street bridge in Fort Atkinson were voted as the favorite work of public art. Second place saw “Fireflies” (at the corner of Sherman and Robert streets), another of Sawyer’s works. In third place stands the catcher at Jones Park. All three works of art are in Fort Atkinson. One of Sawyer’s bronze Native Americans can be seen above, center.
    Most Attractive Building — The Dwight Foster Public Library in Fort Atkinson took first for the third year in a row, and is pictured above. Downtown Fort Atkinson’s old Creamery Package building took second, with the Fireside Dinner Theatre finishing in third.
    Best Improvement of the Year — Voters chose Heron’s Landing, a new restaurant in Jefferson overlooking the Rock River, as the best area improvement for 2013. Heron’s Landing is pictured on page 26, at left. Rivers Edge Meat market (Jefferson)won second place for their new building. Third place goes to the Hwy. 26 bypass, specifically to the 65mph speed limit hike around Fort Atkinson and Jefferson.
    Area Needs . . . Public ATV trails. Other suggestions included a small movie theatre in Fort or Jefferson, a Target, an Applebees, a “sweet arcade” and a skate park. As always, we had plenty of votes for more jobs and more retail to fill empty buildings around area downtowns.
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    This article was originally distributed on PRWeb. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

    Denis Stepans
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    San Rafael
    Cartas del lector
    Fundación Uno Medios
    Pasea por Buenos Aires y recibe el cariño del público
    Moria: “Helena tiene 4 años y ya le hicieron una cirugía estética”
    La China Suárez vuelve a la tira de Suar pero….
    Durísimo cruce al aire
    Lunes, 12 de agosto de 2013
    Conocé las nuevas tendencias y estilos de la moda
    [b][url=]chanel handbags outlet[/url][/b] [b][url=]chanel sacos de lojas outlet[/url][/b] Buenos Aires Fashion Week (Bafweek) es el equivalente a recibir toda la información de la moda en un sólo lugar.
    [b][url=]chanel handbags para venda[/url][/b]
    [b][url=]chanel handbags para venda[/url][/b] Asistir a la Buenos Aires Fashion Week (Bafweek) es el equivalente a sufrir una sobredosis de información. Glamorosa, claro. Los desfiles no son la única atracción y, por momentos, son eclipsados por el desfile de personalidades que durante cuatro días copan La Rural.
    Famosos y “fashionistas” no dejan detalle librado al azar y lucen lo mejor y más extravagante de sus clósets para destacar. Algunos desbordan estilo mientras otros se disfrazan, pero lo cierto es que nadie puede aburrirse a la hora de recorrer el Bafweek.
    El evento de moda más importante del país, que tuvo lugar del martes al viernes de la semana pasada, mostró las tendencias que se verán en la moda del próximo verano y se calcula que asistieron más de 2.000 personas por día.
    Ni bien se ingresa al pabellón azul del predio ferial porteño, el espectador ya empieza a vivir un desfile de colores, histrionismo y extravagancia. Es que los fanáticos de la moda aprovechan estos días para lucirse al máximo. Así, trajes al estilo Coco Chanel, con enormes gafas, túnicas escandalosas y sombreros de todos los tamaños, pueden apreciarse con cada paso. El objetivo es llamar la atención, y lo
    Los famosos también dicen “presente” ocupando los primeros lugares de los desfiles más importantes. Moria Casán, Lolo de Miranda!, Micaela Breque, Violeta Urtizberea, Pancho Dotoy Sheila González fueron algunas de los celebrities que asistieron. El evento que más personalidades convocó fue el de Ay Not Dead, el jueves.
    Una vidriera para venderse
    Pero las grandes marcas no son las únicas que plantan bandera en este evento multitudinario. Las empresas familiares, los jóvenes diseñadores y los emprendedores también hacen buen uso de la alta exposición que les brinda esta semana de la moda nacional.
    “Participar nos da difusión, hace que nos conozcan desde periodistas hasta productores de moda. Nosotros, somos una tienda online que vende ropa de diseñadores independientes. Lanzamos el sitio en septiembre y tenemos que hacernos conocer”, explicó Jesica Lowe, una de las socias de
    “Tenemos colecciones de 36 diseñadores. Algunos, no necesariamente tienen local físico y es una manera de poder vender su ropa, siendo que por ser independientes siempre les cuesta más. Tenemos envíos a todo el país”, agregó Sebastián Mattanó, otro de los socios.
    Para Luz Estévez, dueña de Casa Rincón, este es el cuarto año en que su marca tiene presencia en Bafweek. “La primera vez vinimos como mayoristas y hace dos años que también hacemos venta directa. El objetivo es que los empresarios del interior conozcan la marca y quieran vender nuestros diseños en sus locales”, contó Estévez.
    Claro que, no todos los emprendedores pueden afrontar el alto costo de un stand, por lo que muchas veces los diseñadores o marcas buscan sponsors que los apadrinen.
    Moda para el calor
    Como suele decirse en moda: todo vuelve. Este año, es el turno de los olvidados pantalones oxford o acampanados. Si bien no los veremos de forma masiva en jeans, sí irán haciendo su aparición de forma estampada y en pantalones formales monocromáticos. Falabella mostró en su colección algunos ejemplos y, al igual que Desiderata, dejaron en claro que los trajes de dos piezas estampados también harán un regreso desde los ´70
    De esta manera, los sacos con motivos floreados y su contraparte en pantalón serán inseparables. Esta temporada estival encuentra a una mujer buscando llamar la atención. Los colores rosa, salmón, turquesa, amarillo y negro tendrán marcado protagonismo.
    El famoso diseñador Laurencio Adot dialogó con Escenario & Tendencias y brindó, con su ojo experto, un panorama de lo que podemos esperar. “Se viene todo: colores pasteles y fuertes, como el amarillo y el fucsia. Hay estampados, diseños con flores, motivos hawaianos y selváticos. Mezclar mucho es clave. Hay muchas tendencias para que la mujer elija la que más le va”, contó antes de asistir al desfile de Kosiuko.
    Esta marca demostró que los shorts tendrán un marcado protagonismo, pero de la mano de estampados de todo tipo: a lunares, con brillos y para la noche.
    Otra tendencia marcada es la de las camisas de jean, que dejan de funcionar como saco y pasan a usarse como camisas en sí. Denim sobre denim, es decir combinar esas camisas con un jean debajo, será el desafío para la temporada. Usar tonos diferentes de azul será la clave.
    Las sandalias con tachas, las franciscanas “tuneadas” y las plataformas seguirán con fuerte presencia en los días de calor. En cuanto a joyas, los colores llamativos serán obligados así como los collares muy voluminosos.
    Bienvenidas serán las tachas, cruces, calaveras y formas geométricas. Los elementos están servidos, llegó la hora de combinarlos según el estilo de cada una.
    “No puede faltar un labial rosa”
    Verónica Mendoza es una de las maquilladoras más famosas del país. A sus 40 años, esta activa mujer moderna es reconocida por ser la maquilladora oficial de Natura, marca que desde hace seis años con su línea Una es el maquillaje oficial de la Buenos Aires Fashion Week (Bafweek).
    Por ello, durante cuatro jornadas Verónica y su staff vivió horas intensas en el backstage del evento de moda más importante del país. Su trabajo es que las modelos lleguen espléndidas y a tiempo a la pasarela.
    Con su “make up agency”, además, ha estado a cargo de campañas publicitarias y de despliegues editoriales para revistas como Oh La Lá y Cosmopolitan, entre otras.
    Sin más preámbulos, nos disponemos a conocer de boca de ella cuáles serán las tendencias para este verano en materia de sombras y lápiz labiales. Será un año donde el rosa será protagonistas, pero la mujer, aun más.
    –¿Qué tendencias se vienen para el maquillaje este verano?
    –Lo que se viene son nuevos estilos, que se adaptan a todas las mujeres y a cada ocasión. Desde tonos intensos y brillantes hasta los más naturales y versátiles. El foco indiscutido van a ser los ojos, a través de delineados, de pestañas intensas y voluminosas. También a través de los colores, va a haber turquesa, celeste, verde y rosa. Los bronces y dorados, también aparecen con fuerza. En cuanto a los labios, van a acompañar colores neutros, dorados y mates. Sigue la tendencia de la piel fresca, luminosa, traslucida, no bronceada. Una piel que se ve cuidada y no expuesta.
    –Hubo en los últimos dos años una vuelta fuerte a los lápices labiales, dejando los brillos de lado, y con el fucsia como protagonista…
    –Sí. Hubo mucho foco en la temporada primavera/verano anterior. Sobre todo con el tema de lo flúor. Este año el tema pasa más por el lado de los mates, pero hidratantes, no colores secos. Me encanta que las jóvenes vengan con esta energía y versatilidad a la hora de maquillarse y “accesorizar”. Las mujeres más grandes por ahí teníamos arraigada la tendencia de los lápices labiales marrones, que no se noten. Ahora, el color intenso es protagonista. Hoy, con las redes sociales cada una es creadora de su propio “make up” y se ve en los blogs y también tomamos nosotros esa información. El maquillaje es cada vez más divertido, más jugado y más diseñado.
    –¿Qué no puede faltar en tu cartera este verano?
    –No puede faltar una sombra brillante, que sea intensa. Bien luminosa. Hay que brillar. Con las sombras de la línea Una de Natura tenés dos opciones: usarla como viene o, al ponerle agua el color se intensifica, y se torna metalizado. Eso lo usamos en el desfile de Desiderata. En los labios, este verano no puede faltar un labial rosa, claro o lavado, pero tiene que estar.
    –¿Sigue vigente esa vieja máxima de “ojos oscuros equivalen a labios claros”?
    –Esa ley del maquillaje es como cuando te dicen que si usas escote no uses mini falda. Es para no mostrar demasiado. Hay veces que se usa, según la ocasión, pero a veces queda muy sobrecargado el rostro. Como que uno expone mucha información. Hay que cuidarse. El foco hay que ponerlo en los ojos o en los labios o lograr algo que sea intermedio. Nada compite con nada. Todo en el rostro, tiene que acompañar.
    –¿Cuál dirías que es el ABC del maquillaje para cualquier mujer?
    –Sí o sí un corrector de ojeras. Es fundamental. Lo primero que va cuando uno se levanta. Ahora, si sos una persona a la que le gusta maquillarse, tenés que usar algo de base o rubor. La que no quiere una base se puede poner una crema con color y listo. Una máscara de pestañas y ya el ojo tiene otra intensidad. Por último, un hidratante labial o un brillo. Ya con eso, tu cara cambió, te ves más linda y arrancas el día de otra manera.
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    [b][url=]Mecânica suíço movimento réplicas de relógios[/url][/b][b][url=]Mecânica suíço movimento réplicas de relógios[/url][/b][b]Mecânica suíço movimento réplicas de relógios[/b]
    Porto Alegre, 13 de Agosto de 2013[b][url=]relógios[/url][/b]
    Porto Alegre
    Agora 12ºC
    Amanhã 8º
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    31/07/2013 13:26 – Atualizado em 31/07/2013 16:38[b][url=]watches[/url][/b]
    Fuzil de fabricação americana é apreendido em Viamão
    Ação faz parte das investigações em torno de quadrilha responsável por sequestro de gerentes de banco
    Crédito: Vinicius Roratto” alt=”Fuzil M1 calibre 30 foi apreendido em Viamão Crédito: Vinicius Roratto” title=”Fuzil M1 calibre 30 foi apreendido em Viamão Crédito: Vinicius Roratto” /> Fuzil M1 calibre 30 foi apreendido em Viamão Crédito: Vinicius Roratto
    Fuzil M1 calibre 30 foi apreendido em Viamão
    Crédito: Vinicius Roratto
    Um fuzil M1 calibre 30, de fabricação norte-americana, foi apreendido pelos agentes da Delegacia de Repressão a Roubos, do Departamento Estadual de Investigações Criminais (Deic). A arma, junto com cinco munições e um radiocomunicador, estava enterrada no interior de um estábulo de um sítio na estrada da Estância Grande, na zona rural de Viamão. A apreensão ocorreu durante uma ação da equipe do delegado Joel Wagner entre a tarde de terça-feira e madrugada de quarta Ele destacou que o fuzil apreendido é capaz de suportar carregadores com 15 ou 30 munições, sendo leve e preciso. A descoberta da arma faz parte das investigações em torno de uma quadrilha responsável por sequestro de gerentes para posterior roubos a bancos. “Pelo menos quatro ataques já foram registrados no Estado”, observou o delegado. Joel Wagner revelou que seis integrantes do bando já foram identificados, incluindo um “notório criminoso”. O grupo pode ser o mesmo que entrou em confronto com a Brigada Militar no final de semana . Na manhã de sábado passado, uma carga de cigarros de um Kombi havia sido roubada em Gravataí. Os bandidos estavam em dois veículos, um Volvo e um Ford Focus, e fugiram para Viamão pela ERS 118 após tiroteiro com a BM. O Volvo também acabaria sendo abandonado. Ambos os carros teriam blindagem contra tiros. Os efetivos do 17º BPM, 18º BPM e 24º BPM foram mobilizados nas buscas. Na estrada da Estância Grande, em Viamão, os policiais militares encontraram abandonado o Ford Focus. Um dos assaltantes, de 36 anos, com vasta ficha de antecedentes criminais, foi preso nos matagais da área. Ele estava foragido e portava uma carteira de habilitação falsificada, um carregador de pistola calibre 9 mm com 11 munições intactas, um celular, um relógio de pulso e R$ 1.254,00 em dinheiro. Ao ser preso, o bandido tentou ainda subornar, sem êxito, os brigadianos, oferecendo R$ 10 mil em troca de sua liberdade. No cerco na região, que teve apoio do 1º Batalhão de Operações Especiais (1ºBOE) e do Batalhão de Aviação da BM, uma mulher seria detida mais tarde em uma casa, com armas, coletes balísticos munições, carregadores e radiocomunicadores, além da carga de cigarros e outras mercadorias roubadas, além de duas motos e um Peugeot. Segundo o delegado Joel Wagner, muitos assaltantes especializados em roubos a cargas e ou a bancos costumam atuar em ambas as áreas. “É uma quadrilha bem organizada”, avaliou.
    Fonte: Correio do Povo
    [b][url=]relógios falsificados[/url][/b]
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    Polícia > Polícia tenta identificar moto usada em atentado contra boate em Santa Maria
    Polícia > Trio quebra vidros a machadadas para assaltar banco em Porto Alegre
    Polícia > Presos fazem greve de fome em Santa Maria
    Polícia > Rio Grande do Sul registra duas vezes mais vigilantes que brigadianos
    Polícia > Afastado diretor de penitenciária de Caxias do Sul
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    [b][url=]tiffany e co saída[/url][/b][b][url=]tiffany tomada[/url][/b][b][url=]tiffany tomada[/url][/b]
    Montreal, CAN

    Tecnologia Saúde Ecologia Entretenimento Classificados Concursos Consulta SPC grátis Vídeos Futebol
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    Paraguaio de 61 anos é preso pela PRF na Ponte da Amiza… Um paraguaio de 61 anos foi preso pela Policia Rodoviária Fe…
    Perícia recebe celulares de família de PMs morta na Zon…
    Peritos vão analisar as ligações feitas e recebida…
    Violência Urbana Em RR, criança de dois anos é estuprada pelo padrasto, diz polícia
    Mega-Sena Lotofácil Lotomania
    CBN Entrevista Programas SALA DE ESTAR H Lucas Fábio Campana Marketing Empresarial CBN Turismo Família e Cia Ltda
    Rede CBN Equipe CBN Programação Comentários Momento de Fé com Padre Marcelo Rossi Fale com a CBN Ouça Max Gehringer
    Terça, 23 Julho 2013 11:01
    Empresária e modelo, Sharapova faz fortuna também longe das quadras
    Comente agora
    [b][url=]tiffany outlet on-line[/url][/b] Dona de marca de doces e repleta de patrocínios, russa capitaliza nos negócios, em um ano, quase o que já levou em prêmio por toda a carreira
    [b][url=]tiffany anéis[/url][/b] Maria Sharapova é uma das melhores tenistas da atualidade e também se dá muito bem quando não está competindo ou treinando. Número 2 do ranking da WTA, a russa é a tenista de maior sucesso fora das quadras. Além do dinheiro ganho por títulos e por desempenhos nos torneios do circuito internacional, ela completa o patrimônio com uma lista considerável de patrocínios, além de participações em propagandas, revistas, ensaios fotográficos e das vendas da sua linha de doces Sugarpova. De tanto que promove sua imagem, a tenista quase chega a ganhar em 12 meses, com atividades extraquadra, o que já acumulou de premiação em competições durante toda a carreira.
    [b]tomada de jóias Tiffany[/b]
    Sharapova empresta imagem para empresas e também faz sucesso fora de quadra (Foto: AFP)
    [b][url=]barato Tiffany & Co[/url][/b] Desde que se tornou profissional, em abril de 2001, Sharapova já acumulou cerca de US$ 26,7 milhões (R$ 60 milhões) nos torneios em que participou, de acordo com dados da WTA. Ela é a terceira entre as atletas de todos os tempos, atrás somente dos quase US$ 28,7 milhões (R$ 64,5 milhões) de Venus Williams e dos quase US$ 46,6 milhões (R$ 104,7 milhões) de Serena Williams .
    [b][url=]tiffany[/url][/b] Sharapova não precisou de 12 anos para, fora de quadra, ganhar tanto dinheiro. Segundo dados da revista “Forbes”, somente entre julho de 2012 e junho de 2013, ela arrecadou US$ 29 milhões (R$ 65,2 milhões), sendo US$ 23 milhões (R$ 51,7 milhões) provenientes de cachês, contratos de publicidade e de patrocínio e porcentagens de licenciamento. Ela foi apontada como a 22ª atleta mais bem paga do mundo nesse período. Entre os tenistas, ela só perdeu para o suíço Roger Federer , que ocupa a vice-liderança da lista com uma receita de US$ 71,5 milhões (R$ 160,7 milhões).
    Período (julho a junho) Patrocínios e cachês (em US$)
    23,5 milhões
    22,4 milhões
    22 milhões
    23 milhões
    Vitorioso em campo, Zinho tem uma grande derrota como cartola: Adriano
    Bancado por Mano, Hernane supera vaias e ganha aplausos no Fla-Flu
    Fred comemora retomada da Seleção no cenário mundial após título
    A bolada ganha fora dos torneios tem enchido o bolso da tenista nos últimos anos. No mesmo período, entre julho e junho do ano seguinte, ela faturou US$ 23,5 milhões (R$ 52,8 milhões) em 2009/2010, US$ 22,4 milhões (R$ 50,3 milhões) em 2010/2011 e US$ 22 milhões (R$ 49,4 milhões) em 2011/2012. Em 2010, ela inclusive renovou por oito anos o patrocínio com a Nike por um total de US$ 70 milhões 9R$ 157,3 milhões).
    Com uma lesão no quadril, Sharapova só vai voltar às quadras no WTA de Toronto, no Canadá, a partir de 5 de agosto. Enquanto isso, a exemplo da maioria das vezes em que não disputa um torneio oficial, a tenista vai faturando por meio das ações abaixo:
    Sugarpova: Sharapova entra no ramo de negócios, mas não foge das críticas
    Entre 2008 e 2009, Sharapova passou nove meses fora das quadras por causa de uma cirurgia no ombro, local de uma séria lesão que a tirou de vários torneios na época, inclusive dos Jogos Olímpicos de Pequim e do US Open. Com o tempo ocioso na memória, a russa decidiu já pôr em prática atividades que lhe renderiam dinheiro fora de quadra, especialmente para uma aposentadoria tranquila no futuro. Após uma avaliação junto com o empresário Max Eisenbud, os dois decidiram entrar no ramo de doces, pois chegaram à conclusão de que era um mercado que não tinha uma empresa que se destacava das demais.
    O produto de Sharapova conta 15 sabores; alguns têm forma de bolas de tênis (Foto: Getty Images)
    A tenista lançou então em agosto do ano passado sua marca de doces Sugarpova, utilizando US$ 500 mil (R$ 1,1 milhão) do próprio dinheiro para abrir o negócio. Em vários torneios que disputava desde então, ela passou a promover o produto antes de estrear nas competições. Além dos Estados Unidos, os eventos já passaram por Austrália, França, Rússia e Inglaterra, entre outros países. Caixas já foram enviadas também para Canadá, Japão, Índia, China e outras nações.
    - Negócios e esporte são ambos mundos bastante competitivos. Quero ser a melhor nos dois – declarou a russa à rede britânica BBC quando lançou a marca no Reino Unido.
    Atualmente a linha conta com 15 sabores. Três deles apresentam doces em formato de bolinhas de tênis, e a maioria do restante representa coisas de que a tenista gosta, como bolsas, sapatos, óculos, flores e animais.
    Nem tudo é perfeito, porém, no mundo dos negócios. Assim como no tênis, Sharapova também recebe reclamações, mas por causa dos doces. O produto da tenista já foi criticado pelo Fórum Nacional de Obesidade do Reino Unido devido aos teores de açúcar. A entidade chegou a dizer que a russa estava se prevalecendo da sua forma física para promover de forma irresponsável um produto gorduroso.
    Um pacote de 142 gramas de qualquer sabor é vendido a US$ 5,99 (R$ 13,50) no site da empresa. Segundo Eisenbud, já foram vendidos mais de 1,5 milhão de unidades, incluindo 30 mil por meio do portal nos seis primeiros meses de vida do produto.
    Sharapova promove sua marca de doces Sugarpova (Foto: Montagem/ Fotos Divulgação e Getty Images)
    Duas máquinas: a dupla perfeita entre Sharapova e Porsche
    No fim de abril, Sharapova fechou parceria com a montadora alemã Porsche, dias antes de defender o título do WTA de Stuttgart, na Alemanha. A número 2 do mundo teve sucesso na caminhada e, além do bicampeonato, faturou também um carro da marca. No último fim de semana, a russa foi anunciada como nova embaixadora da empresa, fechando um contrato de três anos, até 2016.
    Sharapova virou embaixadora da Porsche (Foto: Editoria de Arte)
    De marcas de material esportivo a de celular, Sharapova constrói patrimônio
    O contrato com a Porsche é apenas uma pequena parte da longa lista de patrocínios que Sharapova possui. Atualmente a tenista também tem acordo com Head (material esportivo), Nike (material esportivo), Cole Hann (moda), TAG Heuer (relógios e acessórios), Evian (água) e Samsung (celular e eletrônicos).
    E a musa não se limita a emprestar o rostinho angelical para as propagandas das marcas. Ela também participa da criação de produtos. Entre outras ações, personalizou o próprio tênis para a disputa de Roland Garros deste ano, criou uma linha de sapatos para a Cole Hann e participou da produção de uma linha de óculos escuros para a TAG Heuer. Também chegou a colaborar com a Tiffany e utilizou joias da marca.
    - Eu já tive muitas experiências de exercício de criatividade junto com meus parceiros – reconheceu a tenista.
    Apesar de promover as marcas, Sharapova já aprontou das suas. Ao conquistar o WTA de Indian Wells, em março, ela foi flagrada utilizando um iPhone, celular da Apple, empresa rival da Samsung no ramo de telefonia.
    Fora os patrocínios, Sharapova também se promove como modelo. Não raramente ela é capa de revistas ou participa de ensaios fotógrafos. A russa já chegou a dizer nas redes sociais o quanto gosta de moda e até cogita a possibilidade de abrir um blog sobre o tema.
    - Vejo minha imagem indo para algumas direções. Moda e a área de cosméticos são minhas paixões, e acho que há espaço nelas – deixou aberto a tenista.
    Dinheiro ganho pelos tenistas. Em ordem: total, salário/premiações e patrocínios (Foto: Reprodução)
    Notícias Relacionadas
    1 – José Aldo sai em defesa de Belfort sobre uso de TRT: 'Todos usam'
    2 – Vitorioso em campo, Zinho tem uma grande derrota como cartola: Adriano
    3 – Bancado por Mano, Hernane supera vaias e ganha aplausos no Fla-Flu
    Publicado em
    Noticias do Esporte
    Compartilhe a CBN Foz nas redes sociais.
    Veja também:
    Próximo de ida à Espanha, Neymar aumenta número de tatuagens
    Poliana e Ana Marcela fazem história e conquistam ouro e prata nos 10km
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    Início da CPI dos Ônibus é adiado e Câmara do Rio segue ocupada
    Governo adia leilão do trem-bala pela terceira vez
    Justiça acreana nega mais um recurso e Telexfree segue suspensa
    Segunda, 12 Agosto 2013 12:45
    Turista brasileiro fica ferido em assalto no lado paraguaio da Ponte da Amizade
    Segunda, 12 Agosto 2013 12:37
    Meteoros Perseidas terão máxima intensidade às 2h desta terça-feira
    Segunda, 12 Agosto 2013 07:55
    10 costumes do motorista que acabam mais rápido com o carro
    Segunda, 12 Agosto 2013 11:37

    Digital | Entrevista | Política
    Apple recua e rastreador do iPhone poderá ser desligado pelo usuário
    Segunda, 12 Agosto 2013 16:23
    Lumia 1020 ou Galaxy S4 zoom: qual é o melhor ‘cameraphone’ do mercado?
    Domingo, 11 Agosto 2013 10:46
    Tecnologia que elimina o conversor de TV a cabo é destaque em feira
    Quinta, 08 Agosto 2013 08:57
    Localização online amplia funções, mas desafia privacidade
    Quarta, 07 Agosto 2013 16:12
    CBN Entrevista
    CBN Entrevista (10/08): Gezi Damaceno, técnico de futebol feminino
    CBN Entrevista
    CBN Entrevista (03/08): Josué Modesto dos Passos Subrinho, novo reitor da Unila
    CBN Entrevista
    CBN Entrevista (27/07): Heitor Fernandez, cartunista, jornalista e empresário
    Prefeitura de Campo Mourão decreta emergência na rede pública de saúde
    Início da CPI dos Ônibus é adiado e Câmara do Rio segue ocupada
    Justiça dá acesso à investigação do Cade sobre cartel no Metrô e na CPTM
    MPF pede à Justiça acesso a material do Cade sobre suposto cartel
    Hackers invadem site do PMDB e cobram Cabral no caso Amarildo
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    ゴージャス、520万円 ディズニーの純金兜お披露目
    富士急株、一時23年ぶり高値も 富士山の世界遺産登録で
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    Weyerhaeuser Q2 Profit Surges, Tops Estimates
    By RTT News, July 26, 2013, 06:56:00 AM EDT
    Vote up
    [b][url=]timberland[/url][/b] ( – Forest products company Weyerhaeuser Co. ( WY ) reported Friday that its second-quarter profit more-than doubled from last year, fueled by strong growth in net sales as all divisions, except real estate, performed well. Earnings and sales also topped analysts’ consensus estimates. Looking ahead to the third quarter, the company sees lower earnings from Timberlands and Wood Products segments.
    [b][url=]timberland outlet[/url][/b] President and Chief Executive Officer Dan Fulton said, “This was a milestone quarter for Weyerhaeuser. We moved forward both strategically and operationally with the acquisition of Longview Timber LLC and by delivering strong operating results in this improving housing market.”
    [b][url=]timberland outlet[/url][/b] For the second quarter, net earnings to common shareholders climbed to $196 million or $0.35 per share from $84 million or $0.16 per share in the same quarter last year. Excluding prior year’s special items, net earnings increased fourfold from the previous year.
    [b][url=]timberland boot sale[/url][/b] On average, 14 analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expected the company to report earnings of $0.30 per share for the quarter. Analysts’ estimates typically exclude special items.
    [b][url=]timberland outlet[/url][/b] Quarterly net sales grew 20 percent to $2.14 billion, highest since 2008, from $1.79 billion last year, Eleven analysts were looking for revenue of $2.04 billion for the quarter.
    [b][url=]timberland discount shoes[/url][/b] Total net sales increased in the timberlands segment. The company noted that in the West, improved selling prices for export and domestic logs were mostly offset by slightly lower fee harvest volumes, increased logging costs, and seasonally higher road and silviculture expenses.
    On July 23, 2013, Weyerhaeuser completed the acquisition of Longview Timber LLC. Earnings from these operations will be included in the Timberlands segment beginning in the third quarter of 2013.
    In the quarter, lumber sales volumes improved 13 percent sequentially, and sales volumes for most other products improved slightly. These improvements were more than offset by lower average selling prices for oriented strand board and higher raw material costs.
    The company said its home closings increased seasonally to 636 single-family homes, and average margins on homes closed improved due to mix, partly offset by increased selling costs due to the higher closing volume.
    At the end of the second quarter, the backlog of homes sold, but not closed, totaled 1,438 units, compared with 1,033 units one year ago.
    Looking ahead to the third quarter, Weyerhaeuser anticipates lower earnings from the Timberlands segment, as the positive contribution from a partial quarter of Longview Timber earnings will not offset a normal seasonal decline in the contribution from the existing operations.
    The company also anticipates lower earnings from the Wood Products segment, comparable earnings from the Cellulose Fibers segment, and slightly higher earnings from single-family homebuilding in the third quarter.
    Single-family closing volume should increase seasonally to more than 700 single-family homes, the company noted.
    Weyerhaeuser shares closed Thursday’s trading at $29.14, up $0.28 or 0.97 percent. In pre-market activity, shares declined $0.26 or 0.89 percent, an currently trading at $28.88.
    For comments and feedback: contact
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    Brides gone gold
    - A A + A
    [b][url=]dress[/url][/b] By Joanna Cuenco
    [b][url=]cheap wedding dresses online[/url][/b] Thursday, July 25, 2013
    [b][url=]cheap wedding dresses online[/url][/b] TRADITION dictates that a bride should wear head-to-toe white, but bridal wear has seen unconventional colors in recent times.
    [b][url=]simple wedding dresses[/url][/b] Pale pink wedding dresses no longer raise (most) eyebrows, and even blue dresses are no longer unheard of. A recent Black and Gold event celebrated Parklane Hotel’s seventh anniversary, part of which was a bridal fair that showcased how Parklane can be transformed into a beautiful wedding venue.
    [b][url=]wedding dresses cheap[/url][/b] Some of Cebu’s top designers collaborated for a bridal fashion show with dresses in shades of ivory, cream and gold, with Dexter Alazas as scene stylist and show director. Along with Rei Escario, Myrna Cebrecus, Oj Hofer, Wendell Quisido, Anthony Romoff and Philipp Tampus, the seven designers presented some of their best and newest designs in bridal wear.
    [b]discount wedding dresses[/b] The bridal pieces were worn by some of Cebu’s models, muses and beauty queens: Kris Janson, Rogelie Catacutan, Bea Gomez, Louise Gomez, Angeli Gomez, Trish Garcia and Monic Reynes.
    A dress by Dexter Alazas opened the fashion show, an intricate gown with metallic embellishments that gave the illusion of crystals scattered luxuriously from the bride’s throat to her train.
    Myrna Cebrecus presented a gold dress with drapes and folds around the hips and full crystal adornments on the neck and collar. One sleeve with cascading lace flowing out to a long train suggested a beautiful alternative to the traditional bridal veil.
    Rei Escario’s dress of ivory Mikado silk featured a fitted, embellished bodice and a serpentina cut with a pleated hem.
    Oj Hofer’s white dress had floor-length shimmering material in a sleek and simple cut, with a center slit that gave the bride an extra spring in her step as she made her march.
    Wendell Quisido’s curve-hugging dress in nude was embellished with crystal and gold appliques that highlighted the bride’s figure, with a long and airy veil that provided ethereal movement.
    Anthony Romoff’s unique take on bridal wear was reminiscent of a well-tailored shirtdress with allover fine stripes. It featured a pronounced upturned collar, three-quarter folded sleeves and a buttoned front that billowed to a soft full skirt.
    Philipp Tampus presented a princess-cut dress featuring an embellished strapless bodice with a sweetheart neckline, complemented by a full skirt of light, frothy material.
    The Black and Gold fashion show of fine bridal couture left in awe a ballroom full of the hotel’s partners and friends, who were all elegantly dressed in the evening’s color motif inspired by the black onyx and yellow sapphire.
    Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on July 26, 2013.
    Singlestalk: Marketable
    Luab: A scavenger and 2 kilos of rice
    Women’s world: The hallmarks of ‘the one’
    Chicken meets red rice
    Sira-sira store: A penchant for pairs
    Here comes the bride and groom
    What happens during a facial treatment?
    Serna: Stars add glitter to Ironman event
    Parkmall unveils first dog park
    Marriott continues legacy of service excellence with new key players
    Country News Bacolod
    BID-Negros on alert for Napoles arrest
    Senate inquiry pushed on fuel price disparity
    136 ‘dead’ trees in John Hay to be cut
    Breastfeed, DOH urges mothers
    Cagayan de Oro
    Oro blast task group needs more credible…
    Rufus: I am innocent
    Marina suspends fleets of 2GO, Span Asia
    32 dead, 751 survivors; search for 58 to…
    2 Davao schools top Indak-indak
    ‘Motorcycle cops’ formed to pursue criminals
    Sillimanians to hold Tipon 2013
    Fire chief warns sanctions for violation of…
    Iloilo, San Juan City sign sisterhood…
    Iloilo City Tourism Code approved
    Gov’t prepares assistance for Filipinos from…
    Help draft Bangsamoro law, Misuari urged
    BM asks PB: Look into plight of Clark farmers
    Subic energy firm enrolls in labor program
    Disaster management council still on full…
    BRP Ramon Alcaraz's arrival boosts PH…
    Winners of ‘Go! Borongan’ photo contest…
    Traffic officer returns wallet with P10,000…
    More smuggled rice confiscated
    Gunmen kill bizman
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    Tiffany’s strong China sales offset tepid Americas business
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    Phil Wahba
    August 27, 2013
    . View gallery
    A shopper carries bags from Tiffany & Co. jewelers along 5th Avenue in New York City, April 4, 2013. …
    [b][url=]tiffany[/url][/b] By Phil Wahba
    [b]tiffany[/b] (Reuters) – Tiffany & Co’s strong sales in China and higher prices made up for some disappointing business in its home market in the latest quarter, leading the U.S. jeweler on Tuesday to raise its profit forecast for the year.
    [b][url=]tiffany rings[/url][/b] There were fears this summer that luxury spending in China might slow as the economy there weakened, but Tiffany is the latest Western brand to report good sales there. Prada SpA and Coach Inc recently posted big gains in the world’s fastest-growing market for luxury goods.
    [b][url=]tiffany jewelry outlet[/url][/b] Sales at stores open at least a year in Asia, except for Japan, rose 13 percent in the second quarter ended July 31, helped largely by China.
    [b][url=]tiffany and co[/url][/b] But same-store sales were unchanged in the Americas, which is still Tiffany’s biggest market. This suggests the company may have faced the same summer pullback by U.S. shoppers that dented sales at chains ranging from Saks Inc to Target Corp .
    [b]cheap tiffany[/b] “Business in the Americas is light,” said Edward Jones analyst Brian Yarbrough. Tiffany continues to struggle with low-end jewelry sales, he added.
    Tiffany executives told analysts on a conference call that tourists’ purchases had helped business tick up at the Fifth Avenue flagship in New York, which generates about one-eighth of sales. Elsewhere, though, there was still reason to be prudent, they said.
    “We are maintaining a cautious sales outlook for the Americas until we see solid evidence of an upturn,” Chief Financial Officer Patrick McGuiness said.
    Shares of Tiffany rose 0.1 percent to $81.75 in morning trading.
    An Ipsos poll conducted for Reuters earlier this month found 35 percent of Americans planned to spend less on jewelry in the 2013 holiday season, while only 5 percent expected to spend more.
    Tiffany said it still expected net sales worldwide to increase by a mid-single-digit percentage rate for the year, including the effect of the strong dollar.
    The company has struggled to find the right mix of the expensive jewelry for which it is known and the more-affordable silver items, typically less than $500, that generate 25 percent of sales and comprise its most profitable category.
    Still, the pickup in business outside the Americas, where Tiffany is focusing its expansion, reassured Wall Street that the jeweler’s growth prospects remain good, Yarbrough said.
    Sales in Asia outside Japan now account for about 22 percent of overall revenue, compared with 11 percent five years ago.
    The company, famed for its robin’s egg blue boxes, said global sales rose 4.4 percent to $925.9 million in the second quarter, below the $941.4 million analysts were expecting, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. (Graphic:
    Sales growth would have been 8 percent if not for the strong U.S. dollar, which reduces the value of goods sold overseas.
    Same-store sales climbed 5 percent, in line with estimates. Excluding currency fluctuations, they were up 7 percent in Europe and 8 percent in Japan.
    Despite strong demand for high-end jewelry in Japan, overall sales there fell 14 percent because of the weak yen.
    Second-quarter net income rose to $106.8 million, or 83 cents per share, from $91.8 million, or 72 cents per share, a year earlier.
    Per-share profit beat the average Wall Street estimate by 9 cents, helped by lower pressure from diamond and gold costs.
    Tiffany said price increases in some categories had not deterred shoppers.
    The company now expects a profit of $3.50 to $3.60 per share for the full fiscal year, up 7 cents from its previous forecast range.
    Last year, Tiffany’s shares came under attack after it repeatedly lowered its forecasts.
    (Reporting by Phil Wahba in New York; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn and John Wallace)
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    Usain Bolt wint ook 200 meter op WK Atletiek – Martina zevende
    Usain Bolt wint de 200 meter sprint op het WK Atletiek in Moskou met overmacht. Foto Reuters / Phil Noble
    door Niels Posthumus
    Olympisch kampioen Usain Bolt heeft na de 100 meter zojuist ook de 200 meter sprint gewonnen op het WK Atletiek in Moskou. De Jamaicaan versloeg in de finale onder anderen de Nederlander Churandy Martina die zevende werd. Bolt deed 19,66 seconden over de race. [b][url=]tiffany[/url][/b] Martina, die dit toernooi licht geblesseerd is, finishte in een tijd van 20,35 seconden. De explosie ontbrak vanavond, waarschijnlijk door die blessure. De Nederlandse Antilliaan moest bovendien in baan één starten, waardoor zijn bocht scherper was, iets wat hem vanwege zijn blessure slecht uitkwam. [b][url=]tiffany en co[/url][/b] Hij kwam nooit in de buurt van de medailles, meldt persbureau Novum. Martina lag lange tijd op de laatste plaats, maar wist in de laatste meters nog de Noor Jaysuma Saidy Ndure te passeren. Warren Weir uit Jamaica pakte in een tijd van 19,79 seconden het zilver. [b][url=]groothandel tiffany sieraden[/url][/b] De hoofdrol was echter wederom weggelegd voor Bolt, die het zevende WK-goud uit zijn loopbaan veroverde. Lightning Bolt domineerde van start tot finish en maakte zijn favorietenrol meer dan waar. Het enige minpuntje was dat de winnende tijd met 19,66 licht tegenviel. Olympisch kampioen Bolt heeft met 19,19 het wereldrecord in handen. Het is zijn derde wereldtitel op de 200 meter. [b][url=]tiffany[/url][/b] De Amerikaan Curtis Mitchell stak een stokje voor een volledig Jamaicaans podium. Hij bleef nummer vier Nickel Ashmeade (20,05) een honderdste voor. [b][url=]tiffany[/url][/b] Voor Bolt en Martina zit het toernooi er nog niet op. Samen met de andere mondiale topsprinters komen zij morgen nog in actie op de 4×100 meter estafette. [b][url=]tiffany outlet store[/url][/b] Rollins klopt Pearson op 100 horden Brianna Rollins is vanavond ondertussen voor het eerst in haar carrière wereldkampioene geworden op de 100 meter horden. De 22-jarige Amerikaanse was op het WK in Moskou met een tijd van 12,44 seconden zes honderdsten sneller dan olympisch kampioene en titelverdedigster Sally Pearson uit Australië. De Britse Tiffany Porter pakte in 12,55 seconden brons. Rusland mocht op de voorlaatste dag van het toernooi twee gouden medailles bijschrijven. Svetlana Shkolina won met een hoogte van 2,03 meter de finale bij het hoogspringen. De Amerikaanse Brigetta Barrett (2,00) pakte zilver, Ruth Beitia uit Spanje deelde het brons met de Russische Anna Chicherova (1,97). Op de 4×400 meter estafette waren de Russische loopsters de Verenigde Staten de baas. Het verschil bedroeg op de streep iets meer dan twee tienden van een seconde (3.20,19 om 3.20,41). Groot-Brittannië pakte in 3.22,61 minuten brons. Bij het speerwerpen voor mannen ging het goud naar Vitezslav Vesely. De Tsjech kwam al in zijn eerste poging tot een afstand van 87,17 meter, tien centimeter verder dan Tero Pitkämäki uit Finland. De Rus Dmitri Tarabin (86,23) mocht als nummer drie het podium betreden Kuijken achtste in finale 5000 meter Eerder vandaag berichtte Novum al dat Susan Kuijken op het WK atletiek een verdienstelijke achtste plaats had behaald op de 5000 meter. De Gelderse passeerde de finish in 15.14,70 minuten en was daarmee de snelste Europese atlete. Het goud ging naar de Ethiopische Meserat Defar, die een tijd van 14.50,19 noteerde. De 27-jarige Kuijken kon het tempo van de kopgroep lang volgen, maar moest in de slotkilometer buigen voor het Afrikaanse geweld. Olympisch kampioene Defar toonde zich uiteindelijk de sterkste. De Keniaanse Mercy Cherono voorkwam een dubbelslag voor Ehtiopië door met 14.51,22 Almaz Ayana ruim een tiende voor te blijven. Marathonloper Kiprotich snelt naar wereldtitel Stephen Kiprotich veroverde vandaag de wereldtitel op de marathon. De olympisch kampioen uit Oeganda kwam in het Luzhniki-stadion in Moskou over de finish in 2 uur negen minuten en 51 seconden. De Ethiopiër Lelisa Desisa moest pas in de slotkilometer passen en pakte zilver in 2:10,12. Tadese Tola was het tempo van Kiprotich, die vanaf kilometer dertig aan kop ging, in de warme omstandigheden in Rusland al iets eerder te machtig. De Ethiopiër eindigde als derde in 2:10.23, voor zijn landgenoot Tsegay Kebede (2:10.47). De 24-jarige Kiprotich was in 2011 in zijn eerste marathon de beste in Enschede. Vorig jaar kwam het hoogtepunt in zijn loopbaan met de olympische titel in Londen. Het is voor het eerst sinds 2005 dat er geen atleet uit Kenia op het marathonpodium staat bij een WK. De laatste drie jaar werd een Keniaan wereldkampioen. Michel Butter, die debuteerde op een WK, moest zijn marathon voortijdig beëindigen. De Castricummer kwam na tien kilometer als tiende door in 32:13 en gaf even later op. Hij had last van stijfheid in zijn rug en lies.
    Lees meer over:
    Churandy Martina
    Usain Bolt
    WK atletiek
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    HCI sales cranked up.. everything is $6
    August 27th, 2013 | by Mary Hance | Comments
    You know it is truly fall, when the HCI Everything $6 Sales start up at hospitals and other businesses around town. This week the sale has popped up at Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Medical Research Building’s Light Hall and runs through Thursday afternoon.[b][url=]watches[/url][/b]
    These sales are popular because you can buy brand new jewelry, scarves, gadgets, watches, and more for $6. To see the full schedule, check my blog at /mscheap.[b]high quality swiss replica watches[/b]
    Share on Facebook[b][url=]top brand watches[/url][/b] Posted In: Global
    Previous Article
    “Ms Cheap Guide to Fall” coming Sunday
    Next Article
    Grocery Shopping for Labor Day weekend ….. Aldi and Kroger are on my list. …
    Comments Off [b][url=]fake watches[/url][/b]
    About The Author
    Mary Hance
    Ms. Cheap, whose real name is Mary Hance, writes the Ms Cheap column, which is a frugal consumer column. Ms. Cheap appears in the Tennessean four days a week and she is always looking for good deals and money saving ideas to share with her readers. She loves saving money and stretching dollars for herself and others. “Stay cheap” is her motto!
    Latest Columns Ms. Cheap: Refind Designs gives new purpose to 'junk' Ms. Cheap: Frist Friday pairs Drivin' N' Cryin' with 'Sensuous Steel' exhibit Ms. Cheap Guide to Fall: Arts & Culture Ms. Cheap Guide to Fall: Outdoors Ms. Cheap Guide to Fall: This and That Ms. Cheap's Guide to Fall: Festivals Ms. Cheap's Guide to Fall: Music Ms. Cheap: Don't get rolled on TP prices Ms. Cheap: High school theater affordable, exciting Ms. Cheap: Bargain hunters sail into Noah's Closet Library's Salon@615 announced fall lineup of author talks Ms. Cheap: Tennessee State Museum program shares secrets behind 'Lincoln' film Ms. Cheap: Tuition-free program gets an A Ms. Cheap: Nashville Sounds crank up fun with Elvis Night Ms. Cheap: Extension agents have answers to home and garden problems Common questions for the Davidson County Extension office Ms. Cheap: Hummingbird events share nature's wonder Ms. Cheap: Check out affordable classes at free event Ms. Cheap: Savor Shakespeare in the Park as summer winds down Ms. Cheap: Dore Jam, Tomato Art Fest top weekend picks
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    Jane Larkworthy joins a diverse cast of past confessors including
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    its launch in April 2010,  Closet Confessions  has grown into
    a fashion and pop-culture phenomenon. Clocking more than 3 million views
    and snagging the 2010 Fashion 2.0 Award for Best Online Video, the
    series has driven record spikes in traffic. Jane’s video was directed by
    Brian Quist, a documentary filmmaker who has worked with luminaries
    ranging from The Dalai Lama to Natalie Portman and with global brands
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    8/8 kommenttia
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    What's Your Problem With My Dreadlocks, Bill Simmons?
    Originally published on .[b]nike[/b]
    Dear Bill Simmons,[b][url=]cheap nike shoes[/url][/b]
    Last Friday I was featured in a video as one of the best dunkers in the Nike Summer Is Serious Draft. (video embedded above). I would like you to know I’m a huge fan of Grantland and the Jalen Rose Podcast. It was almost surreal to see you guys say my name and comment on how impressive my dunks were. Being featured on the video was a very cool experience to say the least, but something didn’t feel right. [b][url=]nike outlet online[/url][/b]
    Bill you seemed to be distracted by my "cornrows" which led you to make several ill-informed comments. You should be thankful Jalen was there to correct you time and time again. Not only did you make me uncomfortable, you made other viewers uncomfortable, and I’m sure you made Jalen uncomfortable. You would never know because Jalen is a pro and did his best to refocus your attention back to the task at hand which was discussing dunks.[b][url=]Nike Soccer Jerseys[/url][/b]
    "How do you feel about cornrows in 2013?" Bill you’ve covered the NBA for how long? You’re 43 years old. You don’t know the difference between Allen Iverson’s cornrows and Kenneth Faried’s dreads? To make matters worse, when corrected by Jalen you responded with "or whatever" in a laid back attitude almost to say "ta-may-toe, toe-mah-toe." That’s something I would expect from Bill O’Reilly, but not Bill Simmons. These elitist brush offs of black culture are far too familiar. My question to you is how do YOU feel about cornrows and dreads in 2013? Is black culture a fad and we have expiration dates on natural hairstyles? Will I be able to wear a fade in 2025, Bill? Questlove wearing his afro in 2013 must really grind your gears considering that was supposed to be over in the 70′s, right?[b][url=]football boots[/url][/b]
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    Bill, you aren’t the Sports Guy anymore. You represented Nike, ESPN, and most importantly yourself in this video. Please understand that with comments like these you perpetuated a stereotype and in a way contributed to the struggle for blacks to find employment or simply be respected as equals. An employer’s attitude about something as simple as hair can be the difference in securing a job, loan, or any life changing opportunity. Many black Americans fight an internal battle to be themselves and wear natural hairstyles in the workplace for fear of judgement. Not only men but especially black women who face pressures to conform to the Eurocentric beauty standards by straightening their hair, wearing weaves, etc.
    Three weeks ago, before you and Jalen ever made this video, I decided to cut my dreads off. Rather than continue to fight against prejudice and preconceived notions, I chose to cut my hair. I simply grew tired of rolling the dice on being judged by my hair rather than my skills and personality. My hair was a part of me and the decision was not easy, but after hearing you, Bill Simmons, make those comments I was reassured that I made the right decision for my future. Sadly, people associate certain stereotypes (thug, marijuana smoker, "stinky") with a natural hairstyle.
    Let’s set the record straight though, I am not angry at you, Bill. I was actually embarrassed for you while watching the video. You came across as a sheltered, uncultured snob. I can’t tell if you were trying hard to get a cheap laugh or simply being yourself. I do know this wasn’t the first time you put your foot in your mouth on camera and probably won’t be the last. Hopefully you can continue to learn from your mistakes. I’m not going to rally and hire Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, but understand that your comments hit close to home for many black Americans. You reduced a moment of praise to ill-informed "schtick" that can be perceived as offensive. Do I think you are a racist or a bigot? No. Do I think you are a habitual line stepper that needs to think before you speak? Yes.
    Don’t get fired, Bill. I actually like Grantland.
    Wayne Washington
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    ESTILO: Paola Robba esclarece a moda praia
    Avaliação: 0 (0 votos)
    Compartilhe com os amigos:
    [b][url=]Biniki[/url][/b] ESTILO: Paola Robba esclarece a moda praia
    [b][url=]meninas swimwear[/url][/b] Por Patrícia Moraes
    [b][url=]roupa de banho[/url][/b] A estilista está à frente da criação da grife Poko Pano, que desfila na semana de moda de Miami e na temporada primavera/verão do São Paulo Fashion Week, contou, em entrevista exclusiva ao Portal CARAS, quais peças vão invadir a praia nesta temporada. “Os biquínis estão maiores, deixando a mulher mais glamurosa e à vontade” explicou. Para seguir as tendências, fique atento aos tópicos citados por Paola.
    [b][url=]bikini[/url][/b] Maiôs São a grande vedete da estação. É uma peça versátil, que pode ser combinada com calça, canga ou uma saia e disfarça os quilinhos a mais. Na minha coleção, dou um aspecto surpresa para os maiôs. Quem vê por trás, não percebe que é uma peça inteira na frente porque abuso dos decotes nas costas.
    [b][url=]roupa de banho[/url][/b] Biquínis As mulheres estão abusando dos biquínis maiores, com calcinha cortininha. É um arraso. Para quem tem um corpo cuidado, vale usar o fio-dental. Estão em alta os detalhes como metais na alcinha, argolas e pingentes. Na parte do busto, destaque para os tomara-que-caia e os bojos, que aumentam o seio e dão uma embelezada nos seios.
    [b][url=]bikini[/url][/b] Cangas Adoro as cangas coloridas, para usar por cima da roupa de banho ou na areia. Há várias formas de amarrar e dá para sair depois usando um chinelinho ou uma sandália.
    Calça saruel Eu invisto muito nas roupas do pós-praia. Aquela peça que você pode usar depois de tomar sol, para ir a um barzinho encontrar com os amigos. Nessa hora, a saruel cai super bem.
    Acessórios A vez é do chapéu Panamá, que remete à Bossa Nova e dá um ar sofisticado e descontraído ao mesmo tempo ao look. Vale combinar com roupas brancas. Brincos de argola e em acrílico também podem ser usados, mas atenção à produção excessiva. Praia e piscina é sinônimo de conforto e correntinhas definitivamente não combinam. Adoro a possibilidade de usar faixas de tecido para segurar os fios mais soltinhos do cabelo.
    O que não usar O que pode ser aposentado e jogado lá no fundo do gaurda-roupa é a saída de banho de crochê. Aliás, crochê é algo só para detalhes, as roupas e biquínis desse material estão em baixa. Os chapelões, no estilo sombrero mexicano, também estão por fora. Tentaram emplacar essa moda, mas não pegou. Nada de maquiagem na praia. Um lembrete é sempre válido: quanto mais clean , melhor.
    (Publicado em 28 de Jan. de 2009 às 17:33)
    CARAS Sempre com você:
    Goole +
    Enviar por e-mail
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    Especial 15 anos
    Paris Hilton lança programa de TV
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    Tribuna Hoje
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    Ailton Villanova
    Alma de Bicho por Cláudia Meireles
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    Cadu Amaral
    Daniel Nunes
    Débora Guedes
    Eduardo Bahia
    Entre Aspas by Jailthon Sillva
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    O cotidiano de uma futura TST
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    Rock na Velha
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    Roteiro Cultural
    Edição Digital
    00:52 Interior Dono de circo é preso por cárcere privado e estupro de vulnerável
    00:30 Entretenimento Pianista nua se assusta com repercussão de vídeos: ‘Não esperava’
    00:27 Mundo Garota deve usar ‘burquíni’ em aulas de natação, segundo Justiça alemã
    00:23 Entretenimento Cantor da banda Pollo está desaparecido desde segunda-feira
    00:15 Politica Governador do Rio sanciona lei que proíbe máscaras em protestos
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    [b][url=]tiffany[/url][/b] Eurosport – 200 m – Bolt locker zu Gold
    19″66 : Usain Bolt réalise le moins bon temps de ses titres sur 200m
    [b][url=]Tiffany & Co[/url][/b] Usain Bolt continue d’écrire l’histoire de son sport. Il a remporté samedi soir son septième titre mondial, le troisième consécutif sur 200m en réalisant 19″66 en finale. Le Jamaïcain, double champion olympique également de la distance, n’a pas dominé aussi nettement que ses dernières années. Il réalise son moins bon chrono en finale d’un grand championnat depuis sa médaille d’argent à Osaka (2007) en 19″91. Par rapport à ses autres finales mondiales, ” Lightning Bolt ” est assez loin en terme de performance. L’athlète de 26 ans avait réalisé le record du monde à Berlin (2009) en 19″19 et avait fait un chrono de 19″40, deux ans plus tard à Daegu. Il a battu son compatriote Warren Weir à Moscou de 13 centièmes, c’est l’écart le plus faible entre Usain Bolt et son dauphin sur 200m, Jeux olympiques et Mondiaux compris. Il faut toutefois relativiser ces chiffres. Le champion du monde juniors 2002 du demi tour de piste a coupé son effort à dix mètres de l’arrivée et aurait pu gagner un ou deux dixièmes en étant au maximum jusqu’au bout.
    [b][url=]bijoux Tiffany[/url][/b] 12″87 : Billaud espérait mieux
    [b][url=]tiffany outlet store[/url][/b] Cindy Billaud est l’une des révélations de l’athlétisme français cette saison. La native de Nogent-sur-Marne a toutefois déçu en finale du 100m haies en prenant la 7e place avec un temps modeste pour elle désormais: 12″87. La licenciée de l’US Créteil a explosé au plus haut niveau aux “France” de Charléty, le mois dernier. Après avoir réalisé 12″75 en demi-finales, elle avait réussi un retentissant 12″59 en finale soit la meilleure performance européenne de l’année à ce moment-là. Sa préparation pour les Championnats du monde a été perturbée par une blessure aux ischio-jambiers survenue lors du meeting Herculis. Toutefois avant la finale, la Française avait effectué deux bonnes courses pour ses premiers Mondiaux. 12″71 en séries vendredi et une qualification au temps pour la finale en 12″78, samedi une heure et demie avant ses 12″87. Cindy Billaud peut cependant se montrer ambitieuse pour les prochaines échéances. Elle a réalisé des progrès significatifs cette saison puisque son meilleur temps en 2012 était de 12″97 (aux Championnats de France d’Angers).
    [b][url=]tiffany pas cher[/url][/b]
    10cm : Une finale du javelot extrêmement serrée
    Vitezslav Vesely a eu l’honneur de remporter la finale de javelot la plus serrée de l’histoire des Mondiaux. Avec un jet à 87,17m, le Tchèque a battu le champion du monde 2007 Tero Pitkamaki qui s’est contenté de 87,07m. Le record de la plus faible distance entre les deux premiers était jusqu’à là détenu par la finale de Séville en 1999, le Finlandais Aki Parviainen avait privé d’or mondial le lanceur grec Konstandinos Gatsioudis pour seulement 24 centimètres. La finale du javelot de Moscou a été particulièrement riche en suspense car le Russe Dmitriy Tarabin a privé Julius Yego d’une médaille de bronze au dernier essai. Le Kényan avait battu son record national avec 85,40m.

    0″263 : Le mauvais temps de réaction de Brianna Rollins
    La meilleure performeuse mondiale de l’année, Brianna Rollins, a remporté la finale du 100m haies en 12″44. Un très bon temps avec un vent défavorable (-0,6 m/s). Et pourtant, l’Américaine a connu quelques difficultés pour jaillir des starting-blocks, elle a eu de loin le moins bon temps de réaction des engagées avec 0″263. Tiffany Porter, 3e de la course, a par exemple réalisé 0″149. Le départ a été assez compliqué mais une fois lancée Brianna Rollins a été impressionnante surtout dans la deuxième partie de course.

    Le saviez vous?

    La Russe Svetlana Shkolina s’est imposée en finale de la hauteur avec un saut à 2,03m soit la taille de Teddy Riner.
    Lire aussi
    FANTASY LFP – Le Fantasy officiel de la Ligue 1 débarque sur Yahoo! Sport – Jouez maintenant
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    Louise Bourgoin : Mademoiselle tire la langue et ose la délicate transparence 1 /22
    News publiée
    Le Mardi 3 Septembre 2013 à 12:40

    Louise Bourgoin lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy à Paris, le 2 septembre 2013. [b][url=]tiffany[/url][/b] Elle porte une bague Pâquerette en argent massif et onyx noir, collection Ziegfeld, de la maison Tiffany & Co
    Louise Bourgoin lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy…
    Cédric Kahn, Axelle Ropert, Louise Bourgoin et Laurent Stocker lors de l’avant-première du film…
    Bande-annonce du film Tirez la langue mademoiselle, en salles le 4 septembre 2013
    Louise Bourgoin arrivant à l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC…
    Louise Bourgoin lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy…
    Louise Bourgoin lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy…
    Louise Bourgoin lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy…
    Louise Bourgoin lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy…
    Laurent Stocker lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy…
    La réalisatrice Axelle Ropert lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle”…
    Axelle Ropert et Cédric Kahn lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à…
    Cédric Kahn lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy à…
    Cédric Kahn lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy à…
    Laurent Stocker lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy…
    Louise Bourgoin lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy…
    Louise Bourgoin arrivant à l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC…
    Nicole Garcia arrivant à l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy…
    Nicole Garcia arrivant à l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy…
    Louise Bourgoin lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy…
    Louise Bourgoin lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy…
    Louise Bourgoin lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy…
    Louise Bourgoin lors de l’avant-première du film “Tirez la langue mademoiselle” à l’UGC Bercy…

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