This charter was received in a follow-up email with a working link to the pdf described in the first press release.


CANdo – Australia’s Voice
We share a vision that a return to limited government, with a proper regard for the rights,
freedom and responsibilities of the individual, in a society which respects traditional
values, which fully recognises the right to private property, and which encourages free
enterprise, will build a stronger Australia.
We support different political parties.
We come from different ethnic origins.
We have different religious beliefs.
We are from different generations, with varied life experiences.
But above all we are Australians, proud of our country and united under our National
Flag in the defence of our freedom and our traditional values.
We embrace the principle that society is a partnership, a partnership between those
living, those who have gone before us and those yet to be born.
With a proper respect for the history of our great nation, we must keep those parts of our
heritage which have served us well and only change those which are clearly shown to be
in need of change.
We assert that our tried, tested and proven system of representative government in our
Federal Commonwealth under the Crown has served our country well, providing
Australians with an enviable record of stable democracy.
We oppose the intrusion of government into almost every facet of Australian life,
believing they should concentrate on their core duties, in particular:
 defence
 the protection of our borders
 the stability of the currency and the banking system
 the provision of a safety net for those in genuine need
 the proper maintenance of law and order
 the provision of essential infrastructure, and
 ensuring the nation has a healthy and well educated population, without inhibiting
Australians’ freedom of choice
Rather than governments increasing taxation to undertake duties outside of their core
responsibilities, such duties should be left to the efficiency of the private sector and
taxation substantially reduced.
We believe that grassroots Australians are more efficient stewards of financial and
natural resources, including the land, than government.
As befits a free people, living in a democracy, there are amongst us differences of view
and emphasis.

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