Sex Party – Two Political Candidates Make Adult Film Together

Sex Party Makes History as Two Political Candidates Make Adult Film Together
The Australian Sex Party has made history in Australian politics over the summer break. For the first time, two political candidates from the same party have performed an explicit sex scene together.
Angela White, international porn star, multiple cover girl, and Adult Industry Award winner, and Zahra Stardust, a Penthouse Pet, Miss Centrefold Oceania and Eros Shine Best Adult Star 2012, first met when presenting academic papers at Brisbane’s Erotic Screen and Sound: Media and Desire conference at Griffith University in February 2011. Both have degrees in Gender Studies – Angela an honours degree from the University of Melbourne and Zahra a Masters from the University of Sydney – in which they wrote about pornography, feminism and queer theory. Angela ran as the Sex Party Candidate for Richmond against anti-sex work campaigner Kathleen Maltzahn in 2010 and Zahra was the leading NSW Senate Candidate for the 2010 Federal Election, recently running against Clover Moore for Lord Mayor of Sydney.
The two international adult performers filmed the scene for the company, whose credo includes to ‘make quality erotica which is rewarding for the contributor as well as the audience; engage the mind in the sphere of erotic experience; and show beauty in all bodies whatever their size, shape, age or colour’. Angela and Zahra’s scene features four real orgasms, a lavender double-ended dildo and a black strap on. The first update can be viewed at
The pair filmed their scene in the ACT, the only state in Australia where it is legal to film explicit material. They argue that making pornography should be lawful in all states: ‘We believe that filming people engaging in lawful, consensual, pleasurable activities should be legal in itself.’
Ms White and Ms Stardust said that in Australia, X is the only film category (including a G rating) that doesn’t contain violence. Despite this, they said ‘it remains illegal to sell X rated films in all states except the ACT and some areas of the NT. Adult retail outlets which sell X rated films face penalties of up to 18 months imprisonment and fines of up to $20,000.’ The performers said, ‘Research reveals that 25% of Australians (four million) are regular watchers of X rated films. 76% of Australian adults support the legal and restricted availability of explicit non violent films.’
More information on Sex Party policies – including a uniform classification scheme and a national comprehensive sex education curriculum – can be found at Angela and Zahra will both be launching independent websites in 2013: and Meanwhile you can see what they are up to on and
Zahra Stardust: 0409 226 576
Angela White: 0458 817 980

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