Katter’s Australia Party – Katter requests One Third of Staffing Resources From “Lazy ALP”

Katter requests One Third of Staffing Resources From “Lazy ALP”
Shadow Minister for Treasury and Trade, Rob Katter has hit back at the ALP’s criticism of Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) Members of Parliament over the weekend, by requesting the government direct one third of the ALP’s resources to the state KAP team.
Opposition leader, Annastacia Palaszczuk’s response to the KAP shadow cabinet was that the KAP Members of Parliament were “lazy”, but Mr Katter said ALP had effectively taken all the opposition staffing resources.
“It’s a bit raw for any of the ALP members to have a go at us, given the fact the LNP have bankrolled them $10 million dollars in staffing resources over three years,” Mr Katter said.
“The ALP has dedicated their time to attacking us because they don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to the LNP’s asset sales and job cuts.
“It’s hard to justify 22 full-time staffing positions directed to the ALP when they fundamentally agree with all of the LNP’s policies.
“Why would they bother writing any speeches opposing asset sales after their $15 billion dollar fire sale when they were in office?” Mr Katter stated.
Mr Katter requested the LNP to direct one third of the resources to KAP, given it was fair and reasonable to empower all members of the crossbenches to effectively hold the government to account and direct resources equitably.
This would mean seven of the 22 staffing positions would be directed to KAP which was originally in the legislation.
“The LNP amended that in a midnight move, when the Member for Condamine defected to Katter’s Australian Party, in an attempt to stifle the party,” Mr Katter said.
“Opposition resources were originally supposed to have been allocated fairly to the opposition parties and this has not happened.”

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