Australian Sex Party – Fiona Patten Nominates for Sex Party in Melbourne By Election

The Sex Party has announced that its popular President, Fiona Patten, will contest the Melbourne by election.
Ms Patten has a strong following on social media and refuses to engage in traditional polling techniques like door-knocking. “Its an invasion of privacy – pure and simple”, she says. “I want to be a politician – not a Mormon”.
Ms Patten said that the Sex Party vote had been climbing steadily in Victoria since it first contested the 2010 federal election.
“The Sex Party is a young and progressive party that is increasingly concerned about the rise of the Nanny State in Australia”, she said. “We’ll be there to cater for progressive voters who want to vote for a party that has new ideas and offers a better way out of the old problems”.
Fiona Patten
Australian Sex Party
241 King St Melbourne VIC 3000
Head off. – 02 62852477
0413 734 613

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