Katter’s Australia Party – Bob Katter’s final plea to Queenslander’s

Wednesday, 21 March, 2012


Bob Katter’s final plea to Queenslander’s

Flanked by The Australian Party State Leader, Aidan McLindon, Legendary fast bowler and Australian Party candidate for Nanango Carl Rackemann and country music’s greatest son, James Blundell, Bob Katter delivered his last desperate plea to the people of Queensland to help him deliver change at this weekend’s election.

“We have 76 patriotic candidates spread across the State, ready to change the direction of politics in this State and our Nation. All we need is for people to walk into the ballot box and place a “1” beside “The Australian Party”. It’s as simple as that Mr. Katter said.

“I am terrified of what will become of this great State if the Liberal’s are given a mandate to do whatever they please. I can tell you if the people of Queensland give that mandate on Saturday they are voting to sell our power stations to foreign owned multinationals, they are voting to allow 40,000 additional coal seam gas wells to poison our waterways and destroy our prime agricultural land, they will be voting to allow 20,000 foreign workers to come in and work our mines, they will be voting to sell off the remainder of Queensland Rail, they will be voting to allow our farms, businesses and strategic assets to be owned by foreign governments and they will be voting to close down the remaining manufacturing we have and voting to ship those jobs to China.

“It sickens me to think that people really want all that.

“I can be very proud that we stood up a group of people capable of stopping all that happening and that we did our best to inform the people of Queensland that we are offering a genuine alternative. That they no longer need to accept bad or worse.

“We are offering to put Queensland’s and Australia’s interests ahead of all others. And to provide a future the people of Queensland can be proud of.

“I pray that the people of Queensland understand what we are offering and that they don’t let the opportunity pass them by.”


For further information, contact Scott Barrett on 0434 740 698 or Bernard Gaynor on 0413 722 995

2 comments to Katter’s Australia Party – Bob Katter’s final plea to Queenslander’s

  • David

    I wonder if he’ll form a minority government with the Greens, given the only thing they differ on is social policy.

  • Chris

    I’m guessing his final plea to “Queenslander’s” was never going to include grammar teaching…

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