Sex Party – New Poll Slams Racist Bong Ban

Sale of bongs in Victoria

The results of a Newspoll survey on the Victorian government’s proposed ban on bongs, show widespread skepticism about the move.

The government’s stated objective in introducing legislation to ban bongs was to try and stop young people from smoking marihuana. The poll, commissioned by the Eros Association and run last weekend showed that a large majority of Victorians (72%) thought the legislation would not stop young people from smoking marihuana. A minority of 23% thought it would.

Eros Association CEO and Sex Party President, Fiona Patten, said that the proposed legislation was also racist, in that it banned bongs used by young Caucasions and water pipes traditionally used by Chinese but exempted hookahs used by those of middle eastern descent.

“If Andrew Bolt’s statements about race are illegal then this Bill surely is as well”, she said. “How can you send Chinese and Caucasian Australians to jail for selling and displaying bongs and then exempt Lebanese and Egyptian Australians from selling and displaying their version of a bong?”

She called on Andrew Bolt to comment on the issue.

Of those that did not believe the legislation would have any effect, the 18-34 age group were most vocal with 80% agreeing but even in the over 50 age group, a large percentage (64%) also agreed that banning bongs would do nothing to bring down marihuana usage.

Ms Patten said that bongs, hookahs and traditional water pipes should all be sold from age-restricted premises. She said that if the legislation was passed, she would survey Victorians about marihuana usage in the months prior to the next State election. “I think we will find that usage rates will probably have escalated”, she said. “This will show that, against public opinion, the government wasted taxpayer’s money just to show they were ‘tough on drugs’. She asked the Premier if he would now ban cigarette papers in the state of Victoria because these were by far the most popular way of smoking marihuana. “A far more effective Bill would be to restrict the sale of all smoking utensils, pipes, cigarettes and cigarette papers to adults only venues such as tobacconists, pubs and adult shops.

She said that banning bongs would force tens of thousands of young Victorians to smoke cannabis through garden hoses and plastic orange juice bottles with all the deleterious health aspects that plastic vapors in the lungs could bring.
“When in government, the ALP voted against this Bill when it was initially brought on by the DLP. They cited the deleterious effects of smoking substances through plastic as opposed to glass or ceramic or wood. The Greens appear unlikely to move to put it to a Committee. The Sex Party will fight this decision on its own.”
Fiona Patten: 0413 734 613

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