August 17, 2012
Ecuador grants asylum to Julian Assange – transcript One comment
July 9, 2012
Massive “success” has more to do with luck than skill Leave a comment
January 13, 2012
Zero difference between ‘journalism’ about US politics in US and Australia. Leave a comment
January 9, 2012
Over Half of Germany’s Renewable Energy Owned By Citizens & Farmers, Not Utility Companies One comment
December 16, 2011
Internet engineers send open letter to US Congress Leave a comment
December 6, 2011
So, does this mean that hippies are scarier than terrorists because they actually, you know, do stuff? Leave a comment
November 30, 2011
“If the final conclusion is that Breivik is insane” the right-wing will breathe a sigh of relief and chalk it up as an(other) isolated incident? One comment
November 24, 2011
Now THIS is how you filibuster! Leave a comment
November 3, 2011
Assange to be extradited Leave a comment
October 28, 2011
Apparently serious : “Honkies for Herman” One comment
October 20, 2011
Declare peace on the war on drugs Leave a comment
Why US politics is so much more interesting Leave a comment
October 19, 2011
Malaria vaccine created Leave a comment
October 14, 2011
… then they fight you … Leave a comment
October 10, 2011
How DARE those #OWS people provide food, shelter and clothing for the poor! And how DARE they have sex! Leave a comment
October 5, 2011
The author of the most gripping account of the #londonriots pens a piece on #occupywallstreet 2 comments
September 20, 2011
German Pirate Party wins 15/130 seats (meanwhile, Australian offshoot still can’t figure out how to get registered) Leave a comment
August 23, 2011
Actual headline : GORDON RAMSAY SEX DWARF EATEN BY BADGER Leave a comment
August 12, 2011
One of the first intelligent articles about the #londonriots – penned by a comedian. Leave a comment
July 29, 2011
Americans clearly regard the right to bear arms as far more important than the right of the totally innocent not to be shot (or: why America is a basket case) Leave a comment
July 13, 2011
What the US thinks of our carbon price Leave a comment
July 6, 2011
90 years of the Chinese Communist Party Leave a comment
June 10, 2011
Australia to recognise Libyan rebels over Gaddafi Leave a comment
June 3, 2011
Sri Lanka getting away with war crimes (again) Leave a comment
May 31, 2011
Best. Campaign Slogan. Evar! Leave a comment
May 27, 2011
Inside the best fucking news team on the planet. Leave a comment
Swiss to phase out nuclear energy Leave a comment
May 25, 2011
Paul Ryan’s budget wins Democrats a seat they haven’t held since the US Civil War Leave a comment
Big Brother is watching, but it’s okay, because people are afraid of each other. Leave a comment
May 11, 2011
Anonymous “hacked” Leave a comment
May 9, 2011
Anonymous anonymously responds to PSN hacking claims Leave a comment
April 6, 2011
Murdoch Hacks arrested (in the UK, sadly) Leave a comment
March 30, 2011
Team America disbanded Leave a comment
March 18, 2011
US reverses course on support for Libyan rebels, hopefully not too late Leave a comment
February 22, 2011
Sri Lankan official with Australian citizenship faces charges of war crimes against Tamils Leave a comment
January 20, 2011
Black kettle gets black pot to call itself black Leave a comment
January 10, 2011
Language of violence and hate condemned in wake of killing spree and assassination attempt on US congresswoman Leave a comment
January 4, 2011
Australian tossers win mass debate. Wankers. Leave a comment
Yet more from Wikileaks about international government collusion Leave a comment
December 27, 2010
The brutal atrocities of the War on Christmas Leave a comment
December 9, 2010
Gillard’s Assange condemnation could (and has) backfire Leave a comment
November 9, 2010
Obama to back India for permanent Security Council gig Leave a comment
November 4, 2010
Sheridan gives Republicans collective blowjob while ignoring that they performed worse than they should have One comment
November 2, 2010
“Ignorance the latest fashion in Palin’s America” Leave a comment
October 25, 2010
Controversy in Nauru (this time, it’s a different set of greedy colonialist Australians) Leave a comment
October 18, 2010
That support we give Indonesia to counter terrorism and people smuggling? This is what they’re actually spending their time on Leave a comment
October 15, 2010
Trade unions back boycott of Israeli goods: “We are not anti-Jewish; we just think the human misery over there is outrageous. We think the Israeli government is captive to some extreme views on the Right” Leave a comment
October 8, 2010
Blair: West fails war on terror (but it has nothing to do with being distracted by an illegal, petty war that reinforced stereotypes about the west, honest) Leave a comment
October 6, 2010
Meanwhile, The Village Voice sums up Albrechtsen and her ilk quite neatly Leave a comment
September 28, 2010
Say what you want about our election, at least we didn’t have anyone like this running prominently (with apologies to renowned moderate, Fred Nile) Leave a comment
September 22, 2010
Israel under pressure to extend moratorium on settlement expansion Leave a comment
Republicans abuse procedural rule to overrule the majority and stall military funding, all so they can keep being homophobic One comment
September 20, 2010
European Left struggling because not playing the race card (uh, I mean, immigration) Leave a comment
September 16, 2010
“No serious analyst equates China’s communist regime with Hitler or Stalin” – Which would explain why that comparison is made in the article. Repeatedly. Leave a comment
September 14, 2010
bin Laden’s return on investment for Sept 11, and why it’s only so high because America allowed it to be Leave a comment
September 13, 2010
Indonesia’s Aussie-backed counter-terrorism squad facing torture probe Leave a comment
September 8, 2010
Why Progressive > Conservative (massive bias, obviously, but the underlying discussion is interesting) Leave a comment
August 5, 2010
Gay agenda (commonly known as “equality”) spreads its sinful tentacles further Leave a comment
July 28, 2010
Man with world’s biggest balls speaks Leave a comment
July 21, 2010
Former head of MI5: “Iraq invasion made UK less safe” Leave a comment
July 15, 2010
Dick Cheney has heart implanted. Wait, sorry, heart device. Never mind. Leave a comment
July 12, 2010
Modern schism incoming. If you don’t fancy this newfangled ‘equality’ stuff, the Pope would love to have you. 2 comments
Fake passports and reading wikipedia, stolen passports and assassination. Governments treat them differently, must be anti-Semitism, right? Leave a comment
June 29, 2010
Is Iceland’s Prime Minister setting a bad example for female heads of state? Leave a comment
“e-journalist” tries to explain Starcraft II’s significance in Korea Leave a comment
June 28, 2010
Free Trade support confuses conservatives who thought China was still Commie. Hu Jintao: Don’t you dare think about buying less of our cheap crap. Leave a comment