Sex Party – Customs Seize Dwarf Porn

Customs Seize Dwarf Porn
The Australian Customs Service has set a new benchmark for the importation of adult films into Australia by confiscating two of the latest release US titles featuring vertically challenged people.
Midget Mania, Volumes 7 and 8 were confiscated by Customs agents in Brisbane last month and despite protestations from the importers, the films have not been returned after 28 days. Customs are not required to give any reasons for their seizure of goods however it is widely understood that they are now treating the dwarf genre, in the same way as depictions of female ejaculation ie they represent an ‘offensive fetish’ and are therefore RC (Refused Classification).
Eros Association CEO, Fiona Patten, said the new ruling was discriminatory to short-statured people and quite possibly offended the Federal Discrimination Act. “One of the main hallmarks of adult films has been the fact that everyone and anyone can get a go. Black or white, fat or thin, short or tall – unlike Hollywood, everyone is celebrated for their own unique talents and styles”, she said. “It appears that Customs are trying to insinuate that when a large male adult actor has sex with a female dwarf or midget, that there is an element of coercion involved because of the size difference. If they have other reasons, they should let industry know instead of shrouding these decisions in secrecy”.
She said that in the same way that Customs had earlier misunderstood female ejaculation to be a form of urolagnia, Customs officers were in need of biology lessons and a reality check on the dwarf issue. “Large numbers of dwarfs and midgets are happily married to persons of normal height around the world”, she said. “They even have children together”.
She said that Customs had become the new arbiters and enforcers of the Classification Act and were now stopping all imported adult films from overseas that they considered could possibly be Refused Classification if submitted. This denied Australian distributors the chance to edit a film to meet Australian standards. When applied to magazines it denied distributors the right to post-print modify in order to get a classification. “This is often the same material that is quite legal to possess in Australia and legal to be delivered by Telstra onto your computer.”
Customs were now routinely ‘red-lining’ all shipments of adult material and spending many hours watching porn on the docks and looking at adult magazines under magnifying glasses. Ms Patten said that this represented a complete waste of taxpayer’s money and that Customs officers were there to stop drugs, weapons and exotic organisms at our borders and not to try and set the moral tone of the nation. “We call on the Minister to put in place a moratorium on seizures of adult material (unless child pornography is suspected) while the Australian Law Reform Commission review of the Classification Act is being completed”, she said. “The convergence of media has meant that Customs are now prosecuting people for importing material via a boat or a plane, that is perfectly legal to import on a telephone line”.
Fiona Patten: 0413 734613

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