December 18, 2012
“And as [Abbott] wrestles, too late, with the task of convincing a sceptical public that there is more to him than meets the eye, he might reflect on the words of Luke’s Gospel: “For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses himself?”" Leave a comment
November 16, 2012
What the bible has to say about when life begins (spoiler: it’s not at conception) 13 comments
November 14, 2012
Victims of abuse call bullshit on Pell playing the victim. Leave a comment
July 18, 2012
Proposal to force priests to divulge confessions of crime Leave a comment
July 6, 2012
Girl Guides less godly Leave a comment
June 22, 2012
The scourge of godlessness spreads Leave a comment
December 12, 2011
Queensland: California one week, Texas the next. One comment
November 11, 2011
Churches dying off because of *drumroll* homophobia One comment
October 11, 2011
“Tony Abbott confirming he will deny Liberal Party MPs a conscience” One comment
September 29, 2011
The new ten commandments of religion in America Leave a comment
May 17, 2011
“Who cares about facts when you have religion on your side?” One comment
March 1, 2011
Dear God: Get the hell out of our schools! Leave a comment
December 28, 2010
Uniting Church gets even more Jekyll and Hyde Leave a comment
December 24, 2010
The Catholic church censors criticism of it? Didn’t see that coming. Leave a comment
December 20, 2010
Appalled by those damned equal rights folk? All aboard the Vatican Express! Leave a comment
Catholic Church: hey, parishioners, while you’re believing whatever bull we tell you, you should be more noisy about The Gay. Leave a comment
November 22, 2010
Pope opposes French burqa ban (entirely unrelated to his opposition to the French Crucifix ban, obviously) Leave a comment
November 8, 2010
Pope: children “sacred and inviolable” (must be different children than the ones whose abuse he covered up) Leave a comment
October 18, 2010
MacKillop was great and all… but why are people are celebrating her being recognised as such by a guy whose job until recently was protecting paedophiles? One comment
September 28, 2010
Archbishop of Perth backs gay bishops Leave a comment
September 20, 2010
Hey look, the extremists on the other side of the Burqa debate are getting attention. Now, how about some moderates? Leave a comment
September 9, 2010
QC: Treat Vatican as ‘rogue state’ for hiding child abuse Leave a comment
August 12, 2010
What’s God got to do with it? One comment
August 6, 2010
Gillard quizzed by Christian Lobby One comment
July 30, 2010
Gillard: Unlike a certain archbishop, I’m not a petty, narrow-minded moron Leave a comment
July 27, 2010
Why should the bulk of this largely secular nation be effectively subsiding religion? Leave a comment