Sex Party – Sex Slavery Caused by Failure of Moral Policy

Sex Slavery Caused by Failure of Moral Policy
Sex slavery in Australia could be largely eliminated within 12 months if the federal government abandoned it’s morality agendas in dealing with the sex industry. President of the Australian Sex Party, Fiona Patten, said that if the federal government allowed Asian sex workers to come to Australia legally under a proper working visa instead of denying them as they do at present, sex slavery would be eliminated. “Sex slavery is nothing more than the middle man”, she said. “If you eliminate the middle man by allowing bona fide sex workers to legally come and work in this country, like US computer programmers or Zambian Catholic priests, then you take away the framework of sex slavery and it collapses.”
Ms Patten said that preponderance of religious conservatives in both Liberal and Labor Cabinets over the past two decades had ensured that a rational view of the problem was impossible. “ The morality of sex work is something that religious politicians have great difficulty with and by granting a working visa to a sex worker they feel they are helping to legitimise sex work. Meanwhile, women’s lives are being lost and broken” she said. “We met with Phillip Ruddock when he was Immigration Minister and although he could see the logic in this approach, he told us he would never get it through Cabinet”.
Ms Patten said that the federal government needed to conduct an independent inquiry into the likely effects on sex slavery of granting bon fide sex workers a working visa.
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