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Peter Higgins

I am a Husband and father of 6 children and 1 grand child. And I own and operate small boat hire business and I am a licensed Building supervisor and carpenter.

Coal seam gas. I can only give you my personnel opinion and that is that I have no problem with the industry and its ability to generate much needed employment,
What is a concern however is the head long rush to develop the industry without a true understanding of the potential long term problems that it may cause.

Great Barrier Reef. I am strongly opposed to any industrial activity within the Reef.

Water. Water conservation should be a priority for all of us heading into the future.

Climate change. I am not a scientist and I can only go on what the majority scientific community have been saying for a very long time and that is that
Human activity is changing the worlds climate patterns

Renewable energy. Renewable energy should be a priority for our country after all what are we going to do when world oil runs out?

Nuclear energy. I believe that there is excellent alternative energy sources such as Geothermal , solar and wind that can replace nuclear energy
Without the terrible side effects that can happen when nuclear goes wrong , just look at what happened recently in Japan.

Public transport. I am all for a smart and effective public transport system to help reduce the amount of cars and trucks on our roads.

Public education. I believe that in a wealthy country such as ours that public education should be birth right.

NBN. Great idea but our governments have a long history of mismanaging major projects such as this.

High speed rail. Great idea and should have happened many years ago.

Abortion. I am a father of 6 and would not swap the world for any of them, however a women should have the right to choose for herself.

Gay marriage. I support the right for people to make their own choice as to who they marry.

Voluntary euthanasia. I would totally support the right for people to make that choice.

Marijuana. Prohabition clearly will never work, and after all hemp is a far better product to be growing for industrial use than cotton, and it should
Be available for medical use.

Financial disclosure . I fully support full financial disclosure

Prayers. I don’t have any objections to it.

Preferences. My preferences will be going where the individual voters intend them to go.

Local issues. I would like to help address the regions massive unemployment by the local development of an ethanol industry and
Other renewable energy sources.

Media coverage. I think its been fair and reasonable

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