Owner of three businesses misses point of anti-capitalism protest

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  • David

    Great comment by “Simbo”


    I’m a relatively well paid, well washed professional who works in the city. I am also part of the 99% and I FULLY SUPPORT OCCUPY MELBOURNE and the right of the movement to occupy public open space. I do not camp there, but I drop in form time to time. From my expierence, for the most part, the movement is made up of genuine, well meaning people. They may not have the solutions, but these are complex issues that the Governments and best minds of the World haven’t yet been able to solve, so we shouldn’t hold that against them. People who say “what’s the reason for this protest? Life in Australia is pretty good” are missing the piont. The protesters are standing in solidarity with others around the world saying “we don’t have all the solutions, but the current system is not working as it should, and this needs to be addressed.” If people put asside there pre-conceptions about “protesting hippes,” I think they might come to apprecieate that the movement is trying to draw attention to a problem that impacts on the standard of living of hundres of millions of people around the world – i’s bigger than “I have to walk an extra block at lunch to find a place in the sun to sit.”

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