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    John K W Ashton said…
    In the past twenty five years we have seen the privatisation of the Commonwealth Bank, the privatisation of Telstra, the privatisation of all public utilities and of course the greatest failure of all in Victoria, the privatisation public transport.

    Sorry if I missed something here but that doesn’t look one iota like socialism to me.

    Margaret Thatcher’s asinine observation that it’s “someone else’s” money ignored the fact that socialism is embedded in public hospitals, public education, law and order, welfare and pensions…. oh how wicked.

    The public purse also bankrolled the disasters known as Iraq and Afghanistan against the available intelligence so that John Howard could cosy up to the worst ever president of the United States whose financial abilities were so poor that it allowed a deregulated financial sector to bring on the GFC bring misery to millions…. sorry, was that socialism?

    No, it was unfettered greed which had to be bailed out by governments all over the world so you could all keep your jobs.

    Finally, the little graphic at the top tells me Cory that you don’t feel too confident of your own argument such that you need to employ a nasty little graphic such as this.

    Reply 21 March 2012 at 08:47 AM


    These “arguments” are so colossally and fundamentally stupid.

    If you are against “socialism” you are against medicare, the police force, the defence force, public roads works, infrastructure spending, public education and so on.

    Is there anything in your playbook that isn’t “Margaret Thatcher/Ronald Reagan said it, so it must be right”, Cory?

    What about the countries with the highest percentage of adults with tertiary qualifications globally, such as Sweden, Finland, Norway? All funded by the state, and all increasing their GDP and quality of living because of a more educated workforce.

    Your philosophy is flawed, your arguments are weak, and your underlying belief that right-wing economic theory is the only way has been proven time and time again to be not only wrong, but disastrously so for the large majority of the population.

    Why do you continue to misrepresent the facts in the face of such overwhelming evidence?

    No seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?

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