CanDO up to its usual bullshit

Australia’s Conservative Action Network
A message to all members of CANdo

As we finalise our new website, CANdo is excited to announce the release of our Facebook page and Twitter account – enabling debate in the social media.

You can access these resources here:

The next election must occur on or before 30 November 2013. It is appropriate that CANdo now take a position and campaign, without fear or favour, on those issues which are of most relevance to rank and file Australians.

We will be regularly posting material to our new site – which will be heavily campaign driven – and on Facebook and Twitter. Your comments are encouraged and if you support the campaign, your action promoting them! We will be suggesting ways in which you CANdo this!

If you have not yet contributed to the development costs of our new campaign driven website, you may do so here:

We plan to have the site up and running with several new and relevant campaigns. This should be in a few weeks – definitely in early February.

Visit CANdo at:

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