September 6, 2012
Meanwhile, Turnbull takes a very delicate swing at his party’s politicking. Leave a comment
August 15, 2012
Abbott complains about the prospect of the Gillard government doing something his party did twice in three elections, while he was a minister. Leave a comment
August 9, 2012
Champion of the media’s right to question, News Ltd, dodges questions from the media. Leave a comment
July 10, 2012
Abbott thinks asylum seekers are un-Christian (also: “I don’t think it’s a very Christian thing to come in by the back door rather than the front door”) Leave a comment
June 25, 2012
Andrew Bolt, sharing the lulz Leave a comment
November 7, 2011
It’s not racism when we do it, but if you point out that the head of a company that sells itself as Australian isn’t Australian, that racism. Leave a comment
November 1, 2011
Gambling and depression linked (duh), so why is beyondblue’s chairman making money off pokies? Leave a comment
July 1, 2011
Tony “I’d Ignore A Plebiscite That Didn’t Go My Way” Abbott thinks Labor should respect public opinion Leave a comment
June 17, 2011
Abbott calls Gillard refugee policy cruel Leave a comment