Sex Party – Candidate Wants Censorship Reform for Victoria

Sex Party Candidate Wants Censorship Reform for Victoria

The Sex Party candidate in Saturday’s Niddrie by election, says that her social agenda could transform the electorate, to make it a progressive model for the rest of Victoria.

Amy Myers said that two large academic studies and the latest industry statistics have confirmed that over one third of Victorian residents buy adult goods and media. “The Australian Law Reform Commission has recently recommended a number of sweeping changes to the way in which we classify and regulate content on the internet”, she said. “They want the Victorian government to cede their enforcement powers on classification to create a truly national classification scheme instead of the piecemeal nanny-state system we currently have. I’m challenging the major parties to say that they will accept the spirit of these new recommendations and will work with federal government to implement them in Victoria”.

Ms Myers said she wanted to see the Victorian government set up internet sex education classes for parents in Niddrie who had difficulty in coping with their children’s online behaviour. “Many parents are struggling to cope with their children’s access to restricted material on line and how to coach them on what is appropriate. This should be part of any changes to the Classification Act”, she said.

She criticised the Christian Party candidate for Niddrie, Frank Papafotiou, for the second policy on his ticket. “Mr Papafotiou lists ‘free speech’ as something the Christian Party wants to see more of and yet he is against X rated films, against sexual media on the internet, against gay marriage, against abortion and against euthanasia”, she said. “This makes his claim to support free speech simply untrue and shows his party as only interested in free speech that suits them – like the freedom to bag other religions”.

Ms Myers said that all religions should tolerate each other and that religious and secular types also needed to practise tolerance.

The Christian Party has placed the Sex Party last on their ticket and the favour has been returned by the Sex Party.

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