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Hello, thankyou for the opportunity to participate in this worthy project.

My name is Geoff Holland and I am the Qld Greens Candidate for the State seat of Cairns. My policy (headings) can be viewed at the website below. Mob 0414 062 091

Please see my responses to your questionnaire below:

Kind Regards,
Geoff Holland

What are your thoughts on coal seam gas?

Moratorium until better environmental assessment is done. Not in environmentally sensitive areas, agricultural areas, inhabited areas, areas where contamination of aquifers is a risk.

We must quickly move to renewable energy and also take responsibility for the fossil fuels we export. I suggest CSG has little or no future in Australia for the foreseeable future.

What are your thoughts on the dredging of the great barrier reef?

It is a World Heritage site. Dredging has caused damage in Gladstone. It has probably caused degradation of inner reefs near Cairns, and most likely degradation in other locations. We must protect the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

What are your thoughts on water?

Better housing design, to include water tanks, facilities to store (freeze?) rain water for drinking, eg from roof or canopies? Houses could utilise grey water on backyard food gardens. Recycling of urine also, if not mini Clivus Multrum technology to recycle sewage. Meters in kitchens to give feedback on water usage and incentives to reduce.

What are your thoughts on climate change?

Perhaps one of the greatest threats to human civilisation and biodiversity. Australia has one of the highest per capita GHG emissions in the world. We are also the OECD country which stands to lose the most from climate change due to anthropogenic global warming.

What are your thoughts on renewable energy?

100% renewable energy by 2030. Energy conservation, energy efficiency and modest lifestyles to begin with.

What are your thoughts on nuclear energy?

Forget it.

What are your thoughts on public transport?

Bus passengers in Cairns to increase from 2.6% of total passenger trips (eg including cars) to 15% by 2018. Light rail from Gordonvale to Palm Cove by 2025. High Speed Rail to Brisbane, roll-on-roll-off stock.

What are your thoughts on public education?

Free TAFE and free university. Primary schools and high schools curricula have become too regimented (competing with Japan and Korea?). It will lead to neurotic children and increase in teenage suicide. More flexibility, more art, gardening, interaction with Nature, adventure sports. No homework for primary school children under 10yrs. Need for more political studies and spiritual studies in high school. Religious studies should be about comparative religion and spiritual philosophy (not just superficial (mis)interpretation of Christianity. We have made no progress since 1930). Teach meditation, tai chi, yoga, nutrition etc.

What are your thoughts on the National Broadband Network?

Worth it.

What are your thoughts on High-Speed Rail?

Yes, to reduce dependence on air travel.

What are your thoughts on abortion?

Tragic, and counselling for pregnant women, but finally it is their choice (with input from the father). Free and safe.

Do you support or oppose gay marriage?

I don’t really understand what the State or the Church has to do with an intimate steady relationship between two people, but given that people still want it, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex also have a right to marriage.

Do you support or oppose the legalisation of voluntary euthanasia?

Yes. Good guidelines and counselling to avoid abuse.

Do you support or oppose the legalisation of marijuana?

Legalisation plus effective community awareness program demonstrating potential (probable?) harm, both physical and psychological. Meditation offers a better high!

What are your thoughts on campaign finance disclosure?

Very necessary to stop developers and other powerful lobby groups circumventing and weakening the democratic process, and to ensure the Corporate Agenda serves the Community Agenda.

Do you support or oppose the reading of prayers to start each Parliamentary day, and why?

Draw inspiring quotes and prayers from all religions and spiritual philosophers. The predominance of Christianity is stuffy. The quotes need not be spiritual – could be aspirational, inspirational.

On your particular electoral ticket, where are your preferences going, and why?

No preferences. Labor have a poor record of not keeping their promises to the Greens with preferences in the past. Their track record of new US bases in Darwin etc stationing ground troops, expanding uranium production and export, and to India!, expanding coal production and export, CSG, impending destruction of Bimblebox Nature Reserve, Ella Bay, selling Cairns Airport without protecting the surrounding mangrove wetlands, plans to militarise Cairns, plans to mega-dredge Trinity Inlet for super cruise ships and large warships, plans to destroy City Place in Cairns (I was possibly open to a deal there) – you can’t put a tissue between the ALP and LNP…

Are there any local issues you are trying to highlight with your campaign?

Save Airport mangroves! Save City Place – Make It WOW! Economic diversification, resilience through new sustainable sunrise industries. No militarisation of Cairns, Save Taylor Point, and several dozen more…

What do you think about the media’s coverage of the election so far?

WIN did a beat up undermining the Cairns City Forum of State candidates which effectively let Gavin King and Michael Trout off the hook for not attending. They didn’t have to attend but to suggest it was ALP and union organised was nonsense, and silly collusion between WIN and Gavin.

First interview was my opinion of my position on the ballot paper. Who cares? How about discussing issues guys?

Luckily we have alternative social media which is achieving more than mainstream media in discussing issues. Unless they wake up, mainstream mass media is moribund.

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