Katter’s Australia Party – HI HO, HI HO, ITS OFF TO WORK WE GO?


“Well it won’t be off to work for those 1200 workers who will lose their jobs at Ford. They will be joining the ever growing dole queue with the 500 ex employees from Holden and 1000 ex workers from SPC Ardmona. I want to say I told you so, but Bob Katter beat me to it” said Connie Cicchini, Katter’s Australian Party candidate for Brisbane. “How many times do we need remind the Gillard Labor Government that the high Australian dollar combined with high interest rates are killing Australian industry”?

Leader of KAP Bob Katter stated yesterday, “I am disgusted with the current government and their lack of commitment in protecting Australian workers, industry and agriculture”. Ms Cicchini added, ‘at the rate things are going our manufacturing and agriculture will soon be buried with no hope of resurrection, those industries will never be seen again as they become lost to open cut mines with foreign workers that the Labor government perpetuate. I wonder whether Ms Gillard or any foreign 457 visa workers will be crying for Australia’s losses?

“The residents of Kennedy must surely be proud of Bob Katter and his relentless dedication over the decades, not only for the betterment of his electorate of Kennedy, but also now for the rest of our nation. He is truly an extraordinary man. I joined KAP because of his commitment to the people of Australia, Mr Katter has set the bar very high” commented Ms Cicchini.

For Further Media Enquiries please contact Connie Cicchini on: 0413 625 225

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