Katter’s Australia Party – LNP confirms plans for new rail sell off

Wednesday, 22 August, 2012


LNP confirms plans for new rail sell off

The LNP government has confirmed in Queensland Parliament that it will seek a mandate from Queenslanders for new asset sales and has refused to support the ongoing government ownership of Queensland Rail.

State Leader of Katter’s Australian Party, Rob Katter, said that the LNP’s refusal to back his motion against asset sales in Queensland Parliament was very disappointing news for Queenslanders.

“Queenslanders have just voted out the Labor government because it sold our state assets,” Mr Katter said.

“Now, only six months after the election, Queenslanders are once again faced with a government that supports asset sales.

“Queenslanders will be very upset to hear that the new LNP government is now seeking a mandate to conduct a new fire sale of Queensland’s assets.

“To achieve this it is clear that the LNP have embarked on what will be a three year propaganda campaign to scare Queenslanders into supporting their radical policies to privatise state assets.

“The good news is that Queenslanders will not be fooled by the LNP’s scare tactics,” he said.

“It is very disappointing that the government is so focused on cutbacks and asset sales.

“This will mean that the next three years, which should be spent on rebuilding Queensland’s economy and state infrastructure, will be spent justifying new asset sales.

“There is no reason the government will commit to infrastructure development when it is clear the LNP are planning to privatise state assets.”


For more information, please contact Rob Katter on 0428 394 371.

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