Katter’s Party – Barnaby invited to join Katter fold


Friday, 21 September, 2012
Max Menzel
National President
Barnaby invited to join Katter fold

Senator Barnaby Joyce should leave the LNP and join Bob Katter if he really wants to protect Australia’s farms and agricultural industry according to Katter’s Australian Party President, Max Menzel.

Mr Menzel says that the LNP have clearly rejected Barnaby’s pleas to protect Cubbie Station and that their deregulation policies will continue to devastate the agricultural sector.

“Barnaby made a courageous public stand within the LNP against the sale of Cubbie Station but it will be to no avail if he remains a member of a party that supports this foreign takeover,” Mr Menzel said.

“Barnaby now finds himself in the same situation he did prior to the privatisation of Telstra.

“Barnaby disclosed his opposition to the sale of Telstra then voted for it because he had to toe the party line under Howard.

“The Liberal Party support the sale of the largest irrigated farm in the Southern Hemisphere to a Chinese company and now they are dictating to the Nationals the further deregulation of the wheat industry.

“Barnaby has a choice to make. He can stay within the LNP and toe the Liberal’s party line or he can join with Katter’s Australian Party and freely campaign to save rural Australia.

“It’s time for Barnaby to wake up and go with the party that will reject the sell out of Australia.”

Mr Menzel said that Senator Joyce had been vigorously advocating the Katter’s Australian Party position on Cubbie Station and it only made sense for him to consider joining a party that best suited his views and constituency.

“The LNP have rejected Barnaby in Maranoa and he now has a chance to join a party where he can campaign effectively on these important issues.”


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