CanDO – Australia’s conservative fleecing network

This is apparently a real press release from astro-turfed lobbying organisation CanDO.

Apparently, all obvious ties to the Conservative Leadership Foundation and Senator Cory Bernardi have been buried.


Australia’s Conservative Action Network
A message to all members of CANdo

Dear CANdo Member,

Help us Unleash CANdo’s Full Potential!

Our individual rights, freedom, and values have never been more threatened than under the present federal government.

As Australia’s independent, grassroots Community Action Network, we believe that an increasing number of Australians are now ready to join in campaigning to effectively preserve, protect and defend their individual rights, freedom, and values.

Your ongoing generosity has enabled CANdo to become a key forum for Australians to engage in debate and facilitate political activity around the country.

Writing on behalf of the newly formed company, I am delighted to advise you that we are redeveloping CANdo’s website.

Building on our past success, and with a Charter setting our guiding principles (attached), the board has decided on a more campaign centric approach, ensuring that the widest range of people can have a cohesive voice on key community issues.

We are in the process of identifying and designing some specific, current and powerful campaigns.

So far the board has underwritten the development of the site, but at this point I would invite you to consider whether you would be able to assist us with a contribution to this endeavour.

You may do so via PayPal (an account with PayPal is not required):

Yours in preserving, protecting and defending our individual rights, freedom, and values!

Jai Martinkovits
Executive Director
Community Action Network

Visit CANdo at:

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