Desperate for page-hits, Wile E. Coyote? Go fuck yourself, asshole.


  • Milknife

    “I haven’t asked the Greens why they decided to put a Communist candidate ahead of all others on the ballot paper. It can’t be to make an easy sequence of numbers. It just looks dumb to me.”

    And if you think that’s weird…. wth – comments.

  • Chris

    Way to admit to not DOING YOUR JOB Wile E. Asking, would of course have undermined your… I don’t know what this is.

    Because obviously the Australian Communist Party is as horrible as One Nation, being full of bigots and… what, no? They’re just called ‘communist’ and that’s bad?

    I’m pretty sure the reason the greens put the ban live animal exports guy after the communist guy is not because they like the communist guy, but because I *know* the greens think the hardcore (say, the type to run in an election on it) ban live exports people are FUCKING BATSHIT INSANE.

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