Fairfax decides to add a paywall. Idiots.


  • David

    I guess I’m reading New Matilda and Crikey more then…

    It’s almost like they thought the News Ltd model of using every other part of your business to prop up your propaganda tabloids would work. If only they’d had that “every other part of the business” to cover for the losses the Australian tabloids make.

  • Chris

    It’s called Gina Rinehart, eventually.

  • David

    GetUp! are having some kind of campaign about Fairfax. I posted this to the Fairfaxians :

    “You tried to compete with a company that has no interest in making a profit off its newspapers by emulating them.

    You know what would have sold more newspapers?

    Actual fucking journalism.

    The kind that isn’t a stenographer for political parties, of any stripe. The kind that spends the time to explain an issue for its readers, THEN dissect it. The kind that you probably all aspired to be a part of when you first go into the industry.

    Now, you’re an empty husk of a company, sent almost broke trying to copy a cancerous growth that has grown fat on humanity’s self indulgence, ignorance, avarice and pride.

    This race to the bottom has been successful. Well done.

    Oh, and a final aside, did any of your directors ever try reading a fucking broadsheet on public transport of any kind?


    I didn’t think so.

    These changes are too long overdue, and whoever ran this mess into the ground should be excoriated for incompetence.

    Good luck with your paywall, idiots.”

    I wonder if it will help.

  • David

    Wow.. I got a response.

    “Dear reader
    Thanks for your email about the future of Fairfax. Please be reassured that the Board of Fairfax Media, our senior executives and editors share your belief that the future of our publications depends on maintaining our high quality, independent journalism.
    We understand that editorial independence is the company’s most important asset and we will be working hard to protect it. At the same time, we will be making some important changes within our business to ensure we remain the leading independent media company and a key voice in our communities. Now, more than ever, we value your input and support.
    We hope you will stay in touch with coverage of all developments at Fairfax via our newspapers, websites, mobile or tablet editions.
    Thanks again for taking the time to write to us.

    Yours faithfully
    Fairfax reader services team”

    Somehow I don’t think they read my message.

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