“Please, don’t throw us in the briar patch and have more spotlight given to our policies. That’s the last thing we’d ever want.”


  • David

    Some hilarious quotes in this article.

    Notably, the one where he asserts that a party with a left wing economic ideology is in direct contravention of the last 25 years of economic policy.

    Another good one was “tax and spend” as if this is a bad thing. Think about the other option for a second and see if “don’t tax but continue to spend” seems responsible.

    Fantastic article, penned by someone with absolutely no vested interests at all. No siree!

  • Wrongtime Listener

    I’m sick to death of this stupid ‘Green voters obviously don’t know about Greens policies’ line. I’d hazard a guess that there are far more people (on a relative scale) who voted Liberal because ‘they’re good at the economy’ than people who voted Green because ‘they’re fun for the environment and stuff’.

    And yeah, agree totally on tax and spend. What else is taxation for? Would we like a bit of “tax and don’t spend”?

    Of course there are no vested interests. It’s the Centre for Independent Studies. Independent. With an “I”.

  • David

    But old people who vote Liberal and Labor without knowing why know what’s best for Greens voters.

    Just like people who have never viewed porn know what is offensive, and people that have never tried drugs know what’s bad for everyone else.

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