Country Alliance – Bringing a real country boy to the Senate

Bringing a real country boy to the Senate

He’s a hunting, fishing, four wheel driving kind of guy from the Yarra Valley.

He’s also the sort of candidate other political parties wish they had. One of the major parties even tried to poach him after the last state election, offering him a safe seat. Yet Andrew Jones from the Yarra Valley chose to stay with the Country Alliance party, preferring to be able to speak his mind of issues of importance to him.

Jones will now run for Country Alliance as its lead candidate for the Victorian Senate at September’s federal election.

Party Chairman, Russell Bate, said Jones is the type of candidate voters need to consider at the federal election.

“Voters have a simple choice to make. They can vote for a major party candidate who has almost certainly had little real life experience outside the party machine or they can vote for someone who is a small businessman, has created jobs and has a really good grasp of important issues”, he said.

“Andrew is a straight forward type who understands the real needs of the community he serves and the things that matter to them. Most important of all he will be an effective and independent advocate unconstrained by the constant compromises forced on their candidates by the major parties.”

The Country Alliance platform includes policies aimed at promoting equality of access to healthcare, education and other services in regional areas, decentralisation of government, promotion of regional industry and employment opportunities and the expansion of outdoor recreational access and facilities.

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