Country Alliance – Boating regulations show consultation flaws

Boating regulations show consultation flaws

The Country Alliance party says the current debate over proposed new and increased regulations for boat owners underpins concerns it has about how regulations affecting recreational interests in Victoria are handled.

The Weekly Times has reported that the government is considering significant increases in the cost of applying for new boating licences and increased fines including for failing to ensure fishing lines are retrieved or wearing a life jacket.

Party spokesman, Andrew Jones, said he appreciated the fact Ports Minister Denis Napthine extended the consultation period and has a very different view of the concerns expressed by the Boating Industry Association.

“However the issue that concerns us is the fact that the consultation process has created more questions than answers. It is obvious from our discussions with the Association that a better outcome would have been obtained, if it was consulted before the regulatory impact statement was released”, he said.

“We have seen similar issues relating to regulations affecting hunters and anglers and understand that the four wheel industry has its own concerns about how it engages with the government – so there is clearly a broader issue relating to how the government interacts with key outdoor recreation groups.

Mr Jones said the government should roll over the existing regulations and develop a new process involving peak organisations representing boating, fishing and four wheel driving interests.

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