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Please take a moment to introduce yourself. Veronica White, Greens candidate for Ipswich. Lived in Ipswich for over 20 years, family origins linked to the Ipswich and Toowoomba areas since the late 1800’s. Age: 40 Single parent, one child. Occupation: Youth Worker but have worked in the Transport industry, also as an individual advocate for people with disability from NESB. More recently as an Education Officer and Trainer at Borallon Correctional Centre before moving into youth affairs. Also currently studying my final year of a duel degree at UQ Ipswich in Human Services and Middle Years Schooling. Became involved in womens rugby league as a player, administrator and official and represented Queensland and Australia on the playing field. Enjoyed developing programs which gave women and girls an opportunity to not only play in a male-dominated sport but to also develop leadership and social skills as well as maintaining their mental and physical wellbeing.

What are your thoughts on coal seam gas? There lies many unanswered questions and I would like to see a moratorium held by an independent body to investigate potential impacts of drilling and exploration and develop initiatives which will minimise potential impacts. Ensure mining companies meet strict guidelines BEFORE commencing drilling and exploration. Ensure farm owners are compensated and/or give them the right to prevent miners entering their land.

What are your thoughts on the dredging of the great barrier reef? Once again a study needs to be conducted by an independent body and the government needs to act in accordance to its findings.

What are your thoughts on water? We need to conserve proper practices in maintaining rich quality water sources.

What are your thoughts on climate change? Can’t argue with the scientists. Climate change has increased since the industrial revolution and we need to take action in helping to reduce the effects of climate change.

What are your thoughts on renewable energy? Renewable energy is the only alternative to a cleaner environment however the cost of having it far exceeds its overall financial benefit. We need major investment to help reduce costs otherwise we will continue to use other methods which have less environmental benefit.

What are your thoughts on nuclear energy? Don’t need it but can understand why it exists. Hope people realise its negative impact to the environment and to people. Hope that we never move in the same direction as Japan and other countries.

What are your thoughts on public transport? Need to increase the number of routes so all users can access it. Must always remain in public hands.

What are your thoughts on public education? The move of grade 7 to high school will align our students with the rest of the nation and more importantly with the new national curriculum. However our schools need to be able to have the funding to assist with the transition. Schools also need an increase in funding to provide resources rather than teachers providing them. Need to ensure we keep up with technological advances by providing students with laptops however we need to ensure the intranets used at schools is effective and that qualified IT staff are employed – separate from IT teachers.

What are your thoughts on the National Broadband Network? Will certainly benefit small businesses in rural areas but will play an enormous role. Hopefully the network will keep up with technological advances.

What are your thoughts on High-Speed Rail? Beneficial in linking cities particularly in Queensland but we need to make sure the cost in building it is cost-effective particular if we are to invest public money.

What are your thoughts on abortion? Understand that there are circumstances which require such action. Every woman has a right to choose whether this is the action they wish to take. It needs to be decriminalised.

Do you support or oppose gay marriage? I support any legislation which allows two consenting adults to legitimise their relationship in this country.

Do you support or oppose the legalisation of voluntary euthanasia? I support voluntary euthanasia for terminally ill patients.

Do you support or oppose the legalisation of marijuana? Only for medicinal purposes. We already have significant problems with social drinking, illicit drug taking etc. I don’t see any real benefits in introducing laws which encourage marijuana use.

What are your thoughts on campaign finance disclosure? Important for the general public to see what is influencing party policies.

Do you support or oppose the reading of prayers to start each Parliamentary day, and why? I oppose it on the basis that our work ethic and what we do in parliament is based on the views of the constituents of our electorate, and should not be influenced by religion in any shape or form.

On your particular electoral ticket, where are your preferences going, and why? We are asking voters to Vote 1 Greens, and who they preference for next is entirely up to them. The Greens believe we are the only alternative to a sustainable future. We are the only party which considers everyone, maintaining long term benefits over short term gain.

Are there any local issues you are trying to highlight with your campaign? I will be focusing on flood mitigation for the region, increasing health and support services, increasing bus to rail services, increasing employment and educational opportunities in renewable energy, tourism, sport and recreation and construction industries, helping small businesses, waste management to name a few.

What do you think about the media’s coverage of the election so far? Probably focuses too much on the major parties when in reality they are probably on the nose with many voters. We have received limited media coverage as well as other minor parties and independents but overall the general public is very interested in what options they have instead of the major parties. So it has been relatively good so far.

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  • Chris

    “The Greens believe we are the only alternative to a sustainable future.”

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is why education is important.

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