Greens – Abbott challenged on Tassie insult

Abbott challenged on Tassie insult

27 August 2011

Greens Leader Bob Brown has challenged Tony Abbott’s insult about Labor
Green cooperation being a disease which began in Tasmania and is
spreading to the mainland. “He is putting down most Tasmanian voters,
but then he would, wouldn’t he?” Senator Brown asked.

“Tony Abbott’s admitted 70 billion dollar policy debt would be far worse
than a disease, it would be death to hundreds of thousands of jobs,
small businesses and to health, education and other services in Tasmania
and around Australia,” Senator Brown said.

“One thing Abbott won’t do is debate Greens politics with me. He runs a
mile ever time I suggest it,” Senator Brown added.

“In other times Tony Abbott would have called the Suffragettes a
disease,” Senator Brown added.

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