Katter’s Australia Party – ALP era is over

Katter Army can vote in confidence – ALP era is over

A Labor Government will not be be supported by Katter’s Australian Party after the election, State Leader Aidan McLindon and Federal Leader Bob Katter have today confirmed.

Mr Katter and Mr McLindon made the statement as polling showed that Labor’s vote had collapsed and that outside of Brisbane it was a two-horse race between the LNP and the Australian Party.

“We announce today unequivocally that Katter’s Australian Party will not support a Labor Government after the election,” Mr Katter said.

“Today marks the end of the Bligh Labor era and on Saturday all Queenslanders will have the opportunity to get rid of Bligh’s Labor policies.

“It is clear Queenslanders are taking a baseball bat with them to the polling booth and Labor’s time is up.

“But I plead with them to think about the government they are going to install.

“Now they have the certainty to know that they can afford to send the LNP a message without risking a return to Labor.”

The Australian Party has urged voters to make their preferences count by voting 1 for the Australian Party, then ensuring they number every single box and numbering the party they disliked most in last place.

“People are telling us to keep the bastards honest. We can’t do that unless people give us their support and from today they can do that free from fear that the ALP will form government,” said Mr Katter.

“Queenslanders need to consider the reality that under the LNP, more assets will be sold, jobs will be taken by foreign workers and farming land will be polluted.

“Our power stations, railway lines and water will be sold. An axe will be taken to the public service.

“The LNP have a very clear track record on these issues. In New South Wales and Victoria they said public service jobs would be protected. Now they are on the chopping block.

“The LNP promised that farming land would be protected and just this week this that was thrown out the window.

“The LNP promised they would not sell assets in NSW yet 10 minutes after the election, power and ports were up for sale.

“It is clear that in Brisbane, the LNP could win enough seats to form government. Labor is finished, but in regional and rural Queensland, people can vote for the party that will best represent them – Katter’s Australian Party.”


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  • David

    Greens’ policies, only with more social authoritarianism.

    I wonder if they’d form a minority government with the Greens. (?)

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