Sex Party – Legalise Drugs: No More Sniffer Dogs

Legalise Drugs: No More Sniffer Dogs
The Australian Sex Party has strongly criticised the NSW government for deploying more sniffer dogs on the streets of Sydney as a way of controlling drugs and drug dealers. Party President, Fiona Patten said that increased police dog activity on the streets and trains would do nothing to catch the ‘Mr Bigs’ of the illegal drug industry, as they all drove luxury cars and flew light planes. She said the only effect of this move would be to raise the price of illegal drugs on the black market, to send more young people to jail for recreational drug use and cause a greater escalation of the entire drug trade.
“Throwing more police and dogs onto the streets shows a blunt, anti-intellectual approach to the problem of drug abuse”, she said. “It sends a message to the people of Sydney that the government is completely bereft of new ideas to deal with the problem. The war on drugs is lost and everybody knows it. We need a completely new paradigm based on treating drugs as a health issue and not a law and order issue.”
Ms Patten visited Portugal earlier this year and spoke to senior bureaucrats who had been involved in legalising all recreational drugs in that country. In 10 years of a decriminalised system, there has been a 15% decrease in drug use in the all important 14-16 year old age group and no increase in drug use in all other age groups. Deaths from drug overdoses are down as are infection rates for HIV and other communicable diseases.
More results are available on request.
Fiona Patten: 0413 734 613

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