Bob Katter fails to represent his electorate 45% of the time


  • Cameron

    Once again, biased and disproportionate politics to degrade a good man. Most of the votes he hasnt been there for have been procedural matters, or the creation of commitees, or when the majority rules and his vote didnt matter. This is a man whose starting a political party to support Australian politics. And although the media and polititians try cheap shot him or scrounge dirt on him, he’s out there actually doing something.
    Also, Katter hasnt ‘thrown his full backing’ behind the Liberals. He votes on what he thinks is best for the country. And when it was a hung parliament he believed Liberal could do more, scoring 8 of his 20 points list while Gillard did 1, and that was just a package for mothers. This article tries to be deceptive by construing facts in a certain way to discredit him

  • Chris

    I think you’ll find they’re statistics, not “biased and disproportionate politics”. The article points out simple facts, and gives his office a right of reply. There’s no spin or bias. Just facts. Methinks you have as much of a persecution complex as Katter himself.

  • David

    Delayed article comment is delayed.

    Welcome to the site! =)

    (As a matter of interest, where would you plot “The Power Index” on the left/right/authoritarian/libertarian scale?)

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