Nationals – A sad day for Australia

Dear Friend,

Today Julia Gillard passed laws through the Senate so that there will be a carbon tax under a government she leads.

It is a very sad day for most Australians. We are about to “move forward” with legislation that will put up the price of power and put pressure on real jobs in the real economy.

It is a very sad day when a new broad-based consumption tax is delivered to every house whether they can afford it or not. This tax is an attack on every household via every powerpoint in the house. It does nothing to change the temperature of the globe but opens every household up to the Australian Taxation Office. At the Australian Taxation Office they will get that money, they will churn it, they will burn it, they will blow it up, but they will not change the temperature of the globe.

It is also a very sad day when the Australian people cannot take the Prime Minister of our nation on trust. At the last election, the Labor government lied. By reason of that lie, Labor got themselves re-elected and now that lie has been endorsed by all those Labor and Independent MPs and Senators who voted for it.

We have a government that believes that the price people currently pay for power is too cheap. It is the absolute epitome of a government that is distracted by the Greens and is distracted away from the core issues. People are struggling to pay their power bills now, they don’t need any more incentive to try and save money.

Right from the word go, The Nationals have been consistent. We fought the emissions trading scheme and won. We have stated our case against the carbon tax.

Today’s vote in the Senate is not a defeat, it is an adjournment to the next episode.

We need your support to fight this tax. At the next election the people will have their say on the carbon tax.

There will be a clear choice. We will be against the carbon tax, the Green-Labor-Independent alliance will want the carbon tax to go up even higher.

We need your help to keep up that fight.

Kind regards,

Senator Barnaby Joyce
Leader of The Nationals in the Senate

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