Sex Party – Sexpo Turns The Other Cheek to Its Detractors

Sexpo Turns The Other Cheek to Its Detractors
Two Sexpo billboards have been vandalised in the run up to this month’s Melbourne show on. A large banner across the Tullamarine Fwy and a standard billboard on High St Preston were both slashed with a sharp object on Wednesday night amid the chaos of the storm front that hit Melbourne.
Sexpo organisers have replied to the attacks in a Christian manner by turning the other cheek and offering the perpetrators a free stand to publicise their beliefs to Sexpo patrons.
Australian Sex Party President, Fiona Patten, said that when freedom of speech and expression was under attack the best response was one that involved offering more freedom rather than less. We will not prosecute those who damaged the signs and there will be no reprisals – only the chance for these people to increase their free speech opportunities”, she said.
Ms Patten said that the attacks were indicative of a more intolerant Australia. “Racial, sexual, religious and lifestyle intolerance are increasing in Australia as more politicians seek to stamp their personal views on the people they represent”, she said. “These attacks on sex and lifestyle choices by religious and feminist extremists are a concern for the future direction of Australia”.
Sexpo General Manager, Rob Godwin, said that the culprits would probably be found on a list of people and groups who protested about Sexpo billboards to the House of Representatives Committee on Billboards and Outdoor Advertising which reported on its findings a few months ago. “The list of objectors to Sexpo billboards were shrill and virulent in their condemnation of people’s rights to advertise a sexually-based trade fair in any way at all. These people should have the courage of their convictions to take them to the 60,000 people who will attend Sexpo and they should hear what the patrons say. Not taking up our offer will show cowardice and a lack of belief in their own position”.

Fiona Patten: 0413 734 613
Rob Godwin: 0419266788

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