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From: Mark Aldridge
Sent: Friday, August 26, 2011 9:04 PM
Subject: 3/12/11 Time for the people to make a stand…please

Near 15 years, over 12 years as a candidate, in and out of the courts for over a decade, and I have never seen justice, even with the winning hand, democracy and the electoral system is a failure, but what would one expect when the 2 parties write the laws to benefit “2 Party politics” well with a side serve of greens.

I have held massive rallies, yet not result and now a days total media silence, so I have to make my Final Stand, from then on, it will be the Alliance as a major supporter, with the need for free time, just to keep a roof over my head.

This is no longer the Australia I love, and I will do everything I can to ensure this stand is bloody heard, please consider sharing 3/12/11 and supporting it in your state, If I was the only one who turned up, I would still feel proud, if many turn up, maybe we will pave the way for change, either way, what we are currently doing, is getting us no where.

Mark M Aldridge


Three Twelve Eleven, something to remember

The Rallies are simply not working, our vote has become useless, our rights and liberties
a fading memory, justice has become the sole domain of the rich and our country is being
raped of all its hard thought values and assets.

Our cries for help are not being heard; our demands suffer a silent death, as does our
children’s future. People say they have had enough, yet their words seem to have no
meaning, and apathy reminds us the results of feeling helpless to initiate change.

Our rights and liberties are all but gone; in fact some would say all that it once meant
to be a proud Australian, has some how disappeared, and we find ourselves with a
government that no longer fears the people.

Playing by the rules of those who appear to see themselves as our masters, has proven to
be a complete waste of time, so I ask, is it time we played by our rules?

The people rule, it is a known fact, one that our supposed representatives seem to have
forgotten, I say it is past time we reminded them.

On the 3/12/11, head to your local parliament and tell them you have had enough, and be
prepared to stay until they listen, if not, accept your future at their hands, I refuse to.

The best we have achieved in the most over the last decade is some bruised egos, while
all that we hold dear, is taken from us, say “NO” on the third of December 2011.

We all know some short term pain for long term gain is an educated choice, spending
time with good patriotic people, isn’t all that painful, especially when it is your children
that are the beneficiary.

Don’t let a few good people sit with a tear in their eye, join them and make it a patriotic
smile, and bring every friend and family member you can.

The Eureka flag was torn down on the 3rd of December, lets put it back up, and lets swear
by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and

Bring supplies, bedding and a relaxed attitude, so the stand is united, educated and calm,
and lets lead the way in a troubled world. Please no leaders, just people standing united
for the people.

Mark Aldridge
Proud Alliance supporter


The Last Stand “In the Spirit of the Eureka Stockade”


In essence the famous rebellion was based on 2 major issues, the right to vote
and to oppose and new and obscene tax (license fees).

Even though from the initial 10,000 strong front united to demand change, only
around 1000 people took their place with in the stockade, with many sneaking
away as they thought the fight was hopeless, of the 200 that stood their ground,
they were greatly out numbered by soldiers and Victorian police.

Strangely enough, even though the stand was lost, all their demands were met,
and those miners charged with treason were freed almost immediately.

Peter Lalor the leader that stood his ground went on to be elected to parliament,
having an electorate named after him, Lalor in Victoria, which is currently held by
none other than Julia Gillard.

The Last stand “In the spirit of Eureka” finds us in the very same position, as
many Australians are un happy with a new tax regime and at the same time
unhappy with the treatment of their entitlement to vote, although Gillard holding
the seat of Lalor, is far from the spirit of Eureka and honest democracy.

The Eureka flag was torn down on the 3rd of December 1854, on the same day in
2011, good people will unite and demand the very same reforms our forefathers
laid on a platter for us.

Many thousands will pledge their support, but only a few patriots will stand their
ground, and I am sure a few of them will feel helpless and sneak away in the
middle of the night, and although this stand will only last a few days, and we may
not win immediately, we may bring change.

The demands on the day will be fair and informed, they will be democratic and
only hope to empower the people to cast a genuine free and informed vote, and
to seek some accountability from those aspiring to represent our future.

The police will be used to stem dissent, but we will peacefully remind them we
are free and have every right to our liberties and to make our political status

The Media will not cover the event, so it will be up to us in this modern age
to ensure this important message and the event will be heard, emails, social
networks, face to face, posters and flyers will be up to we the people, as will
spreading the event live on the internet.

It is our turn, and every one of us knows it needs, the people rule, and we must
once again remind our politicians they are our employees, and best do the will of

the people, for we can sack them.

Make sure you seek the location of the rally nearest too you, help it become a
success, leaving the job to others has not worked, we have held rallies, we have
sent letters and emails, and it simply has not worked, so now it is time to stand
up and be heard.

Mark Aldridge

Proud member of the Alliance and Independent Candidate

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