Monday 22 August 2011
FAMILY FIRST MLC Robert Brokenshire has today announced the beginning of a
consultation process that will lead to a Bill on sporting violence, making good on a
broken 2002 and March 2010 Labor election promise to support legislative measures
to resolve violence on the sporting field.
“A brawl occurred at a soccer match near the Adelaide CBD yesterday allegedly
involving 50 people, seeing one player with serious head injuries when he was hit
behind with a bottle. Here is another example where someone could have been
killed. It is time that umpires and players have the same protection as any citizen
would be if they happened to be hit with an aluminium pole outside a hotel”
“Recent attacks on Sturt footballer James Wundke, which saw him concussed and
hospitalised without SANFL investigation; and a youth’s assault on an umpire in the
Great Southern Football League where the SANFL over-ruled and reduced the
league’s ban on the player, demonstrates the need for reform. There are instances
where thuggery is occurring under the cover of a sporting match”
“I am trying to uncloud an issue that allows people to commit serious assault that
would clearly be criminal assault off the field”
The White Paper discussion model will see clubs, leagues and fans given the
opportunity to comment on where legal reform was needed, including the possibility
of specific charges for :
 Coaches who incite violence
 Violence against umpires
 Spectators who assault players or each other; and
 Deliberate and clearly behind-the-play assaults
For further information contact: Robert Brokenshire on 0419 815 990
or Media Liaison, Rikki Lambert on 0439 844 710 or Rob Brokenshire’s office on 08 8237 9122

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