Australian Sex Party – Let Aborigines Watch Porn

Let Aborigines Watch Porn
The Australian Sex Party has called on the federal government to abandon the punishing bans on X rated films and restricted magazines (pornography) that the Howard government forced on Aboriginal populations in the NT, as part of the Intervention.
Party Convenor, Fiona Patten, said that there was a huge personal freedom issue inherent in the right to watch adult entertainment that went way beyond a moral debate over sex. “The federal government continues to maintain that Aborigines rape little children because they cannot contain their urges when they watch sexual media”, she said. “That is the underlying assumption in banning porn as part of the Intervention. It was made without any research being conducted into sexual assault and availability of pornography in Aboriginal communities, it was made against the express wishes of the authors of the Little Children Report and it was part of a racial slur that Aborigines could not only not hold their grog, but they couldn’t hold their porn either. There was no evidence of this ever produced and there isn’t any”.
She said that the Little Children Report clearly stated that the laws on adult media needed to be policed and upheld as they were in other parts of the state like Darwin, rather introducing racist bans on adult media. The Little Children Report identified R rated Pay TV porn as the problem in the NT, by virtue of the fact that it was ‘available 24 hours a day’. John Howard then banned X rated DVDs instead and even failed to investigate claims that pay TV stations offered package deals with sporting channels in the NT that included free adult channels.
“The bans on porn should be repealed immediately and the gross and insulting signs that are up in Aboriginal communities in the NT that allege that they watch porn and then rape children should be torn down”, she said. She encouraged Aboriginal communities to pull the signs down themselves. “When racism is covered with a layer of sexual innuendo like this, it causes racism to be more deeply ingrained than it otherwise would be. It is a disgraceful situation that Jenny Macklin has seen fit to back John Howard’s overtly racist attack by not repealing these laws when she first became Minister”.

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Robbie Swan: 0413 871 604

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