Nationals – More of the same

Dear Friends,

More of the same – a PM without authority & Kevin plotting in the wings

TODAY’S Labor caucus showdown merely entrenches battlelines, resolving none of the caustic and festering leadership tensions within the government. It was a contest between a failed former leader and a failed current leader.

It leaves Kevin Rudd more time to quietly continue plotting against Julia Gillard and more time for the faceless men to plan the next challenge.

The lack of trust is all-consuming. It is imbedded in the community’s mistrust of the government Julia Gillard leads, but also permeates to the core of the government’s own bitterly divided ranks.

Labor is broken, torn apart in an intensely bitter public brawl that has stripped away any pretence of cohesive government. On today’s vote, two-thirds of the Members of the House of Representatives have no confidence in Julia Gillard.

The chasm between the Rudd and Gillard camps is too wide and runs too deep for any of the protagonists to ever unite.

Julia Gillard’s grip on power remains tenuous, with today’s vote exposing the fact that many within Labor, including senior cabinet Ministers, have given up on her as a hopeless case. No doubt others, despite believing her leadership is terminal, simply could not stomach a return to the self-absorbed Rudd.

Kevin Rudd may be headed for the backbench, but he’s not going away.

Labor’s self-induced and ongoing paralysis is debilitating the country, which is caught in Labor’s tangled web of lies and reeling in the wake of public animosity and shifty backroom deals.

Betrayal is Labor’s stock and trade, dysfunctional government its legacy. Australia needs an election to lift the nation out of Labor’s political muck and get the country back on track.

Nothing from today’s Labor leadership tug-o-war addresses the issues affecting real Australians.

Families continue to struggle with higher cost of living pressures, businesses are laying off people as they revise down their investment and growth expectations as the carbon tax looms. The health system is still broken and the boats keep coming.

This double-whack of fewer jobs and higher prices sets in train an assault on Australian families that is unrelenting – especially in regional communities who rely on mining, manufacturing and agriculture which are squarely in this government’s sights.

As the carbon tax ratchets up each year, the financial rack families are tied to stretches household budgets, inflicting more and more pain with each new price hike. Bit by bit Australian families are being milked to feed the Gillard-Brown-Independents carbon doctrine that no other country on Earth is following.

Productivity is flatlining and our national debt – already at a record $133 billion – continues to grow unabated, with this government borrowing a staggering $100 million each and every day for future generations to pay back.

According to the caucus vote today, more of the same is the best Labor has to offer Australians.

Only a Liberal and Nationals government will restore the confidence and trust of the Australian people, repay Labor’s debt, rebuild our national economy, invest in Australia’s future and unshackle us all from the dead weight of the carbon tax.

King regards,

Warren Truss
Leader of The Nationals

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